Acting Fellow


Shakespeare Theatre Company (DC), recipient of 2012 Regional Theatre Tony Award under artistic direction of Michael Kahn


Non-Equity actors for 2012-2013 season. Acting fellows form mainstage ensemble, cast as understudies, earn EMC points and receive master classes in classical acting technique. Season includes Gogol’s Government Inspector (dir. Michael Kahn), Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (dir. Ethan McSweeny), Shaw’s Man and Superman (dir.Aaron Posner), Schiller’s Wallenstein (dir. Michael Kahn), Shakespeare’s Coriolanus (dir. David Muse) and Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale (dir. Rebecca Bayla Taichman). More To apply, email headshot/resume to by June 11.

  • actors says:

    Schools and instructors spend a great deal of time focusing on performing. This is what brings students into classes and workshops and soon it becomes addictive. Being able to perform and receive accolades is the drug of choice, one that is widely exploited by the teaching community. It’s what keeps students enrolled and brings them back for another fix again and again.

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