Who won the tickets to the play with the title that can’t be named?

The responses to this week’s giveaway for the new Mike Bartlett play were fascinating, with some saying “censorship!” and others saying, “papers are private businesses.”  Read all the comments here.

But which of the Commenters is going to see C – – -?

Congrats to Rachel Richards!  You’re going to get to see what all the crowing is about!

Email me to set up your tickets.

And, in protest for the Times not using the title . . . I’ve decided I’m going to stop using the word Spoon on this blog.  So whenever I want to say “spoon,” I’m just going to put blank spaces like such:  S – – – -.

And for all you advertisers out there that want to pay me thousands of dollars to advertise your flatware and fancy silver you-know-whats.  Forget it.  No f’in S – – – – –  on this blog ever.


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