The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Ticket to CTI’s 3-Day Workshop on Godspell

Remember last week when I announced that The Commerical Theater Institute was structuring their 3-Day Intensive Weekend all around Godspell?

You can learn all about the weekend in this post, but trust me, it’s going to be a cool weekend.  I mean, for one, you’re going to hear my lawyer speak for an hour or so.  And let me tell you, at his hourly rates, you’re getting quite a deal.  🙂

And one of you is going to get the best deal ever, because I’m going to give away one seat for free.

Here’s how . . .

Write me a one sentence comment below (or email subscribers click here) on why you want/need/long to attend the seminar.  I’ll pick a winner and we’ll hang out and talk producing and Godspell all weekend, with a whole bunch of other folks just like you.

One note . . . the weekend starts on FRIDAY, which means I’ll be contacting the winner on Thursday instead of Saturday.

Ok?  Comment away!


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  • I’m working on a secret project that combines the magic of Bjork and Carol Channing (that’s all I can disclose at this time) and need this seminar to make my dream a reality!

  • Ken, as you said, we should all walk in each others shoes, I’m a designer and should know more about the producer’s job.

  • George DeMarco says:

    I am a graduate of the 14 week CTI class and need a refresher/kick off as I embark on producing a fantastic new 2 person off-Broadway musical.

  • Roger Gindi says:

    I would love to have my assistant, Amanda, attend the CTI Weekend, but neither she nor I can afford the tuition.

  • Rebecca Black says:

    Mr. Davenport, after speaking with you in November after a performance of Godspell I took your advice and have produced three musicals this semester; I very much want to produce musicals on Broadway and know that this seminar would be a great way to start as I am graduating in less than one month!

  • Francisco Mejia says:


    If I win, I´ll flight from Toluca Mexico just to spend the weekend with GODSPELL production team, I really want to be there ( I just need to know asap if you select me to get flight tickets 😛 LOL )

    Peace and all good

  • Elizabeth says:

    A large part of our business is knowing when to trust your gut, and I feel that this weekend intensive is just what I need to learn, grow, and network with the best of our business to build a place for myself in the New York theatre scene.

  • Kevin Frei says:

    I poured over your lawyer’s work to study how you navigated all the securities issues to crowdfund Godspell, and now I’d like to hear his take on how the recently passed JOBS Act (the crowdfunding part and more importantly the advertising part) is going to affect how producers can seek capital.

  • Marc Eardley says:

    I have a few musical projects coming up quickly and it would be fantastic to get some more “in depth” knowledge of how to navigate producing my show but I can’t afford the tuition!

  • Kristopher Weaver says:

    As a writer who produces his own work, hearing the writer and director of a broadway musical would be just one experience in this full weekend of guidance that could change my life.

  • Hi Ken. I want to attend this workshop because after six years of hard work and preparation, I have a show that will be ready for production this Fall and I want to fund it with crowd-funding and a weekend of studying Godspell’s creation process would really help get this show on its feet and give New York City the most innovative show (seriously) to hit theaters in a very, very long time.

  • Tj Davis says:

    I think that theatre should be making more money than movies. Live performance is far more entertaining than anything that can happen on the screens. Pick me and I’ll help you all make it happen:). I would loooove to attend!

    • Tj Davis says:

      We are already making strides here in Utah. See to view our website and to see our last original production. If I am chosen (yes please pick me cause I need a great excuse to make it back to NY and I think I can talk my wife into it if I have something important to attend!), would it be possible to let me know sooner than later so that I can arrange a flight? Thanks so much.
      Ken, I think it’s wonderful what you and your teams are doing for live entertainment and musical theatre in particular!

  • The idea of being a fly on the wall and hearing all the incredible dish about how Godspell got back to broadway will be irresistible – but mainly as a small producer myself who dreams to produce work at Broadway calibre, I could do no better than to study at the feet of a group of masters.

  • Luke says:

    I made the difficult decision to move to New York to pursue my dream of working in theatre right out of high school… without any financial support from my parents. Since that time, I’ve been working my ass off trying to stay afloat financially while at the same time pursuing my dream of producing commercially. I work full time as an intern with Jujamcyn Theaters, and pick up as many side jobs (readings, classes, etc) as I can to make money but wasn’t able enough to save up for this years intensive. I’m pursuing all of the opportunities I possibly can (POG, your seminar, and Fringe), but CTI would really help me take it to the next level.

  • Jeff says:

    I took the three day course last year and having spent the last year growing, working and learning, I feel that it would be beneficial for me to re-take the weekend course knowing much more than I did a year ago. I am about to co-produce my first broadway play and I think that with this upcoming play AND this class is going to strengthen my skills as a networker and a produce.

  • suellen vance says:

    I believe producing compelling theatre is magic in its ability to bring joy, help understand tragedy, and promote empathy across different points of view; but that magic is tarnished if your investors lose and you cannot pay the electric bill.

  • MattChow says:

    We’re currently self producing our show Flambé dreams at the New York Musical Theatre Festival and looking at the possibility of producing an off-broadway run in the Fall and can use any help we can get!

