TEDx Broadway is back. And it’s where all the cool speakers are.

Last year, fellow cage-rattlers Jim McCarthy, Damian Bazadona and I, introduced the first ever TEDx Broadway.  We got some great speakers in a room and posed the question, “What’s the best Broadway can be?”

And the answers blew us away.  We heard about Sleep No More’s zero dollar marketing budget, and how our society was knocking on the door of another renaissance.  It was so fascinating that we said, “We have to do this again.”

So we’re doing it.  On January 28th.

This time around we’ve got another set of insightful speakers including Seth Pinsky, President of NYC’s Economic Development Corporation and Thomas Schmacher, President of Disney Theatrical.  We’ve got Terry Teachout, the super-sharp critic from The Wall Street Journal, and Josh Harris, internet pioneer and the subject of the Sundance Award-Winning film, We Live in Public.  Add to that Randi Zuckerberg of Zuckerberg Media and Christine Jones and her theater for one (one performer and one audience member).

And more to come.

It’s a diverse group of thought leaders with one thing in common – an endless imagination that conjures up incredible ideas.

We expect to be blown away again.  And we’re guaranteeing you will too.

You can learn more about TEDx Broadway and the other speakers at, surprise, surprise, www.TEDxBroadway.com.  And purchase tickets at www.goldstar.com/tedxbroadway.  And do get ’em fast.  We sold a bunch of tickets to this year’s event even prior to today’s speaker announcement, so we expect to sell out.

Come.  You’ll come in with a love for the theater and leave with a LOVE for the theater and what it can and WILL be, when we all work together.

See you there.

Oh, and if you want to watch our last year’s sessions (including my trip down future memory lane), click here.


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