Seeking Voice Actors – All Ages/Ethnicities

Chelsea-based animation studio is simultaneously casting three new projects and seeks experienced, NYC-based actors to voice students, teachers, doctors, and veterans of all ages and ethnicities.

In addition to the roles currently available, we are looking for new talent to add to our database of go-to actors. Prior voice over experience preferred, but not necessary – a background in acting training and/or an advanced understanding of text, character, and a natural, intimate delivery is essential.

To submit, email resume and general daytime availability to If interested, we will contact you with audition sides and next steps.

Kognito is an award-winning developer of online role-playing simulations and games through which users build interpersonal skills to effectively manage challenging conversations in the areas of health and behavioral health.

Union Information:
Kognito Interactive


New York, NY 10001

  • actors says:

    Whenever I hear actors talking, their focus centers on the business aspects of the job. How do I get an agent? How do I get auditions? How do I get into the union? Seldom does the conversation turn to the skills and techniques required of the craft. For instance, how does one create the internalizations of a particular emotion, thought or intention? How does one memorize a scene or a long speech? In portraying characters, how does one generate believable gestures, movements, and blocking? All of these questions seldom come up and if they do, they receive only cursory attention.

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