5 More Takeaways from Get Your Show Off The Ground

Another great set of seminar participants showed up this past Saturday for my latest Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar and as usual, I’ve taken five takeaways from the seminar to share with all of your.

I’ve done these takeaways before (click here to check ’em out -), but this one is a little different.

It’s the Metaphor Version.

I was a little analogy happy this past Saturday (as you’ll soon see), so for metaphor or for worse, here’s the five takeaways, along with an explanation of what I was talking about, so you won’t be wondering out loud, “What the @&$% was Ken smoking on Saturday?”:

1. If the cake isn’t fully baked, I don’t want to eat it.
This tasty morsel was in response to a participant who asked when she should invite Producers to a reading.  My response?  Make sure you’re ready for their response.  In other words, make sure that cake is cooked.

2. You need to put your show in a fancy outfit if you want people to see it.
Give it some sizzle, some sparkle.  Something that sets it a part fron the rest of the fancy outifts/shows out there.  In other words, shows can’t afford to be shy.

3. Don’t plan your wedding after the first date.
It’s easy to want to talk about casting, theaters, merch lines, etc. as soon as you have an idea for a show.  But be careful.  While I love creative exploration and dreaming big, if the show doesn’t happen you could have wasted a lot of time that you could have spent working on another show.

4. Producing is like landing a plane at JFK.
Rack and stack your ideas, so as one comes to an end, the other one is ready to go.

5. Raising money is like brushing your teeth.
Not fun, and no one really wants to do it.  But necessary.

If you want to hear some of those metaphors up close and person, come to the next seminar on November 17th.  Click here for info and to sign up.


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  • Debbie Saville says:

    Great seminar Ken! I highly recommend it for those who “dream big”. Along with the “dream” is the responsibility of taking it into “reality”. Never let the fear of rejection or even the fear of success take you away from the transition because if you believe, you will achieve. 15 months ago a friend asked me to co-auther a book….I never wrote a book before, I am now a published author. While in NYC this past weekend, I was at the BB King/Lucille Grill. I wanted to “test” my ability to communicate, so I made my way to the general manager, and received information on where to send a press kit for the blues band I am creating my show idea around. It happened because my intent was to promote this band because I believe in the power of the original music this band creates. Thanks again to Ken and to all the participants I met at this seminar. It really was a life-changing weekend. And now back to my corporate day job… for now. Enjoy the journey!

  • CDC says:

    Consider crediting PJ Hamel and her great blog at King Arthur Flour for that cake disaster photo!


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