The Sunday Giveaway: My Be A Broadway Star Board Game!

I can’t believe it.

I just realized that in all the Sunday Giveaways I’ve done, I’ve never given away our own Be A Broadway Star board game!

For those of you who don’t know I had a board game, click here to see the original post about the “shower idea” I had to make a Broadway board game.  Well, since that post, the game has gone on to get great kudos from game reviewers all over, as well as getting a ‘thumbs up’ from the NY Post and Kathie Lee and Hoda (It was one of their favorite things – click here to watch).  It’s been a big seller, especially as a gift for the theater lover in your life.

But rude, rude Ken D., never even gave one away to his own blog readers.

How dare I!

Today we’re correcting that faux pas (or hors d’oeuvre, to quote a character from the recently opened, Bring It On), and giving one away to you!

How do you get one?

In the game, which has been called a mixture of the game of Life and Charades, you land on spaces that advance you spaces or move you back.  Things like, “Michael Riedel mentions you in a column, move ahead 3 spaces” or “Get fired from catering gig, move back 2 spaces.”

In the comment section below (emailers, click here), write one for us . . . bonus points for using current events.  You know, like “Scream at audience member who tries to take a flash photo during the show, move back 4 spaces,” or “Produce Spider-Man, lose turn, but then advance ten spaces.”

Get it?  I knew you did.  So go!  And one of you will win the game . . . and also win The Game.


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  • Sierra says:

    There should be an update: “Sing your face off at the 54 Below open mic while top Agent is in audience and get signed, move ahead 10 spaces.”


    “Bitch about audition on Twitter and get put on the casting director’s ‘no call’ list, lose next 3 turns”

    • clearly I love this one, Sierra! But how about:

      “Make a ‘Godly’ musical alongside everyone else in the biz and not get nominated for a Tony. Move back to start.”

      Godspell was robbed! 🙁

  • Lauren says:

    Go to big audition, begin to sing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” When the casting director interrupts and says, “Um, do you have anything else prepared?” Look dumbfounded and reply, “But it worked on SMASH!” Go back five spaces and go sit in the corner until your next turn.

  • thenygalavant says:

    Get an audition for a new musical, move ahead 10 spaces. Arrive at the audition without appropriate sheet music move back 6 spaces.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Get cast on SMASH – jump ahead 10 spaces, but then lose 2 turns as you have to take a break from your hit Broadway show to film.

    (I call this the Jeremy Jordan card!)

  • Ask to start-over two lines into your audition song; start game over.

  • Brandon Martin says:

    “Tweet negatively about a Shakespeare in the Park production and get public criticism for it. Move back to start”

  • Lynn A. says:

    how about “lose turn” –
    for being unprepared at audition, didn’t learn song, didn’t read sides…terrible.

    its amazing how often it happens.

  • Jeanie says:

    Attend a Ken Davenport Webinar, move ahead 5 spaces.

  • Kris B says:

    Neil Simon takes you under his wing. Move ahead 5 spaces, and roll again!

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Get a doctor to say the mercury you ingested whilst eating sushi caused you to not be able to perform in your hit foul languaged play revival. Leave the game and go crawling back to your hit cable TV series.

  • William says:

    Morgan James tweets about your performance-move back 3 spaces. Bernie Telsey calls you back for an upcoming reading of a new Pasek/Paul musical headed to Bway.

  • Elliot says:

    Lead has to go on vocal rest and you’re the understudy, move ahead 5 spaces

  • William says:

    Move ahead 2 spaces.

  • John P. says:

    Didn’t win free tickets? Do not pass go, go directly to jail.

  • Bert Fox says:

    Install trampolines in the stage floor. Bounce ahead 3 spaces.

  • You just beat out your co-star for the Tony, move ahead 3 spaces.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Star in a HUGE superhero action movie AND be a Tony Award nominee in the same summer! Move ahead 5 spaces and take another turn!!!

  • Linda D says:

    Cast Hugh Jackman in any production, move ahead three spaces.

  • Brian says:

    Produce a musical about Vampires, move back 5 spaces then place card back in deck so some else can get the same card soon.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    You take over as the lead in a popular religious themed musical revival. Move ahead three spaces. The posting notice is closed just a couple weeks later. Move back five spaces. The producer, K.D., loves you anyway, move ahead two spaces.

  • Elisa Christina Clayton says:

    The musical you star in recouped! Collect $100.00 every time you pass this space.

  • Rachel E says:

    You open a bag of chips during the first act of Porgy and Bess and get called out on Twitter by Audra MacDonald. If she can get through the first act without chips, so can you! Lose a turn.

    • Rachel E says:

      And you even misspell her last name (it’s McDonald, oopsies) in a blog post! Lose a second turn, you fool!

