A congratulations blog to a couple of new collaborators.

I get about 275 emails a day, so it takes a lot for one to jump out and slap me in the face and say, “Look at this!”

But recently I got one of those, and when I read it, I literally “whooped” with joy (If you don’t know what my whoop is, think of a Broadway version of the Arsensio Hall chant).

The email came from Donald Brenner, a Director in town.  And the story he told went something like this:

Donald came to our Director/Playwright speed date.

Donald met an upcoming Playwright named Mike Vogel.

Mike asked Donald to direct his new play, March Madness.

Mike submits March Madness to my reading series.

We produce the reading, with Donald at the helm.

The reading goes well . . . and . . . (drumroll please, for the big finale)

The Abingdon Theatre Company here in Manhattan puts it on their season, and it opens on October 26th!!!

Come on, whoop with me!

A big congrats to these guys who got the ball rolling on this project simply by showing up to that first speed date.  They proved once again that there are two key components to success in the theater:

  • Collaboration
  • Simply showing up

Sometimes it takes a lot to get out of the house/start working on a project, but shows can be like snowballs rolling down a hill.  All they need is a little bit of a push, and soon enough they take on enough energy and weight on their own that they’ll make it down the hill without much from you at all.

So we’ve all got two takeaway tasks today, including me . . .

  1. Get tickets to March Madness at Abingdon
  2. Show up for whatever project you’re working on and start your snowball rolling.


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  • Billy-Christopher Maupin says:

    Congratulations, Ken!

  • janiska says:


    The things you DO
    Not just for you
    But for Broadway
    And theatre
    And the arts too

  • Raymond Cothern says:

    Always so great when things you love pay off. Only thing left to say is this is very cool.

  • diane uniman says:

    Here’s another one! I met Melissa Zollo while we both attended your seminar on “Broadway Financing.” She is currently the artistic director of the “Westplay Dream Tree Playwright’s Project,” to be produced on October 20th at the Westbeth Art Center. She encouraged me to submit one of my short plays to the judging committee. My play “Fireworks” was accepted, and is being produced along with other short plays. Although the submissions were blind, the fact is, we met at your seminar and established a relationship thereafter. The synergy of your seminars never fails to draw like-minded people together, which often makes magic. So there’s another Davenport success story!

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