And the winners of the 2012 Broadway Marketing Awards are . . .

Ok, so we don’t have the Beacon Theatre, or Neil Patrick Harris hosting, or even a performance from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship (!) . . . but this is still pretty exciting, isn’t it?

It’s finally time to announce the winners of the first ever Broadway Marketing Awards! (Cue: applause!  Come on, do it – even if you’re at work and your cubicle buddies will think you’ve gone over the falls – this is exciting stuff!)

If you remember, a slate of super smart and savvy nominators from the Broadway and Advertising worlds sifted through all the campaigns of this year’s plays and musicals and presented you with a short list of excellence.  And, over the past two weeks, YOU, the people actually affected by advertising and marketing, chose the winners.

And now, it’s time to announce them.  Ready?  (Cue:  cheers of “Yes!”  Come on, do it – you’re a Broadway fan so your cubicle buddies already think you’re bonkers.)

Here are all of the nominees once again, with the winners in bold:


Clybourne Park (Serino/Coyne)
Death of a Salesman (Serino/Coyne)
Evita (SpotCo)
Newsies (Serino/Coyne)
Once (SpotCo)


Bonnie and Clyde (Serino/Coyne)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Serino/Coyne)
Once (SpotCo)
Other Desert Cities (Serino/Coyne)
Stick Fly (AKA)


Jesus Christ Superstar (Situation Interactive)
Newsies (Situation Interactive)
Once (SpotCo)
Peter and the Starcatcher (Serino/Coyne)
Spider-Man:  Turn Off The Dark (Situation Interactive)


Bonnie and Clyde (Jeffrey Richards Associates, Alana Karpoff and Irene Gandy)
Evita (SpotCo)
Lysistrata Jones (Serino/Coyne)
Newsies (Disney Theatrical)
Spider-Man:  Turn  Off The Dark (Situation Interactive)


End of the Rainbow (AKA)
Ghost (SpotCo)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Serino/Coyne)
Newsies (Serino/Coyne)
Other Desert Cities (Serino/Coyne)


Evita (Type A)
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Type A)
One Man, Two Guvnors (SpotCo)
Stick Fly (Walker Int’l Comm. Group)
Venus in Fur (The Producers)


Bonnie and Clyde (Jeffrey Richards Associates)
End of the Rainbow (AKA)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Dodger, Red Rising, Situation Interactive)
Newsies (Disney Theatrical)
Spider-Man:  Turn Off The Dark (Len Gill/Keith Hurd)


Death of a Salesman (Serino/Coyne)
Evita (SpotCo, Type A)
Newsies (Serino/Coyne, Disney Theatrical)
Once (SpotCo)
Spider-Man:  Turn Off The Dark (AKA, Len Gill, Keith Hurd, Situation Interactive)


The Book of Mormon (Serino/Coyne)
Jersey Boys (Serino/Coyne, Dodger Marketing)
The Lion King (Serino/Coyne, Disney Theatrical)
The Phantom of the Opera (Serino/Coyne)
War Horse (Serino/Coyne, Lincoln Center)

And there you have it!  We had a bit of a Mormon/Producers-like sweep in this first year of awards, with Newsies taking five of the eight categories in which it was eligible!  Nicely done, Disney folks.  Winners, keep your eyes on your physical inbox (as opposed to your e-inbox).  Actual awards will be on their way to you shortly.  It may not be a gold statue (yet!), but it is a symbol of all of our respect and gratitude for what all of you do . . . you, and all of the other nominees, and all of the other theater marketers out there in every city in the world, are doing awesomely important work . . . you’re trying to get people to come to Broadway.

And that ain’t easy.  So, thank you.

(Cue:  closing credits – go back to work, so you don’t get fired, so you can keep making money and afford to go to the theater.)


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  • I’m so glad you’re doing this! Congratulating those who put their energies behind increasing broadway audiences is something purposeful and overdue.

  • Lauren says:

    Although i am SUPER happy about these awards and acknowledging the marketing side, as a graphic designer i am highly disappointed by some of the winners. But i guess that’s what you get when the public votes and not those who actually know what is the best.

  • andrew says:

    Amen to Lauren!

    AGREED wholeheartedly. NEWSIES campaigns are stale, boring and super uninspired.

  • J says:

    @Andrew and Lauren – I suspect people tend to just vote for their favorite show.

  • Scott says:

    Which is exactly what they do when they vote for the Tony Awards… Choose their favorites. So your argument falls a little flat.
    And I am more than a little offended that just because someone went to graphic design school would make them better qualified to judge the awards than someone that has enjoyed music and theater their entire life. Not specifically knocking Lauren’s skills, but everyone that ends up with an Art Degree is not automatically an Artist. Allowing the public to decide awards about what marketing has impacted them the most seems not only logical but necessary in my opinion.

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