A special offer as my special thank you.

I received an incredible outpouring of tweets, emails and comments of ‘keep the faith’ support since yesterday’s lack of nominations for Godspell.  Since so many of you expressed solidarity with the show, and since so many people asked me for other ways to help support it, I wanted to make sure you had the best deal to see the show . . . because there is no better way to show the world what deserves to be appreciated than success.

We’re running an amazing special for select performances in May – if you Buy 1 you Get 1 Free.  Quick math will tell you that this is a 50% off offer, the same price as the booth, but no waiting in line.

So if you’ve enjoyed reading the blog, and haven’t seen Godspell yet, come in May.

And get this . . . because I know you will love the show (9 out of 10 people at a recent focus group gave it a thumbs up), I’m willing to guarantee your experience.

Yep, you read it right.  Love it, or your money back.  That’s how confident I am in what we put on that stage.

Click here to buy your 2-for-1 tickets today.

And thanks again for all your amazing correspondence.  It meant an awful lot.  And on we go!


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  • kathleen hochberg says:

    I’ll be there! And not just in May! <3

    • Cynthia DeVies says:

      Saw this fabulous show last October and have tickets to see it again July 29. Am counting the days!!

  • Amy Leigh says:

    As a last resort – is it possible to move the venue? If off-broadway wouldn’t do any good, another city more accommodating and cheaper to operate in than in NYC? (Another country even??) Are the 2013-14 tour and the updated royalties still going ahead as planned? This show just can’t die, that’s ridiculous. Argh. So many questions…

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