The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Free Pass to The Digital Marketing Boot Camp!

One of my most popular giveaways from last year is back!

The winner will receive one free admission to the 2nd Annual Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers, a tailor-made conference for theater folks like us.  I heard great feedback from attendees of last year’s sessions, so I’m thrilled that they are back . . . and that they are allowing one of you to go for free.  That’s an $895 value!

For more info on the boot camp and the sessions they are offering (including “Marketing on Facebook” and “Writing for the Webs”), click here.

So how do you win?

We’re running this contest scholarship style.  In one sentence, tell me why you want/need this boot camp for your show/company/theater/whatever.  I’ll award the contest to the one I like the most.

Good luck!


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– Broadway Investing 101 seminar coming up on 10/13!  Register here.

  • John P. says:

    I write and produce short plays and would benefit from new ways to market my shows.

  • d. roeder says:

    I’m an undergraduate director/playwright who’s primarily working on student-produced shows; digital marketing is really empowering when you’re creating self-commissioned shows around limited human and monetary resources and so for me, learning these skills promises to not only get more butts in audience seats, but also get more butts passionate for theatrical excellence onto the stage!

  • Do you know about my show? I didn’t think so. So clearly, I need this 🙂

  • Helping means helping struggling readers everywhere understand classic literature through readers’ theater and rhyme, building their confidence and motivation for both literature and performance.

  • Could this digital marketing bootcamp transform this “digital marketing newbie” into a “social media guru” by empowering me with the tools to be able to help raise $70,000 (by January 2013) to send a group of teaching artists with to Madagascar to create original works of physical theatre and SHARE LIFE with Malagasy children,thereby making the world a better place, enriching the global community and showing the world that storytelling really can change lives?

  • Hannah R. says:

    As the producer for MUSKET, the University of Michigan’s only completely student run musical theatre organization, I seek to target students in all areas of study as not only potential ticket-buyers, but also future cast, crew, and marketing team members by giving them a more comprehensive look at the process of creating a large-scale musical on campus through digital marketing.

  • Karen Resto says:

    I would like to disprove the prevailing notion that being of a certain age is not synonymous to being social media-ly challenged (and could use a bit of help to hit a homer here.)

  • Diana Lipkus says:

    After this week’s Broadway news, it is clear that my 12 year experience as a real professional CLOWN, not to mention the 20 years in interior design sales & management, qualifies me to learn how to effectively market for my world respected composer friend’s Broadway bound musical. If you choose me ,I’ll twist some fun balloons for all your staff!:-)

  • David Hopson says:

    My statement concerning why I would like this boot camp:
    Knowledge is POWER!

  • Charles says:

    I want to attend this bootcamp because as an intern at my Company, which is among the largest production, management, licensing, and touring companies of live entertainment productions throughout the Asia Pacific region, I believe this bootcamp could enhance how we use digital marketing to reach and to develop an appreciation of Broadway Musicals to a global audience.

  • Having already established my company as a valued resource for new, contemporary children’s musicals (over 40 licensed productions around the world in the past 18 months), I’m anxious to learn whatever I can to triple that number next year.
    Beat by Beat Press

  • I’m a writer/producer and would be grateful to have the marketing insight to affect the work during it’s creation stage instead of later when it’s too late to make any significant changes to further the digital reach.

  • Rachel Clar says:

    I’d like to win this contest because our company, Theatre Checklist, helps arts organizations all across the country to pack the seats in their theatres and raise funds, and by helping us get better and better at what we do, we can pay it forward and multiply your impact.

  • Regina says:

    As the Artistic Director of Collide–a new Minneapolis-based theatrical dance company–effective marketing is essential to establishing a financially self-sustaining non-profit, and I have limited resources to acquire such skills in the local market.

  • Barry says:

    I’m the Director of Communications at the Fulton Theatre, one of the oldest theatres in the country, which produces Broadway caliber productions, even though we’re in the middle of Amish country. (We’re in Lancaster, PA.) The story of our theatre is unique and compelling.

    We’ve made great strides in improving our website and online ticketing experience, but we have still have a ways to go. Please send us to this camp so that we can better connect our audiences to our art online and improve the way we tell our story digitally.

  • Wayne Paul says:

    As Founder & Artistic Director of Tiger’s Heart Players in Garrison , NY,in 2005/6, we produced over 24 original short plays (not 10 min.), a full length, readings, and weekly playwrights workshops, and I am presently in the process of resurrecting this company for production in NYC, wherein every advantage that can be found to improve efficacy will be appreciated.

  • Sue says:

    I must attend Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers so I can take the fast on-ramp into the 21st century of arts marketing, thus rejuvenating my last-century MBA in the field, making interviewers take notice and getting me hired in the world of commercial theater production which is my as-yet-unfulfilled true calling – please?!

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    I really need to become proficient at arts marketing to raise the money to produce my grandfather’s opera, “The Pioneers”, the first Israeli opera, written in 1924 by musical genius Jacob Weinberg which was done at Carnegie Hall in the ’40’s as a concert and now finally deserves a full production in English in NYC.

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    Because my co-producer Winnie Lok & I are both under 40, both immensely capable, both capable of bringing exceptional new works to American theatre, and both willing to learn.

    And we can’t keep going $10k into debt on each project, so we need the help now.

  • Derek says:

    The Digital Marketing Bootcamp will help me to magnetize my social media outreach : electrify anticipation, wow them silly, word-of-mouth ’em dilly,
    buzz ’em stupid, knock ’em flat !

    PS You said you wanted ” crazy, wild ideas” that are “so freakin’ bad they might get laughed out of the room”

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