Who won the tickets to Ghost on Broadway?

Either the subject of using pre-existing music in movie-to-musical adaptations is one heck of a hot topic, or a lot of you are ‘dying’ to see Ghost, because I got a ton o’ comments about this subject.

Overwhelming majority opinion was that when there was a tune that was intrinsic to the production, the Authors/Producers almost have no choice but to include it.

So which one of you is going to hear “Unchained Melody” in Ghost on Broadway?

Congratulations to . . . Brian Sheola!

Email me to set up your seats, Brian.  And enjoy the . . . BOO!   Scare you?  I tried.

Another big fat Broadway giveaway tomorrow.


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  • Maury says:

    Went to Ghost Thursday night. Huge, expensive production. Very slick. Great ‘magic’ effects. No surprises with the story, so this is going to please a lot of people. Looks like a big hit to me. The audience just loved it!

  • Eileen says:

    Went to see Ghost Monday night. The play had humor, beautiful songs, beautiful voices and wonderful acting but the music at times was so loud it obliterated the actors singing. Some scenes were loud and boisterous to begin with; add the music at near deafening pitch and it became almost unbearable. Perhaps the mezzanine where I sat was particularly influenced, but the end result was that it diminished my overall enjoyment of the play.

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