Who is the Producer of the Year? WINNER ANNOUNCED!


We had a record number of votes in this year’s POTY contest, and it was a very, very tight race (reminded me of the Millie vs. Urinetown Tony battle royale in 2002).

But the winner, with no recount necessary, is . . . none other than . . .

Superhero Producer, Michael Cohl!

Congratulations, Michael.  The readers have spoken (well, e-checked a box, actually), and your work in getting Spider-Man through the forest of bad buzz, across the finish line, and into the million dollar club has made you the Broadway Producer of the Year.

Thanks to everyone that voted!

Let the handicapping for next year’s race begin!


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  • Gwen says:

    Worst Producer of the year I say for ruining the first version of Spider Man Turn Off The Dark!

  • John says:

    Julie Taymor should win awards not this hobo looking idiot! Julie Taymor worked so hard and this guy needed money for Spider Man with Music by Bono and The Edge and Book and Directing by Julie Taymor; not very hard to make alot! Julie Taymor has the most incredible vision on Spider Man that was genius and the most thrilling time of my life. I went to the remake and never returned after seeing the original 6 times and 2.0 once. Arachne scene was cut, the show lost its edge, it was borring. All of this because this horrible producer fired one of the most talented artists ever living. Bono and The Edge had to rewrite songs, that were not as good in the version, and some got cut. The cast was at least amazing but deserved a better show then this, because they had more ability then what was shown in 2.0. This man does not deserve one award Julie Taymor should still have her dreams on stage every night but the show is now borring, childish, and a waste of money because of the producer!

  • Steve says:

    This Loser gets it I cant beilive it! Spider Man Turn Off The Dark 1 was alot better 2 was still good but needs improving and I feel sorry for Julie Taymor dreams getting crushed but I love her after seeing her realize how cool and talented she really is. But her work is gone 🙁 🙁

  • Gwen says:

    Worst Producer of the year I say for ruining the first version of Spider Man Turn Off The Dark!

  • Andrea says:

    This is jacked up! I love Julie Taymor and the first Spider Man Turn Off The Dark this douche fired her and ruined! He deserves to burn in hell for what he did!

  • Joan says:

    Wow hard job when Bono in is it with the Edge and Taymor, plus Bono invested money. The show was so much better when Julie Taymor was in charge it was deep, dark, and the show of my dreams. Every time I think of it changing I tear up, but you sir will rue the day you fired Julie Taymor and ruined everything maybe not now or next year but one day you will see!

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