  • Noah B. says:

    I am currently studying theatrical production as a semester-long independent study and I believe that theatre is truly the greatest form of art and the world needs more great producers like you to preserve it.

  • Allie C says:

    I’m a recent college grad with stellar internship experience, who understands the importance of networking and wants to learn more about the business through a show I LOVE DEARLY 🙂

  • Will Arnone says:

    As a lawyer myself who is just getting into the Broadway business, I’m eager to find a role model and your lawyer seems like the perfect candidate.

  • Melissa says:

    I’m a law student in the midst of my first producing experience, and I’m trying to learn as much about producing since that’s what I hope to do eventually, but I’m eyeballs deep in student loans and can’t pay for the seminar.

  • A.J. MacQuarrie says:

    As a young, ambitious producer in Boston with several financially unsuccessful shows under my belt, this CTI workshop and networking opportunity would be invaluable to my future as a Broadway producer by learning from the pros and eventually making my move to NYC to pursue my dream.

  • As a recent college graduate, and a performer myself, I am also serious about learning more of the art of producing, and why not study from Today’s Greatest Broadway producers and Writers, Ken Davenport and Steven Schwartz?? Broadway needs more quality shows and quality producers that are willing to produce quality art, and not just looking for the big bucks!

  • Walt Frasier says:

    I have been doing producing with some success for almost 10 years, but I have a stack of projects and a group of artists that deserve that I learn how to be better.

  • Scott werntz says:

    If I’m going to do something as important and impacting as producing, then I need to learn from the best!

  • I’m the Creative Producer of shows the sell out consistently with audiences ranging from 75-300, we’re ready to expand our brand and be leaders in an emerging market, you’re just the guy to provide a boost AND I believe you’d love to know more about us and what’s possible.

  • Jeff Walsh says:

    The novel I’m writing will eventually be a Broadway musical, so if you want to produce it, we should meet sooner rather than later. 😉

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    I’m on the verge of being able to make a major contribution to American theater and I need to be tipped.

  • Evelyn says:

    I attended the workshop before, and you’re right, it’s fabulous, but, as a POG, I think I would get so much more out of it (not to mentuion spending quality time with you and you amazing ideas).

  • Mark Graham says:

    I have an MFA in directing,general managed a summer theater,directed regionally and off-broadway,spent 20 plus years running my own marketing & advertising agency;but now what I really want to do is Produce… on Broadway.

  • Tzahalla says:

    I am graduating (today!) from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and I blieve this workshop will contribute a lot to my career as well as to my artistic soul 🙂 there are so many different aspects to the industry and it will be unfair to be let out into it with more knowledge about the other sides, those who write, produce and create.

  • Sammy Kanter says:

    My mind is still reeling with excitement from TedXBroadway, and the CTI Weekend Intensive will give me the background and connections to start honing some ideas with the hope of making a wave in the future of Broadway!

  • Donald Sanborn III says:

    As a writer/composer, I would like to learn more about the producing/business side. In addition. Stephen Schwartz is one of my favorite composer/lyricists, and he has been an invaluable teacher, through the ASCAP workshop as well as through his own compositions. It would be an amazing opportunity to learn more about the business by examining the show that launched Schwartz’s career!

  • Jeremy A. Bennington says:

    I need to attend the seminar because it will be a game changer for how I want to produce.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    The 3-day producing intensive on “Godspell” is a vital piece of Broadway producing folkslore/history as well as a producing model for future producers, so I would like to videotape it at no charge and give the original disc (no copies made) to Ken Davenport as a record for future study/archiving.

  • E. H. Milam says:

    I would like to attend the seminar because it is Divine Mercy week and I need a little help from my Friend to be a better teacher.

  • Ruben Brache says:

    I’ve only taken it once. But it’s like a show you like seeing over and over again because you keep picking up more each time you see it.

  • ECP says:

    I want an up-close-and-personal, information-sharing op to process your success, and to learn from your missteps and not repeat them.

  • Marco Bernal says:

    I would love to attend because I have no earthly Idea of what I am doing and am only driven by my passion to write and am currently seeking investment for 4 original musicals I have written.

  • Nick V says:

    I have a secret desire
    Hiding deep in my soul
    It sets my heart afire
    To see me in this role
    I wanna be a producer
    With a hit show on Broadway (cough…Godspell)
    I wanna be a producer
    Just like Ken Davenport someday!

  • David One Sentence Olson says:

    I wanna be a producer.

  • Debbie Klaar says:

    What separates the producer’s of the world from the wannabees? Your voice, your vision, your consciousness. Am I living the ordinary life of an extraordinary person, or the extraordinary life of an ordinary person? Attending the CTI workshop will help me find an answer.

  • Jean Givan says:

    Deep pockets on the horizon. About to take Broadway by storm. Want to do it from a good knowledge base and connected with others who have a good lay of the land.

  • Keni Fine says:

    The dog gets a bone, the kid gets a car, the ex gets the house, the shrink gets the seminar tuition… what more do you need to know?

  • Mary McGloin says:

    I am an actress and I am looking to produce my first show in NYC and could use any advice I can find. Thanks!

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