The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Most Amazing Story Ever Sung

You think Phantom is a spectacle?  Or Spider-Man?

How about a show with 85 people on stage?  And 600 costumes?

That’s the cast and costume size of La más grande historia jamás cantada or The Most Amazing Story Ever Sung for those non-Spanish speaking people like me (Someone tell me why the @$%# I took French?).

Oh, and BTW, 35 of those cast members are between the ages of 7 and 18.

La Más Grande is the first-ever imported musical from Colombia, where it was a grande success.  It’ll perform at Jazz at Lincoln Center (fancy!) for four shows only this coming September 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

And one of you is going for free.

Here’s how to win.

La Más Grande is performed in Spanish with English supertitles.  We all know that the Spanish-speaking citizens of our country is growing at a rapid, rapid rate.

So tell me . . . IYHO (In your humble opinion), in what year do you think we will see a musical or play entirely performed in Spanish on Broadway?  Or will we ever?  Bonus points if you give your answer in English and Spanish.  🙂

Winner announced on Saturday as always!


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  • I say the year 2021. (Digo el año 2021.)

    Has there yet been a Selena musical? I’m willing to bet a show like that would kill nobody’s brother.

  • Lorenzo says:

    Soon. And I’ll produce it. But it’ll come from elsewhere. My company did “Jose el Sonador” (Joseph and the Amazing…) in Miami last year. This year were doing a Christmas tour. Next year two shows. Slowly building to NYC. I think the market is there for an off-broadway all in Spanish show now.

    Va a llegar. Yo sere el productor. Sera un buen exito.

  • Christina T says:

    Vamos a ver in espectáculo en español en sobre diez años o más.

    We will se a show in Spanish in about ten years or more.

  • Julia says:

    I thought we recently had a production of West Side Story in Spanish – does that count?

  • Janet Hamilton says:

    Va a pasar en menos que tres anos. It will happen in less than 3 years. Tal vez you voy a escribirlo. Maybe I’ll write it.

  • I’m gonna say quince años. By then, I hope to have learned the language fluently, it’s on my bucket list… or el cubo la lista or la lista de cubo… hmmm.

  • Kyle Abraham says:


  • Emily B says:

    Mas o menos cinco años (More or less five years). With the infusion of Spanish into more recent popular musicals like In the Heights, I don’t believe that it will be too long before we see an entire musical in Spanish.

  • Sarah says:

    I’d say by 2020 if not earlier. We are becoming a more diverse theatre community, and now that we’ve had version of West Side Story with spanish translations, it’s only a matter of time before we have a broadway musical completely in Spanish.

    Yo diría que para el 2020, si no antes. Nos estamos convirtiendo en un teatro de la comunidad más diversa, y ahora que hemos tenido la versión de West Side Story con traducciones al español, es sólo una cuestión de tiempo antes de que tengamos un musical de Broadway completamente en español.

  • Walt Frasier says:

    !Creo che no! No es possible. “En las altos” esta muy bien, pero todos en espanol, nesesito mas personas en la teatro con espanol comprendir. Yo no escribo espano bueno, verdad?



    Charo as Dolly Levicito
    Ricky Martin as Cornelius Hacklito


  • Well, according to census bureau data, minorities are officially leading in the number of births (about 51% of all births in America) over Caucasians as of this year. Knowing this, one could suppose that in 18-25 years (so, 2030-2037), there would be more minority young adults than Caucasians living in the United States, and thus a higher percentage involved in theater. I say that that is when we will see a musical completely in Spanish.

    De acuerdo con datos de la Oficina del censo, las minorías están oficialmente líder en el número de nacimientos (aproximadamente el 51% de todos los nacimientos en los Estados Unidos) en los caucásicos a partir de este año. Sabiendo esto, uno podría suponer que en 18-25 años (así, desde 2030 hasta 2037), no habría más adultos jóvenes que viven las minorías de raza blanca en los Estados Unidos, y por lo tanto un mayor porcentaje involucrado en el teatro. Yo digo que eso es cuando vamos a ver un musical completamente en español.

  • Popper says:

    2016 es el ano en cual se vera un musical totalmente hablado en Espanol en Broadway. Confiame–estoy seguro!

    2016 is the year–trust me, I’m sure…..

  • Alfredo says:

    Yo diría que es solamente cuestión de tiempo, quizá en los próximos 5 años. Cada vez la comunidad latino e hispano-parlante aumenta en número y en capacidad adquisitiva, por lo que un evento de esa naturaleza puede atraer un buen número de público, al mismo tiempo que atraer al turista. Sin embargo, lo más importante es el número de productores latinos. Mientras no existan productores latinos, productores que vean la relevancia y sientan un compromiso con la cultura latina vigente en los Estados Unidos, no pasará.

    En nuestra compañía, Bridge Playhouse, Inc, hemos producido 2 obras contemporáneas de teatro mexicano, “Cayendo con Victoriano”, de Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Ortiz Monasterio, y “Muerte Súbita”, de Sabina Berman. Ambas producciones fueron en español con supertítulos en inglés. Sobre todo en nuestra segunda producción, “Muerte Súbita”, aproximadamente un 40% de nuestro público fue de habla inglesa. Estamos en la planeación nuestra tercera producción. Estamos revisando obras mexicanas y, así es, será en español.

