Overheard at Angus Vol. XIII: What if a bomb went off . . .

I didn’t have to work to overhear this next exchange, because I was literally in the middle of the conversation.

Spring is the season of industry events. From galas, to luncheons, to awards shows, you run into the same 100 people just about every other day.  And not just Producers, we’re talking Ad Execs, Union Heads, Actors and just about everyone that does anything in this biz.  (Funny thing is, a lot of work gets done at these things, so it can be a pretty productive time.)

I was in the middle of one such event just the other day, talking to an esteemed member of our community, who has seen a lot, produced a lot, and lived to tell about it.

And tell he did.  Here’s how it went down.

ME:  Wow.  What an incredible story.

ESTEEMED MEMBER:  And it’s true.  Back in those . . .

(Another member of the community interrupts)

ANOTHER MEMBER:  Hello ESTEEMED MEMBER!  Great to see you!  Congrats on SO-AND-SO!


ANOTHER MEMBER:  And good to see you at NAME OF EVENT.  Looks like everyone’s here.  Even Ken!

(I laughed.  Sort of.)

ESTEEMED MEMBER:  Yep.  In fact, you know what?  If a bomb went off in this theater right now, you know what would happen?

ANOTHER MEMBER:  Broadway would come to a screeching halt?

ESTEEMED MEMBER:  No.  We could start over.

(He smiled.  I smiled.  ANOTHER MEMBER did not.)


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  • Sue says:

    “We” could start over? No — it would be all new people! I admit I love the thought of all those job openings.

  • HA! We said the same thing at that LA Producer’s Meeting last Sunday night…

  • Sean says:

    You know, I was a bit disturbed by this post. But honestly, I think I think it’s something you think of. I mean the heart of Broadway is in Times Square, the epitome symbol of capitalism and American tourism. When we are bombarded (no pun intended) with all of this information about thwarting plots by Al Qaeda etc., and even a Times Square NYE threat in the not so distant past. Well, it gets on your mind…the WHAT IF? While, this comment from said producer was meant to be a joke….it is kinda scary to think what it would do to our industry. Something I personally shutter to think about. If things were slow for Broadway after 9/11, a bomb going off in Times Square would definitely not encourage the average American tourist to want to be anywhere around that area. LOVE or HATE the tourist….they make our industry what it is in NYC.

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