If you only do one thing today, make it this.

Watch Smash.

Smash is the much anticipated, heavily advertised, prime time, major network, Broadway drama about the making of a Broadway musical.

It’s about Broadway, it’s shot on Broadway, it’s written by a Broadway writer, directed by a Broadway Director, and stars a whole bunch of Broadway peeps.

And if there was one thing that could have an atomic bomb-like impact on Broadway theatergoing, Smash is it.

Sure Glee is great, and makes singing showtunes not as geeky as it used to be, but Glee is more of a pop-sical, whereas Smash is the real thing to the core.

And even a mediocre showing on the Nielsen ratings chart means that millions of people will be getting intimately acquainted with the making of a Broadway musical.

So imagine, for a second, if it was more than mediocre.  Imagine what a smash Smash would mean to theatergoing and theatermaking all over this country.

So watch it.  And force your friends to watch it.

Here are the deets:

Monday, February 6th. aka TONIGHT
10 PM EST/9 CT.

Football season is over.  It’s time for our season to start.

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  • Kevin Lambert says:

    I’ve watched it. I had such high hopes for it. I hear that the second and third episodes are better. I hope so. Love Theresa Rebeck and the cast and the producers, but, well, I’m probably an exception here…. I wish it well.

  • I am planning to watch “Smash” tonight, but not so I can be a cog in the marketing machinery of Broadway. A few thoughts of my own: http://www.hesherman.com/2012/02/06/are-you-planning-to-get-smashed-tonight/

  • Anita Riggio says:

    Theresa Rebeck and company are developing a show within a show–an entirely new paradigm–and one that could benefit Broadway BIG TIME. Just imagine the new audience that could be reached as a result of this show, and the masses that would subsequently pour into the Broadway theatre that would actually produce the Marilyn musical. UBER exciting!

  • Doug Hicton says:

    I saw it a few weeks ago and it’s terrific. It’s an idealized look at the world of Broadway, and though it’s unrealistic in some parts (a full orchestra playing during an audition, for instance), it’s television reality as opposed to actual reality, so it may be forgiven. In the real world, of course, the creative process is pretty boring for most outsiders to watch. What we have in SMASH reinforces many of the good and bad stereotypes that non-industry people believe about the Great White Way. If you love musicals, you won’t be disappointed, and if you hate them, you’ll at least feel vindicated.
    An interesting dynamic is set up between the two main auditioning women and their respective champions on the creative team. It’ll be a pleasure seeing how the plot eventually works out. My only complaint is that the songs for the show they’re writing have a rather generic current Broadway sound and are nothing special, but who knows what the next episode will bring?

  • Vicki Vodrey says:

    I thought it was very well done! I agree that it could bode well for Broadway. Maybe this is good timing for my NYC projects in 2012!

  • kim says:

    Looking forward to watching it. Have heard so much about it from friends!

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