The Sunday Giveaway: The new business book . . . Admired!

Here’s another giveaway that we’ve secured that all you folks around the country (and world) could use that doesn’t require you to show up in NYC . . . just so you know we love you too.

Mark Thompson is a best-selling author, sought after speaker, expert on entrepreneurship . . . and yep, by night, he’s also a Broadway Producer.  His day job has him crossing paths with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and many more.

Mark has a brand new book out and because he’s a reader of the blog, and because he believes that stronger Producers mean a stronger Broadway, he’s giving away TEN copies of his latest leadership guide:  Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value (Click that link and read some of the testimonials).

Here’s how you win!

I’m a big fan of business books.  Are you?  Here’s my favorite.  Or maybe it’s this one.

What’s yours?

Comment below with your recommendation on what you think makes a great read and ten of you will get Mark’s great read.

And, at the same time, we’ll all have compiled the ultimate Producer reading list.

Maybe we’ll have a Broadway business book club?  Hmmmm . . .

Good luck!


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  • Cara says:

    I’m SO not a producer, but Dan Miller is a great author for people who want to work for themselves, or persue a different line of work. He has two books that I love. “No More Mondays” and “48 Days to the Work You Love“. Both are about working at something you love and how to get there.
    They aren’t really business books, but more motivational reads.

  • Michael says:

    I re-read Jon Spoelstra’s Marketing Outrageously every year. It’s sports focused, but found it can be useful in the performing arts world, as well.

  • L.A. says:

    Being a big fan of Sir Cameron Mackintosh I am also a sucker for amazing branding. And Sir Mackintosh is the Master of Broadway Branding. With that in mind I think ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding‘ by Al and Laura Ries is a book everyone involved in marketing and branding should have at least skim.

    Having interned for a Broadway Producer and worked on the DC production of FOLLIES (which recently played Broadway) I feel I can speak first hand about good branding. Good branding can out do the best or worst of reviews or the best or worst of shows. We all can name a show or two that has somehow stood the test of time and is a world wide hit despite not being an amazing show. These shows and other hits like ‘Les Mis’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Phantom’, and ‘Chicago’ are all iconic brands of the Broadway community.

    Good Branding, in my opinion, extends beyond the normal scope of the brand. No longer is a show something that happens in a theatre; much like the score for a musical is sung while leaving the theater. ‘The Book of Mormon’ encompasses the tweets of celebrities who have seen the show into the branding and marketing of their show, while ‘Wicked’ incorporates Behind the Emerald Curtain into theirs.

    Think of ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding‘ as the sequel to Seth Godin’s ‘The Purple Cow‘.

  • A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future” by Daniel Pink. It makes a bold case as to how those who can promote creativity (and that is what the arts are all about)will lead to a new, more productive and creative economy and society.

  • Tom Lapke says:

    Do More, Faster by David Cohen and Brad Feld of the startup incubator TechStars. A lot of actors don’t realize that they are the president and CEO of their own startup when they become professional actors. Their is a wealth of information in this book that doubles over from the tech startup world to the theater world. A great read.

  • I say the only book with any legitimate recipe for success is Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

  • Erika Jenko says:

    To be a great businessmen, you gotta have passion. Plain and simple. Passion can arrive shortly after your morning coffee jolt, yes…but passion also comes from a strong understanding that fear may be present when you’re trying to live your dream, but that you have to know how to tell fear to go and take a hike. The book that taught me how to handle my fear and pursue a career in producing theatre, was “The Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron. Yes, it’s filled with heavy religious under-tones, and I’m not much of a religious gal…however, Cameron does an amazing job of making you sit down and write your thoughts down and to stop judging your decisions that you make with your career. I’ve made better business decisions and have had an easier time pursuing my dreams by simply leaving fear in the corner and telling myself every day that if I want to put a show on the stage, I just have to do it. Cheers Ken!

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    I read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie for a sales course in college and I loved it! “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” would probably be a close second :)!

  • Robin F says:

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad…and then get the game and play that too!

  • Laurie Bloom says:

    I liked:

    Losing My Virginity: How I’ve Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way by Richard Branson

    It’s a true Rags to Riches story and I have always been a big fan of the “Virgin” company.

  • Michael P says:

    I teach from and use the book entitled FLOW by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. A must read for learning how to communicate and develop the ‘just right fit’ between who you are and what you do, learning how to be happy in what you do and working with others from the principle of FLOW.

  • Elena Muslar says:

    I’m a graduate student at CalArts getting my MFA in Theatre Management specializing in Producing. Right now, in my Leadership and Management course we are reading the Art of War which has been really interesting when applying it’s teachings to the role of the producer in theatre!

