Who won the tickets to Clybourne Park?

You guys have some killer creative minds.  In this week’s giveaway, over 100 of you suggested prequels and sequels to everything from Streetcar (called “Paper Lanterns”) to Next to Normal (“Back to Normal”).   There were a whole bunch that I was interested in seeing, so I’m hoping that some of you are putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and making these suckers happen.

Because as Bruce Norris proved with Clybourne Park (not to mention our friends who wrote Wicked), when an audience falls in love with a set of characters or a situation, they’ll devour whatever else you give ’em . . . as long as it’s good.

So who is going to see Clybourne Park?

Congratulations to Anna Reeves!  You won the tickets!  Email me and we’ll set you up!

And the rest of you . . . what do you think about a prequel to Les Miz?  We see Val Jean actually steal that bread to “save his sister’s son” . . .


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