The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Ticket to our How To Market Your Show With No Money Seminar

We’re taking a break from giving away tickets this week, to give away information.

Here at DTE, we’re about to launch the latest in our seminar series, with our almost-sold-out “How To Market Your Show For No Money” seminar coming up next Tuesday, March 20th.  You can get all the info here.

The seminar costs $99, but one of you is going to get a we-pay-your-way-scholarship.

Here’s how.  Comment below with why you need this seminar, or why someone you know needs this seminar.  We’ll give it to who we think needs it the most.

Good luck!


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– Take the How To Market Your Show With No Money seminar on 3/20!  Click here.

– Take the Musical Boot Camp!  Click here for info and an application.

– Broadway Road Trip from DC on 4/28.  Click here.

  • Jordan says:

    Hey guys! I’ve applied to the NYCFringe Festival and another producing project (hedging the bet!) to bring a play I love to life this summer. This is my first time producing outside of a University setting and while I’ve gotten some great insights from a few CTI courses, I could definitely use all the help I can get!
    No matter what, this play will be seen. An opportunity I can seize to help this piece reach a greater audience like this is one I can’t afford to miss out on!

  • I’ve been working on a cabaret-style solo show for months! Creatively, it’s some of the best work I’ve ever done, & I couldn’t be happier! Now I’m finally ready to get the date set & reserve the venue. Not sure how to move forward with marketing, especially on my budget. This seminar would be PERFECT for getting my show up & running!

  • I suppose I could think of at least a dozen mercenary and self-interested reasons offhand, but surprisingly the first and most compelling one that occurs to me is this: I make as much of my living (sometimes more) devotedly teaching musical theatre as writing it; I teach in several venues and I reach a lot of people. And if there’s comprehensive knowledge I don’t have, I need to learn it, because it deserves to be passed on. Not only to make the theatre healthier, but because in the passing on and the practice is how it becomes codified, refined and ultimately an acknowledged and useful set of tradecraft principles.

  • Angela White says:

    An opportunity to get into this seminar would be amazing for me! I’m a theatre studies major at UCONN, and we have an equity theatre, Connecticut Repertory Theatre, associated with our department. However, surprisingly enough, the lowest demographic that attends our shows is students who live on the UCONN campus. So within the department, we have a student marketing committee that’s in charge of coming up with marketing techniques to get the word out to about our shows to students at UCONN. Our committee is completely unfunded. Anything that costs money, we have to pay for out of our own pocket. To be able to find some new, creative ways to market to our students for free could do a lot for our theatre company, and for our department as a whole.

  • Randy Hobler says:

    I’ve tried every marketing trick in the book to market my musical for five years and nothing seems to work, so I need the seminar to find out what does work when you’re working on a shoestring (and I’m working on half a shoe-string!) Thanks.

  • Harry Kazman says:

    This seminar is what I’ve been hoping to find. My career has been as a teacher/director/producer of theater in high school. BUT, I was given the opportunity to write and produce an original play, which went on to run annually every October for 20 years to audiences from all over the US. I know that this play, and another I’m working on, can and should have a broader life, and I want to learn how to make that happen. The people who acted and worked on my play should have an opportunity to see how their efforts helped to launch a new future for a show they believed in and supported for such a long time. Thanks for giving your attention to this request.

  • My show dEAD DOG pARK is currently set to end it’s run at the Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison, NY next weekend. We are getting such an amazing response from the audience, standing ovations every performance that we are trying to figure out how to move this production into Manhattan. this seminar would be just the thing to help us figure that out. This production deserves to be in NYC and I am ready to move heaven and earth to do so. your seminar will help us in a way you cannot imagine. Visit for more information about the production.

  • I’m 25 years old and producing my first off off b’way show this spring with my new theatre company “Mondays Dark”. I’m an actor as well, but stepping out of the spotlight for this one as I really want to learn the ins and outs of producing without complicating things by performing in the show as well. We have set aside a little money in our budget for marketing- but it’s not nearly enough of the 20% we’d like it to be. I have a major need to learn the ways of the master so I can market my show for less and still see big results. 20 performances in a 74 seat house through may 20th and I want butts in those seats. And not just my scary Aunts and Uncles…

  • sharon Barnett says:

    I deserve to win this seminar because -I sued my husband for a divorce this week and I don’t know about my financial future for myself or my show.