  • I am huge fan of 7 Habit of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. His system of quadrants helps me to prioritize tasks and see actions I need to take now in order to achieve my long-term goals. I can easily be be distracted by whatever task is making the most noise or seems important. The Franklin/Covey system helps me see what tasks are key for my long-term growth.

  • LA Producer says:

    It’s REALLY old school and shows it’s age (i.e….”bring along a secretary and typewriter…”) but “Winning Through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer still has some good business basics. Even if the title seems politically incorrect. 😉 Sort of a companion piece to “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.”

  • Nancy Paris says:

    Hey Ken…someone just recommended this book to me, I read the reviews on Amazon, and ordered it immediately…”Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method For Presenting, Persuading, and Winning The Deal” by Oren Klaff.

  • I’ve always been a fan of The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley. Carried me through years of competing in pageants to my ultimate win, that of Miss Connecticut USA on to auditions & bookings in NYC, Florida, the Caribbean and then a big move to LA where not only am I producing a performing career, running several divisions of a successful company in Entertainment but also working as a producer on web series, short films, features and viral commercials for other Entrepreneurs.
    It’s fun to go back to my dog-eared book every now & then. I’ve kept the cassettes though I don’t have a player. It’s just a nice motivator.
    Fingers crossed for a BIG WIN!
    Thanks Ken, thanks Mark! I’d love to learn some new info and set it in motion.

    Be BOLD,

  • The one I am reading now is “Social Media Is Bullshit.” I was a sucker for the title at first, but what makes it a great read is the statistics that back up his thesis. My favorite so far is that the YouTube audience is primarily 12-17 year old boys, so unless that is your intended audience, best to keep your videos and the rest of your content on your own site.

  • The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. It is subtitled “A Creative Visual Map for Success.” I would have never started my business plan if it wasn’t for that book. The facts and figures were overwhelming, but starting with a creative project has strengthened my vision and direction. Your Business Plan is LIKE A BRA…it supports your every move by Camille Rose. It’s a more straightforward approach to business plans, but it still is light-hearted (she uses Star Wars Lego figures for illustrations).

  • Scot Kokandy says:

    I really like “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie (founder of TOMS). The book guides you toward doing what you love and has some great advice and examples of success stories.

  • William says:

    The Tao of Showbusiness” by Dallas Travers. I know its “entertainment” based, but it truly has been a God-send to me as an Equity actor trying to “make it” in the Big Bad Apple. What I love about Dallas’ approach, is she truly makes you value yourself not only as an artist, but as a human being. She does a flawless job of seamlessly merging what you do for a “career” with your current life, which is separate and hard for people to grasp-whether you’re an actor or not. Most importantly, she reminds you of the importance to just be comfortable, confident, satisfied, and just happy in anything you do. No matter what. And that is, in my opinion, the most invaluable advice you can give to another human being.

  • Mark Borum says:

    I think the best business book for anyone of any business is Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone“. I bought it in college, wore it out, then downloaded it on my kindle so I could have a copy of it any time I wanted to.
    A top “40 Under 40” business leader by Crain’s Business and dubbed the “world’s foremost expert in professional relationship development”, Keith’s book discusses building powerful relationships with people who give you support and access, and push you to exceed your potential. A definite must-read!

  • Randall David Cook says:

    As an Int’l MBA-turned-playwright, I’ve had to read so many unworthy business texts it’d make your head spin round and round spewing green-pea jargon all over the place. So it makes me very happy to recommend Chris Guillebeau’s “The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future“, cause it shows what’s possible. I recommend it to artists of all stripes who are trying to figure out how to survive without starving either the bank account or the creative spirit.

  • Andrew Joy says:

    The book that answered all the basics for me as I started out was Theatre Management: Producing and Managing the Performing Arts by David M. Conte.

  • I’ve read the CTI Guide to Producing several times and think it is a great book.

  • Jason Sheets says:

    I would have to say “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. The way that he and his associates breakdown the successes of companies and the core compentencies that each took are great takeaways for all. Though it is about big companies who outperformed the stock market overtime, the fundementals in the book can apply for any business, large or small.

  • Alan B. says:

    One of my favorite books is “Act One” by Moss Hart-not exactly a business book in the true sense but a great read and it certainly is about the business of Broadway.

