Why this blog won’t go on vacation.

It has been almost five years since I started blogging, and while I’m not the biggest vacationer, I have stepped away from my office a couple times during this half-a-decade.

And because I’ve got a bit of a big bday coming up pretty soon, I’m actually writing this from 35,000 feet . . . on my way to a bit of R&R&G (rest and relaxation and golf).

As a Producer and a business owner, it’s virtually impossible to completely “go off the grid.”  I don’t care what anyone says.  And I don’t even think it’s the healthiest to disappear completely.  If I ever tried, I’d probably spend more time on my vaca stressing about whether everything was going ok or not than relaxing.  Do parents go away without checking on their kids?  Nope.  And Business Owners have to make sure their little ones aren’t getting into trouble while they’re away too.

That said, there are ways to lighten your load, delegate to staffers, and try to recharge your batteries so that you can have the energy to tackle the challenges of producing, writing, acting, running a bakery . . . whatever it is you do.

So as I was packing my bags (dang it, forgot my bathing suit), I got a lot of advice from peeps suggesting that I keep my cell phone turned off except for one hour a day (nope), only check email once a day (maybe), and put my blog on vacation for the week.

Not a chance.

“Why not,” piped the peep. “It’s a lot of time and energy.  Your readers will understand.”

No way no how.

I’m sure you would understand.  You’d get it.  I could even recycle some of my favorite blogs from years past and call them “From the Archives” or something.

But if I stopped blogging for a week, three things would happen:

  1. I’d be bummed out because I like blogging.
  2. I’d go back on the promise I made to myself five years ago that I would blog on good days and bad days. But every day, no matter what. And the super duper important one . . .
  3. I’d lose momentum.

One of the first rules you’ll learn in Physics is Newton’s Law of Motion, which goes something like this:

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.  An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

(For the fancy version of Newton’s complete law(s), click here.)

If I stopped blogging for a week . . . why sure, I’d pick it up again.  I do love it.  And it’s introduced me to so many cool people.  But it might be a bit harder for me to do once it’s at rest.  Once I feel what it is like to not do it for a day or two or seven, it might take a bit more effort to gear up again.  I might lose some of the energy I’ve got going.  And in any industry, losing momentum is a business-buzz kill.

Think about it.

Ever been on a diet and cheated?  Easier to cheat a second time, when you’ve cheated a first.  Ever skip a workout day?  Easier to skip next time, right?

Blogging and Producing and Writing are no different.  It’s about keeping the momentum going.  Producing one show, and then another and then another.  Writing one scene and then another and then another.  The sheer momentum of your passion for what you’re doing will get you to the finish line if you let it.

Breaks are important.  They flush the mind free of “thought toxins,”  but make sure you don’t lose the incredible momentum you’ve built up when you take one.

See you tomorrow, rain, shine or vacation.


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  • RSO says:

    You’re an inspiration!

  • Karen Soper says:

    Happy Birthday Uncle Ken! Love Lorelai!

  • Amy Leigh says:

    Happy almost birthday, Ken! Vegas moves a little slower without you around. Keep on bloggin!

  • I know first hand that blogging is not easy as I couldn’t do half of what you do, but if you took a break (even though you do deserve it) I can’t honestly say I’d understand, or rather that I’d be too pleased. I love your blog and read it like a daily newspaper so…. yeah. Have a great vacation and birthday when it comes but, I’ll be back on your site same time tomorrow looking for a new update from the Producer’s Perspective 🙂 P.S. AWESOME SEMINAR on Saturday, loved it!!!!!!!

  • Elise says:

    Happy Birthday! And thank you for being such an inspiring role model!

  • Sue says:

    …. and soon, perhaps blog about attitude (if you haven’t already) because that seems to be what drives the momentum!

    Happy birthday, too.

  • Yeh. Well, you’re absolutely correct. Stay on top, by staying on top. BTW, the B’Way grosses are all out of whack. Too many digits, commas in the wrong places. Billion dollar grosses??? It’s just entry errors, but thought you ought to know. Have a nice holiday, you work hard and deserve some time off.
    —Steven J. Conners.

  • Clair Sedore says:

    Ken, in case you or some of your readers have not seen the takeoff on Les Miserables, this is brilliant and well worth a look


    Clair Sedore

  • Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday Ken!!! Aside from this wish I must weigh in on the American disorder of not being able to take a real holiday. I have worked in theatre worldwide…and believe it or not it does exist and go wholeheartedly even though people take at least 3 weeks off a year to get perspective, clear the brain as you mentioned and recharge. I worked with Tyler Gatchell and have had way too many examples recently of people who do not take recharge time….LOVE what you do because that is what makes you dynamic and able to do all that you do…just give yourself a birthday gift of knowing you only do it for love and never stress about it while on hoiday….if people need you they will find you in this day and age. Give yourself permission to just relax and enjoy your day and all time off….and if there is no pressure to it keep us all informed. Have a great day.

  • Looking forward to the perspective from the greens and maybe a bit of a travelogue! Have fun and tell us all about it, please. Blogging is so much easier than sending postcards, don’t you think?

  • Happy Birthday Ken! I certainly can take in the beauty of where I am on vacation, but I also find it energizes my creativity and by mid-week, I am sharing time with my dreams. Isn’t is great to be able to bring the vacation atmosphere home with you when you are moving on your intended path. Enjoy!

  • Walt Frasier says:

    This blog hits me as Producer and Weight loss hopeful. Its all about momentum. SO TRUE! And I can never go on vacation without checking emails and a phone call or two to the managers.

    This is the first summer I have been able to take off in about 10 years (For more than 1-2 nights in AC or similar). Finally can say I have a great management infrastucture to deal with day to day issues so I can take a breath for myself.

    But when it is your baby, you always have to call home and check on the sitter!

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