  • Matt Mezzacappa says:

    There’s a line in my musical, Jennifer the Unspecial: Time Travel, Love Potions & 8th Grade where the science teacher, Mr. Rumple, tells Jennifer: “Don’t abandon your dreams.” I’ve started taking voice lessons again and each weekly lesson costs 115 dollars. As I’ve become more involved with musical theatre at a professional level, I’ve sung in front of my peers–sometimes terribly–and then sometimes, after singing into my cellphone every day–I sing in a way that make people look up in amazement–that I have a great voice. I always dreamed of singing on Broadway, of being in Les Miserables and taking these voice lessons again are a way for me to say, I remember my dream and I’m gonna still follow it no matter what. A scholarship would help me continue my lessons.
    I’ve been working on my musical, Jennifer the Unspecial: Time Travel, Love Potions & 8th Grade with composer Cynthia Wong for a few years now. I’m proud to say it’s been produced twice–i’ve made a hat, a youtube video–but I want it to be the first show theatres and schools think of for their family programming. It’s about a shy 8th grader, Jennifer, who struggles to fit in, and through the journey becomes a radiant and superconfident young woman. I love it and I want the world to see it!

  • Vicki says:

    Lorelei Mackenzie for Pageant Princesses should win because her show is amazing! But she can’t afford the seminar. Her show is really going places; she just needs the info to get it there 🙂

  • You know, Ken, I’d love to be a apart of this seminar…but the honest argument to make is plainly, Why do I need it for FREE? Why can’t I pay $99? That’s it. That’s the argument. I have a number of easily producible plays I’ve written that could be mounted at low cost. Low cost. So, why haven’t I? You tell me. You tell me. Because I don’t have—at this particular time—even the $99 to cough up to discover how. Show me how to achieve.
    Thanks, Ken.
    Best wishes & thanks for the blogging!
    Wayne Paul Mattingly

  • For my play –
    I have a website:
    I have a facebook page:
    I have a twitter account:!/TheChaosTrade
    I have a youtube channel and short film:

    What I need is the knowledge and expertise to maximize my efforts! I’m a hard worker and I learn fast! Thanks for a shot at this great opportunity!
    T. Cat Ford

  • Everybody needs a workshop like this. I can give many reasons why I am ranked among those numbers. I should get this because I can guarantee my show is more innovative and exciting than anybody else’s and in relation to your investment, with me it’d go the farthest.

  • Caroline says:

    My theater company is scheduled to open a show in mid-June. The company has enjoyed successes in the past, but this is an entirely different ballgame. The show is 3 acts and calls for 30-50 actors, beaucoup filmed footage, and 8 different locations depicted onstage. The most we’ve ever done is 12 actors on one static set. Additionally, the company is for the first time leaving the comfort of our East Village black-box theater homes (typically with a capacity of at most 99) and producing in a theater on 42nd Street with a capacity of 128 seats – with a commitment of a 6-week run. All this means that we have more payments that need to be made than ever before, including hard-fixed theater payments that, if they’re not made, means we won’t have a space for this piece. We’re currently attempted to raise $50K through fundraising before June to cover many of our costs, but we also know that creating a compelling marketing campaign that doesn’t break the bank is going to be CRUCIAL for selling seats and making sure that the executive team members of our company don’t end the summer up to our eyeballs in debt (well… more debt than we already have). Many other companies might not be ambitious (or insane?) enough to attempt producing this new work, but come hell or high water, we are determined to make it happen because we are convinced that this show will bring us to the next level in terms of artistic ambition, critical notice and audience-building. Ken, you could personally contribute $99 to the “help us tread the fine line between creative ambition and insanity” cause with a free ticket to your marketing seminar. 🙂

  • Ginger says:

    I would love Lorelei Mackenzie with Pageant Princess to be able to be able to take this seminar. Our show is incredible and has a fantastic team already set up for its upcoming festival production this summer, now we need to learn how to market it. We don’t have the funds to afford this seminar but we have a six performance schedule at an Off-broadway house for this shows world premiere!

  • Katy says:

    I’m managing one of the summer festivals here in NYC and it would be great to learn more about this so I could share some of the information with others and help make the whole independent off-off-Broadway world a little easier. Okay, maybe not the whole OOB world, but at least easier for a few companies (including the festival) to raise much needed funds to stay afloat long enough to put on another show, and then another one, etc.

