Who won the tickets to The Mountaintop?

Bio plays are obviously in, because you came up with some real winners.  And I’d put some money on the pass line that some of those ideas will actually get produced over the next decade.  And hopefully they will be produced by you.  So go to it!  (Click here to read your entries.)

This week’s winner of the two tickets to The Mountaintop is Meg Rojhan!  Congrats, Meg!  Email me to get your two tix.

Another big fat Broadway giveaway tomorrow of another show that is only got a few weeks left! What could it be?

Check in tomorrow to find out!



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  • Margie says:

    How about telling us about your advertising campaign? I notice you don’t take an ad in Thursday’s NYT. Do you have stats on NYT readers on what days get the biggest traffic to Bway shows? Do they not book on Thursdays?

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