The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Woody Harrelson’s Bullet for Adolf

Greetings Theater Fans and welcome to The Sunday Giveaway (Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway!)

That was blogged in my best race car announcer voice.

This week’s giveaway is a brand spankin’ new for-profit play, currently running 8-times-a-week Off-Broadway!  (That’s where you’re supposed to gasp like when a race car gets too close to the wall.)  Why the danger?  Well, the 8-times-a-week commercial Off-Broadway play is more endangered than the African Green Broadbill.  It’s rare to see ’em, and we gotta take care of ’em when we do, so that they’ll go off and make more little baby African Green Broadbills.

The play in question is running over at New World Stages, former home to Altar Boyz, and now home to Bullet for Adolph, written and directed by none other than Hunger Games actor, Woody Harrelson.  It’s a comedy based on some real people that Woody knew intimately when he and his co-writer, Frankie Hyman, worked in construction back in 1983.  You can read more about its history and what it’s about here.

How cool that Woody wrote a play . . . and that he’s taking the time between multi-million dollar gigs to have it produced and to direct it himself.

And Woody writing a play makes sense to me.  You can just tell he has his own unique voice, right?  His acting career gives off that vibe . . . from Cheers to White Men Can’t Jump to Natural Born Killers to Will and Grace to No Country for Old Men . . . the guy likes his variety.

More stars like Woody should write stuff, don’t you think?  And when I say “more stars like Woody” I don’t just mean stars.  I mean stars with unique voices.  You know, like the Steve Martins (who have written plays) and . . . and . . . well, who else?

What star do you think has a great play in him or her?

Comment the answer below and you could win two free tickets to see Woody’s Bullet!


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  • Brandon Martin says:

    Alec Baldwin.Hands down

  • Mikki Harkin says:

    Tina Fey!

  • Sarah P. says:

    I have a feeling Patton Oswalt could come up with something interesting… 🙂

  • I’d really like to see what Jack Nicholson could put out.

  • Margie says:

    Lady Gaga — it would be a musical and a HUGE smash hit!

  • William says:

    Jeff Daniels! I mean from “Dumb and Dumber” to “God of Carnage” on Bway to “Newsroom”? If that isn’t an eclectic career, I don’t know what is…

  • Arthur Raphael says:

    Actress Sean Young.
    You know there’s a whole lot of wacko in an evening of stories and drama from that one!

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    Im sure that Matt Damon could come up with something incredible! I mean, nothing beats Good Will Hunting!

  • Brian Weiner says:

    I’m saying it… I think Lindsay Lohan really has a play in her. Not only is she a fine actress, but she’s been through hell (in large part because of her own choices). I think she has a good ole’ breakdown just waiting to come out in front of a packed house for a limited one month run!!

  • Claire says:

    I’d love to see what Morgan Freeman would write! He seems to exude wisdom, and I bet he’d also add some great humor.

  • Tzahalla says:

    Paul Giamatti or Jeff Goldbloom. There’s something about Paul that makes me want him to sit down and write. And Jeff’s life story and different productions, I mean they both have such unique voices!

  • Katie O'Brien says:

    Tom Hiddleston. Because Tom Hiddleston. XD
    (But seriously, because he’s so elegant and Shakespearean but also young and fresh. He’d have a great story to tell, and be an excellent director with his personality and disposition!)

  • Kevin Reidy says:

    Ashley Judd. It would probably feel like a Beth Henley play. I am sure growing up with Naomi as a mother would be some great source material.

  • Robert piper says:

    Not saying I would go see it, but after the whole going crazy thing, Charlie Sheen could write one hell of a play.

  • Marshall says:

    Tom Hanks. Or have him bring “The Onenders The Musical” to the stage. Maybe “That Thing You Do The Musical” works?

  • Jeff Walsh says:

    Patti Lupone. I’m not sure she has a great play in her, but it would at least mean I’d get to go out and see Patti perform in something new, which I’m always down for..

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    Linda Lavin strikes me as someone who would write a very interesting play. I think she has a really unique point of view and in her work, it comes across whether she is doing a Nicky Silver play “The Lyons” or a play like “Collected Stories”, on “Alice” on TV or “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife”. I wish she’d do one of those autobiographical one-women shows, like tht done by Elaine Stritch. I’d love to know more about her on a personal level, as well as how she has survived and thrived in a tough profession.

  • Alan B. says:

    I am sure that Dustin Hoffman has a play inside him. It would be called ” I guess I wasn’t LUCKY!”

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s such a class act, and her performances are informed with such an intelligence that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she were to write a compelling play.

  • John P. says:

    Alec Baldwin, hands down. Mr. New York. He’s hilarious, he’s intelligent, he can be serious – he is the perfect celebrity to write a play.

  • Paula says:

    Warren Beatty would be the perfect star to write a
    romantic comedy. He has had many experiences to write
    about until he found his true love and happiness.

  • Caitlin C says:

    Natalie Portman

  • A.J. says:

    Having seen Bullet for Adolph, not all stars should write! However, Woody should’ve hired an experienced playwright to write the semi-autobiography play that he tried to tell with Bullet or pick a play and produce that. I am all for the stars producing plays though, just not necessarily write and direct them unless they have a proven track record with writing for the stage.

  • Amy says:

    Robert Downey Jr. An incredible actor who has been to the edge and back. We’ve seen him go down and rise up again, better than ever.

