Musical Director/Arranger


The Cell Theatre Co. (not-for-profit)


Musical Director/Arranger for the development of a new musical in Summer 2012.

Written by the author/playwright/lead singer of Black 47 Larry Kirwan, the story is set in New York’s infamous Five Points on a night of racially charged draft riots in 1863.  It will feature the re-imagined songs of the enigmatic “father of American music” Stephen Foster, with additional material by Kirwan.  MD/Arranger would work in direct collaboration with Kirwan, using audio recordings and chord/lyric sheets to create a soulful score (instrumentation includes fiddle, banjo, piano, double bass, percussion, and mixed voices), and then play auditions, rehearsals, presentations as part of a developmental production for the 1st Irish Festival in September 2012.


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