  • Rebecca Paige says:

    Sadly I have not read all that many busniess books because my head has constantly floated away from the math and into the art, while at times this is a great thing as I am sharpening my craft it has ben very determental to my early post grad life. I just graduated magna cum laude from college and am trying to figure out how to get my foot and more importantly my ideas in a doorway somewhere to create my work, this costs money and I have never taken a class on how to market myself or really how to raise money beyond it coming up in one of my techincal theatre classes extremely briefly. While this isn’t exactly the task you sent us out on to write about sharing our favorite busniess book you could be the first to help me along a journey to learn how to be a better rounded theatre patron and perhaps maybe a producer in the future. Thanks for runniny your blog and all your contests, reading has as well begun me on a journey to being a better theatre patron!

  • Ken… Noah St. John’s “The Secret Code of Success” – Seven Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness is my recommendation for a great motivational book – for business and person success. St. John explains how long held wrong assumption and “head trash” will trump any hard work you do to improve your life. He shows how to change your life’s view so you can give yourself “permission to succeed.” The book gets praise from Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, John Gray and other notable writers in the field of success literature.

  • Brian Jones says:

    Gung Ho” and the follow up, “Raving Fans” by Blamchard and Bowles are easy reads with big impacts on any organization or business.

    Gung Ho” demonstrates three easy philosophies that make companies successful: create worthwhile/meaningful work, set goals with the input of the team, and cheer the success. Making people feel good about their work, involving them in setting and achieving goals, and celebrating success creates a productive, profitable and and enjoyable place to work.

    The follow up, “Raving Fans,” Is achieved once you have engaged employees as described above. This culture is needed to create raving fan customers who will sell your company, product or service for you. This is achieved by deciding what you want for your company (a vision), discovering what the customer wants, and Delivering on that vison, plus one percent! The most successful companies in the world do this and have created an army of people who are loyal to your brand! This can be done in any sized company, industry or profession. Think about how raving fans help sell tickets to broadway shows (or don’t).

    These are simple, quick reads, but impactful if you apply the principles in your every day work. They’re even applicable to your personal life. Imagine what would happen if all companies adopted these philosophies.

    Love reading your blog! I’m a hospital administrator and huge fan of the theatre! Thanks for sharing
    All your insights! Your prospective is applicable not only in the theatre world, but the rest of the business world.

  • For my money, the best business book out there is still Fisher and Ury’s “Getting to Yes.” It drives home the idea that all business transactions are based on building relationships with people you’ll need to do business with again. It should be mandatory reading by anyone doing negotiations, especially management and labor leaders engaged in contract negotiations.

  • Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else” by Geoff Colvin is my favorite. It did for me what many other business books ought to do, which is give people a simple message. And his message is very simple, and very liberating: if there’s such a thing as talent, the research shows it’s irrelevant. Hard work of the right kind [he gives case studies of what that is] is your ticket to success in your field.

  • Michael W. says:

    A great read for me has a human side to the information. I read a self-help book once that was written by a psychiatrist with a great sense of humor. His way of relating humor to many of the mistakes we as people make over and over made it all seem so clear to me. IT really flipped a switch in my mind about so many things people do

  • Tzahalla says:

    I am a big fan of Dallas Travers’s “The Tao of Show Business“. It’s a new, non pretentious take on the way of the business. So many times, as actors/artists in general we are told what is wrong and what is right, but those could be incredibly inefficient ways – for example, we are told not to call an office, but when an agent needs something/someone, he calls that place! it’s a business ,a corporation, and Dallas brings the power back to the creators.

  • I would have to nominate, in all humility, my own book, “Get It Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More.” It is informative, funny, and is the only serious business book that has its own one-man musical.

    When it comes to books by other people, “Co-opetition” by Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff may be my favorite. It is all about dramatically broadening how you think about strategy.

  • Nick says:

    Seven Habits of Highly Successful People changed the way I think about marketing myself as an actor and how I approach the business side of the business.

  • Steven U says:

    Donald Farber’s “Producing Theatre” is how I learned how to deal with the legal aspects of producing. This, for me, was a no-brainer.

  • T.J. Davis says:

    Purple Cow” is the best marketing book ever written. Simple truth: your product is your best marketer. Begin with the question, “What about this product will make my job easier and encourage organic word-of-mouth.”
    I also love “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” with all my heart.

  • Tim Donahue says:

    After all this years…so many of my comments now begin with that phrase…I still think often of “The Ten Minute Manager.” It is short, clear, useful

  • Lois says:

    Steven Pressfield’s “Do The Work” is one of my personal favourites.

  • Tonya C says:

    There are so many amazing new books, but I will have to go with the classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” By dale Carnegie. All of his books are classics and simple but brilliant works.

  • Diana L says:

    I recommend “The Truth About Money” and “The Lies About Money” by Ric Edelman since it does help to have a huge accumulation of money when attempting to stage a show!