    And now the subtitles 🙂

    I would say it just a matter of time, probably within the next 5 years. The Latino community and Spanish speaking community continues to grow in number and so in its purchasing power, so I think that an event such as this one could produce interest, also working as a tourist attraction. However, the most important element is the number of Latino theatre producers. As long as there are no Latino producers, people that could see its relevance and feel a strong commitment to the Latino culture in the US, it will not happen.

    Through our company, Bridge Playhouse, Inc, we have produced two contemporary Mexican plays, “Falling with Victoriano”, by Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Ortiz Monasterio, and “Sudden Death”, by Sabina Berman. Both productions were in Spanish with English supertitles. About 40% of our audience for our second production, “Sudden Death”, spoke no Spanish. We are planning our third production. We are reviewing Mexican plays and, you guessed it, it will be in Spanish.

  • Ginny says:

    What with multiculturalism being so trendy, and hey, the Met didn’t always have subtitles and had lots of sold-out houses for decades (I know, different crowd, but there’s still a concept there), so I would think sooner rather than later: 2018 is my guess.

    2018 es mi suposicion.

  • MattChow says:

    I don’t think we will see a musical entirely in spanish anytime soon because Latinos are such a small percentage of the Broadway audience. West Side Story tried to include a little bit of Spanish in it’s most recent revival and that went over like a taquito in a punch bowl.
    There was a show in the Helen Hayes a few years back called Latinologues that was targeting a Latino audience and it closed after just a couple months.
    Mambo Kings got it’s posters up at the Broadway Theatre but never opened.
    Some shows like The Color Purple and Sister Act benefit from a large African American influx of theatre goers. But I’ve yet to see a show that could catch the attention of the Latino audiences. Perhaps there are some socio-economic issues at play here.

  • Erika Jenko says:

    ich denke it will happen in das Jahre 20015. That was my 3 years of German studies for you. I skipped out on a lot of assignments, but even if you never took German, I’m sure you could understand that sentence. It’s about time we had a musical in Spanish. I say leave the subtitles behind. What makes theatre special is the power of emotions, song and dance to tell the story.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    Maybe in 2012 or 2013. Porque no? And maybe it will be “The Most Amazing Story Ever Sung”, picked up by a Bway producer who will move it to a Bway house.

    Perhaps a star like Jennifer Lopez or Ricky Martin (so great in “Evita”) will find a Bway vehicle for her/himself and produce it completely in Spanish. That would be muy fantastico. Have there been Spanish versions of the great Bway shows like “A Chorus Line” or “Phantom”? Or how about “Man of La Mancha” – naturalmente that would be perfecto for a Spanish production.

  • Jay Z says:

    2018, but it will take a shrewd marketing campaign to expand the audience beyond the Spanish-speaking community. I suggest promoting the fact that supertitles & wireless captioning can make it accessible to the international community as well as deaf/hearing-impaired.  This is why I want tickets to this one…it’s one of only two shows you’ve had in the contest that is accessible to me via supertitles.

    A now–Spanish via google?:  
    2018, pero se necesitará una astuta campaña de marketing para expandir la audiencia más allá de la comunidad de habla española. Sugiero promoviendo el hecho de que supertítulos y subtítulos inalámbrica puede hacer que sea accesible a la comunidad internacional, así como sordos / con problemas auditivos. Es por eso que quiero boletos para este … es uno de los dos programas que he tenido en el concurso que se puede acceder a través de mí  supertítulos.

  • De hecho, tienes en tus manos una obra que ha sido escrita en Español y en Inglés y que podrías producir probablemente para el 2014. Y podrías comenzar con una representación en Español una vez al mes e incrementar las representaciones si hay lleno. Así que quizás, el poder de hacer que suceda lo tengas tú. Mas bien irónico, ¿verdad?

    Actually, you have a play in your possession that’s written in Spanish and English that you could produce probably by 2014. And you could begin with a Spanish performance once a month and increase the performances if they sellout. So perhaps, the power to make it happen resides with you! Rather, ironic isn’t it?

  • burt eschen says:

    for broadway plays in english, press one
    for broadway shows in spanish, marca de dos
    all of our agents are busy now
    your expected wait time is greater than 20 minutes
    please try again later
    thank you and gracias

  • Megan S says:

    The way I see it, You’ve got “La Mas” now and broadway has SEEN a revival “Westside Story” where the Sharks were actually Spanish (and therefore their songs in spanish. Now I don’t particularly see whole shows going that route. However, If “La Mas” goes well, could have producers thinking differently.

  • Jenny Prada says:

    This year on january the producers of Chicago gave the roles of Roxie and Billy Flynn to the mexican actress Bianca Marroquin and the peruvian actor Marco Zunino(both improvised in spanish on the stage) because they want to add a latino flavor to the show . Every day more shows ,festivals, tv shows include more latino stuff and several words and expresions in spanish . Broadway 100% in spanish is coming soon i think by 2014.

    En enero 2012 los productores de chicago le dieron los roles de Roxie and Billy flynn a la actriz mexicana Bianca Marroquin y al Peruano Marco Zunino (ambos improvisaron en castellano en varias escenas)porque querian agregar algo de sabor Latino al show.

    Cada dia mas shows ,festivales,programas de tv,incluyen temas hispanos ,palabras y frases populares en castellano.Broadway completamente en castellano sera una realidad muy pronto creo que para el 2014 .

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