Favorite Quotes Vol. XXXII: If a Producer was an animal, what would it be?

Tiger1One of the most fortunate accidents of writing this blog is that I get a lot of email from theater lovers and theater “doers” from all around the world.  It’s a wonderful reminder of how many people all over the globe love the theater, and how important it is.  In my darkest moments, when I think that someday the theater will vanish in the same way Julie Taymor makes the water vanish in The Lion King, I remember guys like George Michael (no, not the singer, and no, not the Arrested Development character), who is a playwright and Artistic Director in . . . India.

George emailed me recently asking for some advice and wondering if I’d look at his material.  What George didn’t know, and what many of you may not know, is that my Dad was born and raised in India.  So I’ve got a soft spot for all things Indian, including, yes, Bombay Dreams (the star of BD is actually appearing in a reading of a new musical I’m doing this week).

George wrote me a very passionate email (theater folks have one huge thing in common – passion), but it was one quote that I really enjoyed that I wanted to share with all of you.  Granted, we’re dealing with some translation issues, and some great metaphor, but I couldn’t resist.

Take it away, George Michael.

“A theatre man lives like a tiger and dies like a tiger, which will not eat the grass even after great starvation.”

I mean, I’m not even quite sure I understand it completely, but I love it anyway.

Grrrrrrrr . . .


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  • Amyleigh1982 says:

    No knocking Bombay Dreams! (And us POGs know all about you, Mr. H!) Whatever happened to A.R. Rahman’s Lord of the Rings musical? Was it just plain bad?

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