  • Darrell Mullins says:

    You are the idiot that somehow manages not to turn off your cell phone before the show begins–go back so many spaces that you are no longer in the game.

  • Liz Joyce says:

    While away the afternoon watching old Tony Award performances, move ahead three spaces.

  • Frank Galgano says:

    Do three years of readings and workshops, only to be replaced by Snookie for the Broadway Production – consider law school.

  • Patsy says:

    Cast a has-been movie star in your production, move back 2 spaces. Generate sell-out performances because it, jump ahead 3 spaces.

  • Sean says:

    You are “that” patron who shakes the last bit of ice in your cup, and you take video of the star on your cell phone annoying everyone around you. Lose 3 turns! Waaaaa waaaaaaahhhhh

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Claim to be a valued member of the Broadway community while really you’re only a whiny message board poser. Skip five turns while you get a real life!

  • Jillian says:

    Go see a show to see a legend perform. There’s an understudy. Move back 2 spaces.

    • R.J. Lowe says:

      However the understudy is an undiscovered perfroming powerhouse who you know is going to become a HUGE legend in their own right and you’ll have the bragging rights of “I saw them when…” Move ahead four spaces.

  • David McKibbin says:

    You just illegally won three tickets to Book of Mormon. Lose $600. Go to Jail for Fraud.

  • Produce a musical based on original material, not a movie. Move ahead three spaces. Roll the “reviews” dice. If you get “thumbs up,” roll again. “Thumbs down,” go back two. “Mixed,” call your marketing firm and “spin.” (My version of the game has lots of pieces 🙂

  • Bert F. says:

    Bite off your opponents ear. Abuse your wife. Use this material in a one man Broadway show. Go back to start.

  • Michael Dendy says:

    Get chosen to dance on stage at “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”… Move ahead 2 spaces.

    Win “The Book of Mormon” Lottery… Move ahead 4 spaces.

    Try to touch Spiderman… Move back 3 spaces.

    Wait in line for 8 hours for SRO tickets… Don’t get them. Move back 3 spaces.

    Tweet during a show. Start over.

  • Alexis says:

    Tweet about your interview for a temp job packaging human breast milk and mention the fact that you have a Tony. Move ahead 6 spaces for sheer awesomeness.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Go on American Idol and use that semi-fame to get yourself cast in a Broadway show, get a Tony nomination, and eventually get yourself cast as the lead in a Frank Wildhorn revival. “This is the Moment” to move ahead 3 spaces!

  • Gail M says:

    On opening night, 5 audience member cell phones ring during most quietly moving scene. Sigh, shrug, and move back 2 spaces.

  • Anna says:

    Put a Disney star in your show. Move ahead one space and back three.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Spend thousands of dollars on vocal training and finally get yourself cast in the lead of a new movie turned musical adaptation. Move ahead three spaces. Realize you’ll be playing Jason Vorhees in the new musical version of FRIDAY THE 13TH VII: THE NEW BLOOD and you’ll never get to utter a sound. Move back five spaces.

  • Anna says:

    Take your child to meet a Disney star at the stage door of a show neither of you have any intention of seeing. Please return your game to its true owner.

  • Theresa D. says:

    Your modified cherry picker fails to “take flight” during the Act 1 finale. You’re “grounded” and must fly back 5 spaces.

  • Anna says:

    Be Audra McDonald. Win immediately.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Be the first person ever to get away with filming a bootleg from ONSTAGE seating. Move ahead five spaces for your daring fete! Move back ten as the same people who are paying top dollar to own your bootleg lecture you on the message boards for doing something so illegal.

  • Sue says:

    You are cast in a Broadway show and use your social networking to sell tickets during August to everyone you know. Move ahead 2 spaces!

  • Jen Sandler says:

    Get your #SIP picture published in People Magazine and nab an audition for the latest Gypsy revival! Move 6 spaces!

  • Robert says:

    Because of your star power you have to raise ticket prices to $200 to cover costs. Lose 2 turns to see if the public will pay that price.

  • Chris says:

    Stephen Sondheim blasts your upcoming revival in the New York Times. Win a Tony anyway. Move ahead to Pay Day.

  • Caroline says:

    You are preferred a role over Sutton Foster. Looks like “YOU’RE the Top” now. Move up 5 spaces.

  • Bert F. says:

    Marry your partner on the same stage on which you perform 8 times a week. You Win!

  • Katie O'B says:

    Omg I wanted this game for Christmas but never got it 🙁 lol How about this one, a space found close to the winning space: “You are Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, so you win at life. As a result, you also win this game. Proceed to [whatever is the end of the game or whatnot]” XD

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Donate money towards the Kickstarter campaign to get Now. Here. This. an original cast recording. Move ahead 3 spaces.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Even though you’re already a legend in your own right become even more of one by getting cast in a Londond revival of one of the legendary Angela Lansbury’s Tony winning roles! Move ahead 12 spaces!!!

