The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to November at the Mark Taper Forum

Ok, all you West Coasters, this giveaway is for you!

Can you believe we are less than two months away from knowing who the President will be for the next four years?

What a perfect time to see the David Mamet skewering satire, November, at that Los Angeles regional theatre powerhouse, The Mark Taper Forum.  And this production stars those wonderful couple of Mametites:  Ed Begley, Jr. and Felicity Huffman.

So how do you win?

Ok, forget Gallup and forget CNN.  We’re going to take our own little Producer’s Perspective Presidential Poll right here and now.  Comment below with who you’re voting for (feel free to comment anonymously or under a pseudonym) AND who you think will win this year’s presidential election.  I’ll pick a random winner and off you’ll go to November* (or remember, if you’re not a West Coaster, you can always gift them to a friend in the area).

The polls are open!  Vote!

*Please note: These two tickets are valid only for the performance on Wednesday, September 26 at 8pm.


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  • Marcene Drysdale says:

    Voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, as I am opposed to the two-party system. I think that Obama will win, though.

  • Director Mike says:

    I’m voting for Obama. I’m very hopeful he’ll win this November and he’ll be able to finish more of the great things he has started to do, since being left in a big hole 4 years ago.

  • DirectorMike says:

    Obama all the way. He needs time to finish all the great things he’s started

  • Tim Heitman says:

    I’m voting Democrat. One day I hope to be rich enough to be a Republican.

  • Ramon Valdez says:

    I’m voting for Obama and I think Obama will win.

  • David says:

    He believes in evolution, favors honesty and is adroit at avoiding further foreign wars; Obama.

  • LA Producer says:

    Voted for Obama last time. Don’t think he’s done a very good job. Need to get people back to work and stop spending money…the deficit is really scary. Voting Romney; hope he wins.

  • Anon Mom says:

    Obama is giving away the farm; I am fearful he will win, even though I am voting for the lesser of two evils, Romney. I guess you city people don’t think too much about how much you spent for gas 4 years ago ($1.97)

  • Robert says:

    Excited to say this is my first presidential election that I will be voting in, and I am proud to vote for President Obama.

  • wendy greenspan says:

    I am totally supporting Obama – supported him before and will do so again. And I believe he will win.

  • ed baney says:

    A vote for Obama…nothing happens and the stock market should continue to rise…

  • Dianne Fraser says:

    Voting for Obama. Obama will win.

  • Carey Coop says:

    I’m voting for Obama. The recent DNC helped to confirm my belief that he’s a pretty decent guy looking to improve ordinary lives (as soon as Republicans stop overriding his choices). He’s up there on the polls and I suspect he will win.

  • Composer Radical Mike says:

    Anyone who thinks that a Romney presidency will save our economy should forget about Broadway and start writing fantasy novels. Not happy about a lot of Obama’s policies but it seems he would have been a lot more successful if not for the Repubs blocking every jobs bill and tax increase. Obama gets my vote.

  • Madelyn says:

    Obama again.

  • Robert L. says:

    Obama. And Obama. Especially after the Republican convention. I wasn’t really undecided before but now I’m convinced beyond a doubt.

  • Ilene Argento says:

    Obama and Obama! If you look at all he has accomplished with an obstructionist house and filibuster-happy senate, then imagine what he could get done with another 4 years, especially if we get Dems a super majority in the house and senate too! Broadway will die with Romney … No public funding of the arts, anti-gay policies, financial attacks on 99% …. If you aren’t thrilled with Obama, why go from the frying pan into the fire? There is no reasonable alternative, give him another chance. After all, it took Bush 8 years to destroy our economy, world reputation, and security. It will take ANYONE more than 4 years, even with cooperation, to fix it. BTW … Die-hard Dem, Liberal, Progressive and team player here!

  • Alex Bernstein says:

    Obama and Obama. I am voting in this poll in protest of the prize. Why do the tickets have to be the night of the Yom Kippur breaking of the fast? Don’t pick me to win because I can’t go. 🙁

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