  • Marcia Finkelstein says:

    Lorelei Mackenzie and her Musical Pageant Princesses
    Needs to win. She needs to learn all of the great marketing techniques to get the show that she and the team have worked on so hard to bring it to the next level.
    They deserve this break and the audiences are waiting to see this great show. They just need to learn how to market it with no funds!

  • Dear Ken,
    I appreciate and respect all the comments on this thread as the need for support in these hard economic times is overwhelming. As the Associate Producer for The Harbor Lights Theater Company ( know first hand the constraints of a little to non-existent marketing budget. As a not-for-profit and the first ever professional theater company in the history of Staten Island we tripled our ticket sales from the 1st season in 2010 to 2011. This was not an easy feat. As part of our staff that has been working tirelessly since our founding in 2010 as a volunteer, a free ticket to this opportunity would help us grow our marketing knowledge as we are still without proper funds to execute the ideas we feel will broaden our reach in our community. I am not asking for this to support an idea I have or a show I have written and want to do something with, I am asking for our company and for our community. In two years we have literally brought Broadway to Staten Island with over 50 Oscar, Emmy, TONY, Grammy, Drama Desk, and Obie award winners and nominees gracing our stages and contributing to our mission to “illuminate the human experience” in our culturally underserved borough. Even though we have tripled our ticket sales between season one and two, our reach has barely been felt. We hear everyday from people we meet “I’ve never heard of you” and this has got to change. Of course they haven’t heard of us when our marketing strategy has been fueled by “what can we do for free?” As we enter our third season we find ourselves at a place in our company history when an opportune moment for a marketing seminar such as this cannot be overlooked. Despite our (Artistic Director, Associate Artistic Director, Managing Director and myself) receiving no salary we move forward with passion and dedication to changing the cultural fabric of our community. Despite losing our office in a fire at the end of our first season we go on because of our vision. We don’t let anything stand in the way of us forging forward, it is just harder to take every step without funds to cushion our step and saving $99 right now would be a huge asset to us. Stephen Schwartz said at our premiere performance “Soon Harbor Lights will become that theater company that everyone knows.” We hope you will give us this opportunity so that we know how to better take action and market the spread of this impactful form of culture we call theater to our entire community.
    ***and at the very least, consider giving a second ticket. We can write you a donation letter for the ticket donation, one of the benefits of our 501 (c)3.
    Best Regards,
    Beth Gittleman
    Associate Producer

  • For the past YEAR, I’ve been working on a show with my singing partner, Joshua Warr. The show is called “Joshing Around,” and after 7 performances, we’ve ready to take our show on tour this summer to cabaret venues all along the east coast. I feel this seminar could help us turn our dreams into a MAJOR reality this year. Check out more at! 🙂

  • Joy says:

    Lorelei Mackenzie with Pageant Princess really needs and deserves this! Her show is an incredible project that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

  • Cam says:

    I’m ready to take my dream to that next level and I need all of the information I can get in order to succeed. I’ll be all the richer with the knowledge from this seminar, because you shared your information with me.
    I’ve been following your blog long enough to know that: 1.You possess the knowledge, intelligence, and skill to dispense the advice that I need to succeed, and 2. You’re willing to share your success with others.
    To learn these marketing techniques would be an invaluable resource for me. As an accountant, I possess most of the experience and skills needed to be a producer. But there are other skills that I’m lacking in and this seminar would add an additional element, in my portfolio, that is necessary to being a good prudent producer.
    It would also provide an excellent way for me to have a face-to-face networking opportunity.

  • Doug says:

    Well, as you know, I took the “Getting Your Show Off the Ground” seminar in November 2010, and then also bought some of your time as a consultant for further information. I am definitely serious about getting my two character play, SNOWMAN, up and running. Hopefully, 2012 will be the year. But money is definitely going to be tight, so your new seminar sounds exactly like something I can use. Therefore, I would appreciate being considered for the free scholarship.

  • Abigail says:

    Lorelei Mackenzie, writer and producer of Pageant Princess the Musical, deserves to win! She’s got a great project that is authored by four women and appeals to a broad audience of all ages. There is no limit to where this show can go with the right connections!