  • Preston G. says:

    Get verbally attacked by Patti LuPone, move back 3 spaces.

    Star in a show that closes 3 weeks after opening, skip a turn, then take a shot.

    Co-star with Kristin Chenoweth, GAME OVER…YOU WIN!

  • Erika Jenko says:

    Got cast in the lead role in a play that rocked the new York fringe festival. Lost waitressing job due to rehearsal commitments. Snagged an agent by being stellar in te festival. Move ahead 5 spaces.

  • Christine Connallon says:

    Stagedoor with your own Sharpie, move ahead three spaces.

  • Brenda Chapman says:

    Hurricane shuts down the entire street. Lose a turn.

  • Caitlin C says:

    The show in which you play a notorious criminal suffers an early demise… Move back 3 spaces. Subsequently have the chance to return to your smash hit role as a singing newsboy… advance 8 spaces.

  • Hannah says:

    A recording of your ad-lib while stuck in Rapunzel’s hair during “Into the Woods” goes viral. Move ahead 2 spaces.

  • Skip day job to wait outside all day for Shakespeare in the Park tickets. Show gets rained out. Move back 2 spaces.

  • Ed from CT says:

    Rushing to audition you stumble down stairs and-literally- break your leg. Miss a turn and go back 5 spaces.
    BUT the creative team for the show is so moved by your story they re-write the part for you to play it… wearing a cast! Take another turn!

  • Rick Hinkson says:

    tweet snarky comments after the first preview of a broadway show, move back 5 spaces.

  • Elizabeth parra says:

    “fall from a stunt in Bring It On during previews. advance 3 spaces but lose a turn”

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    Get fired from your waitressing job for going to an audition you didn’t even book. Go back three spaces

  • Dennis says:

    Produce Twilight the Musical on Broadway with actual Vampires, Werewolfs and American Idol cast offs! Move back five spaces!

  • Josh Ruben says:

    You give your video game developer nephew a new car for his Bar-Mitzvah and he remembers you years later when he is working on the latest “first person shooter.” He includes a scene where the zombie-aliens invade New York and take over an actual Broadway show. A “friendly” contract with Equity and the Shuberts allow for actual show images to be included as players wind their way through secret alcoves in real theatres and kill the monsters that have infiltrated the chorus. The game becomes a hit at ComiCon and the “lost audience” of teenaged boys gets interested in Broadway. Move ahead two spaces.

  • Matt says:

    How about . . .

    Marry Sutton Foster and start getting lots of roles. Move forward 2 spaces.

    Then later . . .

    Divorce Sutton Foster and become more in demand than ever for both TV and theatre. You have just won the game!

  • Ian says:

    Cast as the “unknown” actor for your Broadway debut, yet end up winning a Tony (and more than a few admirers) along the way. Earn 200 fans (yes, the “points” in this board game are based on number of fans…I’ve played it before!) 🙂

  • gaby g says:

    Bring Starbucks or homemade goodies to stagehands and costumers to show appreciation for their hard work….move forward a million spaces.

  • Hilary Davis says:

    You take a photo of Patti LuPone during one of her numbers. She starts shrieking, “Who do you think you are?”

    Move back 4 spaces

  • Dave says:

    Land a 4-episode story arc guest role on Glee. Advance your career three spaces.

    Find out your character is written as a child-molesting band teacher. Go back 4 spaces.

    Tabloids start writing stories about how you molest children in real life. Give up the game.

  • Alan says:

    First get Ken D. to agree to produce “The Unsung Olympian” and be allowed to start the game. Then roll the dice and vault ahead of any athlete ahead of you. However if you don’t get Ken D. to produce your musical, then you didn’t make it to the Olympics and are out-of-the-game.

  • You nervously accept a role in the upcoming Off-Broadway version of Carrie which surprisingly turns out to be a success, move ahead 3 spaces!

  • Michael Orzechowski says:

    Put up Diary Of A Confederate Woman on Broadway – move back 5 spaces

    Sorry, but had to mention the one night show!

  • Billy-Christopher Maupin says:

    Stephen Sondheim writes a scathing letter to the New York Times about your work…that he hasn’t even seen yet. Move forward 3 spaces.

  • Florian says:

    Bring your show to China. Lose two turns – drink and chain-smoke with the players sitting left and right of you to represent your talks with prospective Chinese partners. When it’s your turn again, throw the dice. If you throw a 4 (unlucky number in China), the deal you thought you had secured blows up in smoke and you move back one space. You throw any other number? Move ahead by the number of shots you downed during the two rounds you missed.

  • Get cast in an Adam Rapp play, Charles Isherwood raves about you and the play! Move ahead 10 squares.