  • alex De Witt says:

    Wow, great list of books here. I like ‘good to great” which tells you to focus on what is your core strength.

  • There are so many great books and several of the comments above include some of my favorites (i.e. “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, “CTI Guide to Producing Plays and Musicals“,”Producing Theatre,””Getting to Yes“, “Theatre Management: Produce and Managing the Performing Arts,” et al.); however, one of my favorites that no one has mentioned is “The Experience Economy: Work is Theater & Every Business a Stage” by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore.

    • Elisa Christina Clayton says:

      Btw — my favorite quote from this book is, “Theatre at its best transforms the audience into participants that emerge transcended, with all the ethical, philosophical, and spiritual implications that phrase implies.”

  • Alan L. says:

    Zig Ziglar’s “See You At The Top” is truly a classic read. Sure it was written over a quarter-century ago but it’s message is timeless. Zig was one of the first ‘modern’ inspirational writers and speakers to travel the world and motivate people to seek a higher level in their lives. He deals mostly with salesmen but aren’t we all salespeople? We need to sell ourselves everyday of our lives, if we don’t there’s really no reason to live. So I hope one day to “See You At The Top“!

  • Paul Holly says:

    Victor Kiam – “Going For It!”

  • Emily says:

    As an actor and future producer (maybe not so future?), my favorite business read is Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art‘. No matter what your business, it’s such a great kick in the pants to get up and do whatever it is you are supposed to do in this world.

  • Nicole S says:

    Cal Newport’s ‘So Good They Can’t Ignore You‘. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve followed his blog for years and he gives a lot of good advice that would be applicable to Broadway producing.

  • Randy Masters says:

    When I was around 13 years old my father gave me 4 “self-help” books: “How to Make Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie; “The Power of Positive Thinking,” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peal; “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling,” by Frank Bettger; and “The Memory Book,” by Harry Lorayne. They all contain fundamental (and powerful) techniques for dealing with people, such as refraining from criticism, expressing sincere appreciation, creating a good first impression by smiling, remembering names, and being a good listener. These books are jammed-packed with positive and useful principles–not just for business, but for day-to-day human interaction. How many books can you read at age 13 and yet you continue to apply their principles every single day?

  • Jeff Fickes says:

    I love most anything by Seth Godin and Steven Pressman, but a little overlooked book by Jim Collins is “Good To Great and the Social Sectors.” Also “Community: The Structure of Belonging” by Peter Block. Working in a non-profit theatre, we’ve really embraced building relationships with our audience and it’s totally paid off! We just finished up our 11th year of operating in the black and had a significant surplus that we were able to roll into a reserve account.

  • Margie says:

    It takes a great leader to write a great business book, and there is no better leader than Ernest Shackleton. His book, “South: The story of Shackleton’s 1914-1917 expedition” is a lesson for anyone who wants to succeed in business. Shackleton was a leader who would do anything to save his team. He led by example. One of his crew said “He led, he didn’t drive.” He communicated effectively; he kept up morale during the long months stuck on the ice flow when the ship was crushed in the ice and the men had only threadbare clothes; and he maintained a positive attitude, no matter what the circumstances, even when leading five men in a lifeboat through the 800-mile journey in the treacherous South Ocean and over the mountains of South Georgia.

  • Hermann the German says:

    I have one big problem with business books: not only for marketing reasons, too many of them still come with an universalistic approach – “one frame fits all” – and as some of you might have noticed, our environment is too complex and variable to be explained by simple, universalistic concepts. Maybe this is why I appreciate a book like “Losing my Virginity” (Richard Branson) most. Richard gives us an insight of his very personal way of work and development, which is credible, highly inspiring and does not deliver simple recipes. He always stresses the fact, that this was just his personal way of doing things and that his shared experiences could possibly be helpful for the reader – or not.

  • David says:

    Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and professor at HBS, has a new book out called “How Will You Measure Your Life?” This book shows how to use business principles and research to find meaning and happiness in life whatever your pursuits.

  • My favorite is PARADIGMS: The Business of Discovering the Future by Joel Barker. It’s a quick read loaded with insight and practical applications for tapping into change before it happens. I would highly recommend it.

  • Trina says:

    I love many of the ones previously mentioned, especially “Good to Great”. My favorite though is Having been in theatre and in retail, I have found that for good customer service also keeps patrons coming back as much as good quality shows and following good business practices.

  • Trina says:

    Sorry….. meant to put “Be Our Guest” by the Disney Institute as the link to my previous comment!

  • Heather S says:

    My latest favorite is The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.

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