  • Brian says:

    Christine Baranski, She has had huge successes in TV comedies and drama, movie musicals and comedies and Broadway shows. Her costars include Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Cybil Shepard, Alan Cummings and Julianna Marguiles. Think of what this woman could bring to a script

  • Cheryl Dzubak says:

    Angelina Jolie. She actually has done a lot of humanitarian work and a play from her would be very moving.

  • Beth says:

    Christopher Walken.

  • emily says:

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the most talented young men in his generation. He is great on screen & off screen with his a collaborative for young artists everywhere. I think he has a keen eye & would be able to turn a great play out of that project – and direct it as well.

  • RobertHP says:

    It’s time for more female voices in theater, and I’d love to hear Kathleen Turner’s take on the Hollywood Insider tale.

  • Dave says:

    Johnny Depp

    And as for Michelle Pfeiffer – she could get her husband (David E Kelley) to edit her script. What a luxury that would be!

  • Jo-Ann M. says:

    I would love to see a play by John Krasinski.

  • Fred Gilbert says:

    What actor could write a great play? Any actor who has been on stage or in films for years would have many reminiscences at the very least. Someone like FRANK LANGELLA who has written a book about them, IAN MCKELLEN, JUDI DENCH, LINDA LAVIN, MAGGIE SMITH: all seniors in acting whose experiences from the bdginning of their careers would be particularly intersting for their fans. Writing fiction or a real play might not be so easy, but any attempt would be interesting.

  • Elizabeth says:

    James Earl Jones…it’s time for us to hear the inner voice!

  • Margaret Rojahn says:

    I think Micheal J. Fox would write a fabulous play. He has so many inspirations to draw on between his acting career, educational trials, media representation, and his disease. Also, I think that he’d be really good at writing a play, not just an autobiographical piece. He seems to be able to apply his personal situations to his work and still not make it about him. Plus, he’s really funny. I think a dark comedy from him would be theater gold.

  • Morgan M says:

    Elaine Stritch

  • Veronique says:

    I’m thinking Ethan Hawke. He understands film and theatre as well as both acting and directing. I think he has some stories up his sleeves!

  • Justin says:

    I would be interested to see a play written by either Eugene Levy or Michael Caine.
    If he were alive today, I would say Jerry Orbach.

  • Elise says:

    Robert Downey Jr. – I’m sure the characters he’d write would be endowed with the gritty depth and truths of life that he has experienced in overcoming his demons, and don’t we all battle a few demons now and again?

  • Megan S says:

    Robin Williams and Tim Curry should team up I think!

  • Travis says:

    Neil Patrick Harris or Stephen Colbert!

  • Michael Hallinan says:

    Celebrity with multiple voices? There really should be only one celeb that should come to mind. This man has performed as 2 fathers with shall we say, questionable morals, man’s best friend with usually the soundest judgement, an infant that with the intellectualism of an Einstein and a serial killer, not to mention as of late a apparently cuddly, but then again rather perverse, teddy bear. Of course, I’m discussing Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” and “Ted.” Seth has one million great stories in him and I’d gander hundreds ready for the stage.

  • Mel Hurst says:

    Amber Tamblyn is my pick. She writes killer poetry, and has a complex view of how life works.

  • Susan says:

    Meryl Streep. Her range of roles on stage and film are so varied and she is so gifted, I would love to see what stories she could share.

  • Nick V says:

    Christopher Walken – Zany yet poetic

  • Paula says:

    Robert Wagner—He should have the material for
    a spellbinding mystery.

  • Shannon D. says:

    MICHAEL J. FOX!!!!! <3 <3 <3 🙂

  • Lynn A. says:

    probably Rosanne Barr or Anne Heche…remember their wacky stories?? That’s if your going for one women shows or comedies!

  • ECP says:

    Peter O’Toole. Unhappy about recent “retirees” such as Peter the Great and Bob Hoskins, but perhaps they’ll make time to pen something. Really singular talents.

  • Ging Suhu says:

    Tom Hanks is so talented that he has a great play in him.

  • Diana Lipkus says:

    Kirstie Alley of “Cheers” fame won Emmys and Golden globes . She was a standard of beauty, intelligence and humor in her youth. Then with years, a bit of aging ,and some bad relationships, she commited the cardinal sin for a beauty when she went plump as her career hit a slump. Later she became a symbol of success in the push for the small tush…until calories caused a rise in size, but now at this time she’s a beauty sublime.Alas she is being sued by someone disputing how she lost the weight with her own line of products VS by a stint on “Dancing With the Stars”. Tabloids puplicly scrutise her every move on the scale dial.I think she should write a Musical featuring lots of dance titled “yo-yo a go-go”, therefore referencing the weight loss and not only dance but continuing ambition even when the road back to positive recognition is difficult.

  • Andrew says:

    With such up and comers as Zoe Kazan and Jesse Eisenberg demonstrating playwrighting moxie, we may have a whole generation of actor-playwrights in the works! I wonder if former marine Adam Driver has a play in that quirky head of his or if Mike Esper has given the concept some thought. There also seems to be a lot going on the mind of Jefferson Mays as well, and at the other end of the spectrum I wouldn’t be surprised if Estelle Parsons admits to an opus or two in one of her drawers.

  • evan schild says:

    sutton foster

  • Sara Jayne says:

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I already had him in mind when I read another post suggesting the same. That makes two for JGL.

  • sheila schwartz says:

    James Franco, he does everything else!

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