  • Luci Jo DeVoy says:

    Invest your life savings in “Justin Love”, because you thought you mistakenly thought it was about bieber fever. Lose a turn, and suffer mocking from entire room for one round.

  • Geri Weinstein says:

    You coughed during the breakout solo. Head back two spaces.

  • Ted K says:

    You’re the only one who doesn’t stand during curtain call at the Winter Garden … and you’re sitting in front of the show’s producer. Forfeit game.

  • AmyKB says:

    Find out your roommate for summer stock is a gay midget named Carl. Move back one to try for a new roommate. You get a stripper with a snake named Wayne and decide to make the best of it.

  • John says:

    Produce Ghost the Musical, move back 10 spaces. Produce Ghost the Musical as an amusement park ride, move ahead 5 spaces.

  • Brad Duffy says:

    Omigod! Did you just do the bend and snap from the 9 row? Move back 5 spaces and get that chip off your shoulder!

  • Dan Rich says:

    You take the cellophane wrapped candy away from the person sitting next to you, move ahead 5 spaces and bask in the applause of the other patrons around you

    Leaving your seat before the bows have completed so you can get to the stage door for signatures, lose a turn and go to the back of the line.

  • Cara says:

    Hire Chris Gatelli to choreograph your new musical – move ahead 9 spaces.

  • Brian Weiner says:

    Cast as an understudy, move back 3 places.
    Understudy breaks her leg, you go on to win Tony. Advance 10.
    (Shout out to Sutton!).

  • Lisa V. says:

    Scott Rudin agrees to produce your play! Move ahead 3 spaces.

    Scott decides he doesn’t like you. He drops your play. Fall back 4 spaces.

    Jordan Roth saves the day and produces your play. Take 3 steps forward.

    Your play wins the Tony. Catapult towards “payday”

  • Brian p says:

    Book a sitcom. Move forward 3 spaces and quit taking phone calls

  • Stewart E says:

    Forget your lines onstage but quickly think of something so funny to say that not only do you make the audience hysterical but the cast members as well. Lose a turn for forgetting but advance 3/4 around board for your original and quick thinking.

  • Jery says:

    Have Bono and Edge write the music and lyrics for your show. Go to jail.

  • Help Trey Parker and Matt Stone write their next Broadway musical mocking a religion entitled: Dianetics! The Scientology Musical. Move ahead 6 spaces.

    Text during a play. Lose a turn.

    Take your grandmother to see a Broadway show. Move ahead one space. But, she falls asleep during the show and snores incredibly loudly. Move back 4 spaces.

  • Vincent Teschel says:

    So excited after seeing Newsies, you do a hitch kick as you leave the theatre steps… Trip and fall and realize why you didn’t audition go to that open call. Go back 2 spaces one for you ankle and one for your self esteem!

  • Kyle Abraham says:

    Director throws stool at you for talking too loud during rehearsal. Skip next turn.

  • Elan Kramer says:

    Technical difficulties: Elphaba doesn’t defy gravity, lose a turn.

  • EllenFD says:

    Advance from standing room during intermission to a spotted prime orchestra seat, advance three spaces. Uh-oh, mean-spirited usher sees you, “ushes” you back; go back four spaces.

  • Diana Lipkus says:

    As a psychic ,channel the spirit of Marvin Hamlish, of blessed memory, and therefore bring forward to the world even more of his amazing music to advance a thousand spaces. There is not a number large enough to represent how many spaces we lost this Monday, as we have lost an irreplaceable talent in the too early passing of Marvin Hamlish. Marvin, help us all to create more music and theater in honor of you, as you watch and assist from the great beyond. We miss you Marvin Hamlish!

  • Diana Lipkus says:

    As a psychic ,channel the spirit of Marvin Hamlish, of blessed memory, and therefore bring forward to the world even more of his amazing music to advance a thousand spaces. There is not a number large enough to represent how many spaces we lost this Monday, as we have lost an irreplaceable talent in the too early passing of Marvin Hamlish. Marvin, help us all to create more music and theater in honor of you, as you watch and assist from the great beyond. We miss you Marvin Hamlish!

  • ECP says:

    You decide to give The Naked Cowboy competition and stake out some theater district territory to perform. Advance six inches–equivalent to four spaces–for chutzpah.

  • Ed Ertle says:

    You’re sitting in the wrong seat, and two minutes before curtain, the usher corrects you. You argue vehemently, until she asks you to present your stub, and you see you are wrong. Lose a turn!

  • Autograph your own Playbills and sell on eBay during down times. Hey, it pays the bills. Collect $200.

  • Derek says:

    On your way to the theater, approach a bunch of bewildered-looking foreign tourists and persuade them to come and see your show ! Move ahead three spaces.

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