10 Minute Play Finalists Announced!

We had hoped to announce the finalists for our 10 Minute Play contest last Friday . . . but frankly, we were overwhelmed with so many submissions . . . and so many damn good ones . . . that we had to take the weekend to read the finalists for the finalists one more time.

You’d think that deciding if a 10 Minuter was in the Top 10 would take less than 1 minute . . . but nope, wrong, no way possible.  It was actually quite difficult deciding which 10 Minute Plays of the hundreds submitted were going to make it to our Top 10.

But somehow, thanks to the awesomeness of the curator of the contest, Jane Caplow, we did.

Each of the finalists below will receive $50 and the chance to present their play at our presentation on Thursday, June 28th at 7 PM at my studios.  Although we have a slate of judges including Isaac Hurwitz of NYMF, Joe Iconis (Bloodsong of Love, The Black Suits), and moi, the AUDIENCE (aka YOU!) will have a vote in determining who takes the moolah as well.

The Grand Prize winner will take home a whopping $500!  To get your tickets to the show, click here.  Seating is limited, and since the audience will be voting on who wins, we expect the tickets to go quickly.

Ok, and now . . . here goes . . . the Finalists for our 10 Minute Play Competition are . . . in absolutely no particular order because it was so hard keeping all of these 10 Minute Plays straight . . .

1.  Texting While Dating by John Kultgen
2.  Choices, Book & Lyrics by Derek P. Hassler, Music by Landon Braverman
3.  The Beginning And The End by Kevin Wanzor
4.  Cookie Soiree, Book & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long, Music by Garrit Guadan, Concept by Jonathan Lee
5.  Coming In by Peter Zachari
6.  A Tall Order by Sheri Wilner
7.  Imaginary Lovers, Book & Lyrics by Keni Fine, Music by David Gross
8.  I Think I Would Remember If I Had Sex With Denzel Washington by Yvette Heyliger
9.  Survive, Book & Lyrics by Jason Purdy, Music by Aden Kent Ramsey
10.  The Long Hymn of Dilemma by Raymond Cothern

Congratulations to all of you!  Jane will be in touch with details on the 28th.

And to those of you who submitted, congratulations to you as well.  Because if you can write a 10 Minute Play, you can write a 100 Minute Play.  Go for it.

Get tickets for the 10 Minute Play contest!  See you there!


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  • KellyB says:

    I live out of state and won’t be in NYC for the presentations. Any chance you’ll be You Tube-ing or streaming the readings? This is such a cool project — would love to follow it until the end.

  • MB Catherine says:

    Mr. Davenport,

    I appreciate your efforts in allowing Godspell to spread its message and have a respectable run. At the same time, I believe that the fact that you have personally asked others who are living off of their salary from your production to take a pay cut from their personal earnings is demeaning! Does this mean that you will ideally make YOUR investment back more quickly while having these deserving and hardworking individuals fork over their hard-earned dollars for your own profit?

    Frankly, you have already surpassed the respectable running of your show before it has clearly become a investment nightmare.


    A concerned Broadway Enthusiast

    • producer says:

      Hi MB, don’t worry . . . I think you misunderstood. No one who comes to the theater each and every day has been asked to take a salary cut. Unions wouldn’t allow that even if I did ask, but I didn’t, rest assured.

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