Fun on a Friday: What a box office is really thinking

Have you ever worked retail?  Customer service?  At a box office???

If so, then you know that customers, God love them all, can say and do interesting things.

I stumbled upon a tumblr last week called What Should The Box Office Call Me, which gives you a little peek into what those folks behind the bulletproof glass are thinking when you keep asking, “Do you have anything better?” for the sixth time.

(It’s obvious that the contributors to this tumblr work in a non-profit BO.  I’m hoping that some of my commercial box office brethren will be inspired to start their own.)

Check out What Should The Box Office Call Me.

And enjoy your weekend.   May you visit many a box office and have them think only good things.


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  • Purchasing tickets from the London, West End equivalent of TKTS, the agent asked my friend and I if we were from Canada. When we told him we were New Yorkers, born and raised, he was skeptical. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. The New York “ladies” who come here demand, whine, complain, haggle, bitch and pout. You two are the first who smiled and said ‘Thank You’. Pardon me if I don’t believe you.” We showed him our passports. He was so impressed that he offered us opening night tickets to “Mama Mia” that had just fallen into his possession. He charged us the retail price even though they were probably worth a fortune to him at that time. He ended the transaction with, “It’s been my pleasure to serve you.”
    So I agree, the box office is always watching – some of us need to be more aware of it!

  • Kim says:

    That video is brilliant. Someone had too much time on their hands, but oh so true. 🙂

  • Tzahalla says:

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

  • Lori says:

    Here’s a similar tumblr for arts admin folks:

  • Angela says:

    If you haven’t seen it, you should look at the webseries “Jack in a Box” starring Michael Cyril Creighton as a guy who works in a box office.

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