Broadway isn’t just on Broadway anymore.

There has been a concerted effort over the past decade to redefine Broadway.

It’s not just a street that runs a bit crooked through the island of Manhattan.  It’s a street that starts in New York City and runs straight through the heart of this country and all the way to the other side.

It’s everywhere there’s a Broadway show, including the 240 cities across North America that present ’em.

The National Touring industry had some serious heydays in the late 80s and into the 90s when shows like Cats, Phantom, Les Mis, and Miss Saigon mopped up outside the New York City limits.  It was circa this time that we realized the importance of this giant arm of what we do.

You see, touring Broadway shows . . .

. . . Can make a lot more money than Broadway shows thanks to larger theaters and lower costs.

. . . Are how most of our audience members are introduced to Broadway shows.  Audience development starts here.

. . . Are presented by smart, passionate people, and we need them in our ranks (which is why they are all members of the Broadway League) because there is strength in producing numbers.

The effort to group what we do in this city and what we do around the city (and globe) together continues, and just yesterday the Broadway League announced a brand spanky new website just for the touring industry called,

It’s a place for you to see all the shows currently on the road and most likely coming to a theater near you.  Check it out.  And sign up for the Fan Club while you’re there.

I’ve heard some rumblings from Producers on both sides of the geographic coin – some who say they think Broadway should just be Broadway.  And “The Road” should just be “The Road.”

But not me.  We’re marketing a brand called Broadway.  And as long as we control the quality of that product, then it’s our mission to get that brand and its name all over the world, one theater at a time.

Visit today.


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  • Lois Jacobs says:

    I had the opportunity to travel with two Broadway shows as the tutor all around the US and Canada. I met theater lovers in every city in America. They knew as much about the theater as anyone who lived in NY or LA. The first show for those who do not live in NYC was a touring company. Support local companies, support touring companies, support theatre.

  • Kathy Siler says:

    I am sooooo excited for the Harold Arlen musical (workshop) ONE FOR MY BABY. Broadway will be richer with this review. Harold Arlen was an amazing song writer. I hope the producers do him proud.

  • Scott says:

    Here is where I take issue…

    “But not me. We’re marketing a brand called Broadway. And as long as we control the quality of that product, then it’s our mission to get that brand and its name all over the world, one theater at a time.”

    In theory, I agree with this whole heartedly. Sadly, the quality of that product is what’s at issue. I have seen many Broadway shows and their touring counterparts. I have yet to see “The Road” shows match their “Broadway” counterparts. When this happens, perhaps “Broadway” will stand for a level of excellence. Until then… well, I’m just not convinced.

  • apc says:

    i guess non-equity doesn’t qualify as touring broadway…?

  • Steven Vlasak says:

    The fact that the road show production of The Book of Mormon, currently at the Pantages Theatre in my hometown of Los Angeles, is at at theatre LARGER than its Broadway home, was a real revelation to me. The road show is actually playing to more seats per night than the concurrent original production.

  • Hi Ken,

    I couldn’t agree more! If it were not for the National Touring shows, I would never have seen “Phantom of the Opera” here in nearby Baltimore at the Hippodrome. I was hooked! My theater group and I will be coming to Broadway in October to catch WICKED and the JERSEY BOYS! Looking forward to a fabulous weekend in my favorite city that never sleeps!

    Sue Daniels, Organizer
    Northern Virginia Theater Group

  • Tim Heitman says:

    It’s been a slow to get started movement but ‘moving’ it is. I think I’m as far away from Broadway as I can be in the contiguous US but with League Membership, shows launching here like the pre-Broadway tour of Jekyll and Hyde, and our current presentation of this amazing Les Miz I feel like I am every bit a part of Broadway HERE as when I’m THERE. That concept of Broadway being in each city is alive and well in Southern California.

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