Need some inspiration to complete your script?

A few years ago, my pal Gil over at BroadwayAbridged, told me that November was National Novel Writing Month.  He pointed me to this website that sponsors a challenge/contest to writers to begin and finish a complete novel in 30 days.

Obviously I went crazy for the concept.  It combines my two favorite things:  creativity and deadlines.  (Which, by the way, may just define what a Producer is all about.)

So, of course, I thought, “Let’s make one for scripts!”

And wouldn’t you know it, someone already had!  (Which made my staff very happy, because if I start one more website, they just may change the name on the door to Davenport Website Enterprises).

The folks over at ScriptFrenzy have deemed April (which, believe it or don’t, is right around the corner), Script Writing Month . . . and they’ve started the same sort-of challenge as National Novel Writing Month:  One new script.  30 Days.  100 Pages.

They’ll let you submit any kind of script, including screenplays and TV shows, but we know what we’re focusing on, right?

It’s very Title of Show, isn’t it?

What do you win if you complete this challenge?  The most priceless prize you could imagine.

Pride.  And a brand-spanking new script.

So do it.  Challenge yourself.  Make a deadline.

And make a script.

What’s the worst that could happen?  You miss a couple episodes of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover?  You stay up just a little later?

Or maybe the worst that happens is that the script sucks?

Big deal.

Something sucking is better than nothing doing nothing.

And now, ask yourself what’s the best thing that could happen?

Maybe your script turns into Title of Show . . . or even this.

Sign up for ScriptFrenzy today.


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  • Trey Valentine says:

    This is my first year of Script Frenzy! ^.^ That’s actually how I found this website- they recommended it! I’m so nervous and excited! NaNoWriMo is awesome and I can’t wait to get that motivation to write back!

  • Marti Stocker says:

    I signed up two weeks ago. This will be my fifth Script Frenzy. I love the challenge. I expect to comple another script this year. Getting the reading and production is another story.

  • michael says:

    Good screenplays takes years and multiple drafts to work out the kinks.
    There is no fast road.
    But in the TV world you need to write fast and also give up all social life.

  • Eva says:

    I can top this. There used to be a 3 day novel writing contest sponsored by Gotham book store for a publisher in Canada. The prize was getting your novel published. The first time I did it I got written up in the NY Times.My Novel didn’t win but I entered again 2 more times. It was over Labor Day weekend. The last 2 times my friend John Mangano joined me.It was insane and one of my happiest memories and I still think my ‘novels’ were really good.This was 1980 BTW.

  • Danielle says:

    Script Frenzy is a great way to hammer out a first draft. Last year I used Script Frenzy to cook up some 10-minute plays (which I’ve used for festival submissions). This year, I’m going to finally write the first draft of this new play I keep telling people about.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I am IN LOVE with this idea! *Runs off to think of a plot*

  • Walt Frasier says:

    FANTASTIC! I am teaching High School Seniors in Queens script writing and production for Sketch Comedy. We have 20 students with 10+ scrips (Hoping for 20 by June) we are about to produce for stage showcase and/or video.
    One of my students is going beyond the silly comedy sketch and writing a screen play – a very gritty drugs and gangs on the streets story.
    My advice, is that if you want to be a writer, you are the boss. You may be luckily enough to have Producers, Publishers, Editors or Directors banging down your door someday to beg you for pages. But until then YOU have to sit down and write. Turn off the Tv phone etc
    AWESOME to have incentive programs, that – except hopes for financial and artistic gratification – usually disappear when you leave school.

  • And no notice for Nation PLay Writing MOnth? NAPLWRIMO (to National Novel Writing Month’s NANOWRIMO) is 5 years old and well supported (for those of you not ready for an April burst..)
    You should check it out.

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