  • Matt Harvey says:

    Hi Ken,
    My name is Matt Harvey. I am a core member of the theatrical ensemble [By The Mummers] and I’m currently employed at Dylan’s Candy Bar. I have skills as an actor, writer, composer, graphic designer and in photography but I have no formal training (degree). [By The Mummers] performed in the 2011 NYMF, and has produced three productions of our musical BLOOD (counting the NYMF production), two productions of our show Winterland, a production of our show L8, and countless smaller productions and murder mysteries including two for charity. We’ve tried everything: Facebook pages, Youtube videos, email blasts, Twitter, fancy websites (created by us), and participation in a major theatrical festival but we can’t seem to get over the hump. Participation in this workshop could be just the ticket to give us the edge we need to expand our audience from our small following of friends and relatives into a viable theatrical institution. Serving as both administrative, and creative on a project is one of the most rewarding experiences one can imagine. It can also be one of the most frustrating. Davenport Theatrical and this blog have been an enormously valuable resource for us and participation in this workshop would be appreciated beyond words can express. We are passionate about bringing our work to the masses and you can help us achieve our goal. Thank you for all of the information and inspiration found on these pages and in your work.
    Matt Harvey

  • Hi Ken,
    I would absolutely love to be able to take this seminar. I’m a new writer, my last show, Pieces, has gone up twice now, both times OOB and only one performance, this time it’s a brand new show in an Off-Broadway house and we have a six show run in a festival. I have so many people counting on me and really want to make it the absolute best experience possible for them which of course means selling out (or at least some pretty full houses)!
    Last year I went to the writer/producer speed date and it was such a great experience and I’d love to be able to participate in another event that you guys are hosting, I feel it’s such a great opportunity for both new and experienced theatre makers!

  • Bert says:

    Hi Ken. It’s Bert Bernardi with Pantochino Productions Inc. here! We are Connecticut’s ridiculously entertaining theatre company for family audiences and we could certainly benefit from this opportunity!
    In our first year, we raised over $14,000.00 through a campaign. This money helped us produce our first three shows! Since most of these monies covers production costs, we have very few advertising dollars and rely on social media to spread the word. What else can we do to market our shows? I’m know you have the answers and hope you will consider my plea!

  • Melissa says:

    Dear Ken & co.,
    My friend and I have written a musical called Orpheus and Eurydice for the Edinburgh Fringe last summer, and we’re hoping to bring a new version to the Philly Fringe this fall. As grad students, we have negative amounts of money, and rely on whatever free help we can get (thanks for letting us use your studio space, that was absolutely awesome!) During the Edinburgh Fringe, we would stand on the Royal Mile and hand out fliers every day, and hang our posters on the poster poles. We aren’t sure how to approach marketing in a city where the Fringe isn’t as big of an event, or how to fund our efforts now that we are no longer attached to our UK production company. We are just starting out, and this would be such an amazing opportunity for us to learn how to get people in seats. Thanks so much!

  • Nicole says:

    I’m an early career director hoping to ship of to Grad School within the next few years. One of my mentors has given me the challenge to direct three shows this year in order to get some footage and photos to pull together for a reel for said grad school scouting.
    Because I have a wonderful internship in the morning and teach lessons in the afternoon, I am super scrimping to make ends meet. However, I am DETERMINED to pull off three shows this year. (Even if they’re in my living room)
    I’d love to have real audience, and want to know the expertise behind getting butts in seats.
    Thanks for considering me!

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    Many people need this important, timely seminar and can’t afford it. Only one gets a free ticket. Therefore, I have a suggestion. Why not have Skype set up at the seminar and I will host a party in my office in Chelsea (maximum ten people – that’s all the room I have) and we will watch it on Skype. Furthermore, I will personally throw in a box of wine, make it 2 boxes (red and white), and muffins.

  • Yosi Merves says:

    I believe Ivette Dumeng, Artistic Director of Nylon Fusion Collective, ( to attend the seminar because she is currently reorganizing the company for the remainder of the 2012 season as a stand-alone non-profit corporation rather than the fiscally sponsored partnership it used to be. As such, she is forming a board and talking about new avenues for marketing the organization and advertising upcoming shows, and this seminar would be quite helpful, as the company is committed to three full productions a year plus evenings of short plays as fundraising events, and it’s a tall order of expansion.

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