Who won Digital Theatre’s entire catalog?


Well, if the popularity of this giveaway was any indication, then the viewing of theater on video has a robust future.  208 of you chimed in to offer your opinion on what you’d pay to Netflix a Broadway show.  (Read them here.)

And comment-survey says?

The average price of your 208 suggestions was . . . $14.

Sounds like a deal to me, because, as DAVID HOPSON, who is the winner of this week’s contest said, “A chance to see some shows is priceless!”

Congrats, David. Email me to get your super-prize.

And for the rest of you . . . hopefully we’ll all be downloading theater soon enough.

When that happens, we’ll all be winners.


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  • Sage says:

    Ken, why don’t you just start your own download service? Or just outsource it? There by you reap the benefits and help make the change.

  • Hello Producer’s Perspective readers!

    As a massive thank you for all of the wonderful feedback we got from people answering last week’s competition question, we’d love to give you all 20% off any of our shows!

    It was interesting to find the average PP readers would pay was $14 for a Broadway production. We’ve currently got 14 shows on the site with prices from $3.49.

    Just pop the code PRODPERS20% in the promotional code box at checkout on http://www.digitaltheatre.com.

    Happy watching!

    Digital Theatre

  • A Contrarian says:

    Interesting. I would have guessed the average price to come in lower, given that so many think almost everything should be “free.”

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