Who won the tickets to Disgraced?

If this giveaway did one thing, it was make the currently working copywriters in our business very secure that no one is going to threaten their job anytime soon.  😉

Some of my favorite one-liners that you came up with to describe West Side Story, The Producers and Les Miz?

Les Miz:  A bunch of 99 Percenters try to find the meaning of life — in France.

West Side Story: So, there’s this great romance, and the boy dies, but, God, the music and dancing!

The Producers:  You wish you’d invested in this.

But my favorite, and the winner of the two tickets to Disgraced at LCT3 is . . .

The Producers: It’s like Ken Davenport’s blog, only funnier and set to music.

On second thought, maybe that shouldn’t be my favorite.  😉

Congratulations, Kevin.  You win.  Email me to set up your seats!


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