It’s my 5 Year Blogiversary!

Can you believe it?

It’s been five freakin’ years since my very first blog post.

Five years.

3,137 posts.  And my favorite stat . . .


I started this blog on my father’s birthday, which is no coincidence,  since he’s the guy that inspired me to always question, always challenge, and to always seek improvement.  The mission of the blog way back then was to “amplify the conversation about the theater.”  See, I always hypothesized that there were a bunch of people out there just like me who want to talk about the theater . . . with the hopes that conversation would lead to more participation, which would lead to more support, more shows, and, in the long term, more audiences.

And you and your 10,610 comments proved my hypothesis correct.

I can’t thank you all enough for going on this e-journey with me for the last five years, and participating in this conversation about this business that, despite its dysfunction, we all love so much.

If it wasn’t for those comments, I wouldn’t have made it to Year #2.

And you’ve all inspired me to get to Year #10.

Wow.  Just imagine what Broadway will look like then?  Will there be hard tickets?  Will print advertising disappear completely?  Will Phantom still be running?

I’m excited to find out.  You?

(By the way . . . scroll through some of those early posts if you get a chance.  There are some fun entries, and some entries that I might not even agree with myself anymore!  Just click the archives section on the lower left hand side of the blog.  Or if clicking ain’t your cup of tea, click here and you can grab the published form aka a book.)

Oh, and one more thing . . . and this is more important than any 5 year blog or any business, including Broadway . . . Happy 83rd Birthday, Dad.


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  • Doug says:

    Happy 5 years of blogging Ken! I look forward to reading for the next 5!

  • Carl says:

    Your Dad and mine, born on the same day, same year. My Dad is gone now, but he would have been 83 today. A happy coincidence, so Happy Birthday to Mr. Davenport Sr.!

    Best, Carl

    P.S. Your family probably didn’t take note of this, but October 12th, 1929 was Yom Kippur.

  • Rich says:

    Congratulations Ken,

    I have enjoyed your blog tremendously as well as your sage advice, as received thru your seminars and consulting sessions. You are truly one of Broadway’s most creative & innovative thinkers!

  • Happy Anniversary Ken and Happy Birthday to your Dad. I’ve been subscribed to your blog via email for most of those five years and I enjoy reading your thoughts each day. Great commitment to a great idea.

  • Mary Jane Schaefer says:

    Not a hobby,
    Not a sport,
    No mere “job”
    for Davenport.

    It’s a passion,
    It’s a yen,
    Infusing the stage
    as only he “Ken,”

    With practical magic
    to make theater thrive,
    Through a classy blog,
    Years one through five.

    Congratulations, Ken.
    And Happy Birthday, Mr. Davenport.
    I’m sure you’re proud.

  • Happy Blogiversary, Ken! I love your blog, and your passion for theater and innovative style fill me with hope for its future.

  • Janis says:

    Happy blogsday Ken and Happy Birthday Ken’s Dad.

    It’s been happy for us all for 5 years.

  • Thanks for all you do; I shared your blog with my class today at Full Sail University to use as inspiration for their work during “Web Site Share!”

  • Michael Pizzi says:

    You continue to inspire and your passion is contagious Ken! More people should have the vision, drive and dedication that you have. Someday I will meet you (I DO live in NYC :)and thank you in person. Here’s to MANY more years …..

  • Chana says:

    Congrats, Ken! Love the Blog!

  • diane uniman says:

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BLOG-O-FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY! That’s really some milestone, or miel-stone…which means honey! SWWWWEEEET!

  • Colin Chaston says:

    Ken, congratulations and thank you from the other side of the pond. Every day I learn so much from reading your blogs. Also happy birthday to your dad, he must be a great guy to inspire you with all your theatre work.

  • Congratulations, and happy anniversary 🙂 This blog has inspired and helped so much and spreading the word is the least I can do. Thank you for this beautiful example of true sharing and community. Rock on!

  • Malini says:

    Congrats and much thanks for continuing to inspire. Also, thank you for unveiling the world of Broadway 🙂

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