Who won the tickets to Seminar?

A big warm California congrats to Alli . . . Alli you’re putting on your best sun dress and heading to the theater four and a half hours before curtain to beat the traffic to see Jeff Goldblum in Seminar!

Email me to set up your seats (and probably hear one more traffic joke).

For all you other LA’ers out there, the Producers of Seminar have offered a Producer’s Perspective exclusive discount of just $49 for 9 dates only.  Click here and use code FICTION to buy tix today.

Enjoy it!  And let’s see how many signatures we can get on that petition to move Broadway someplace warmer.

Cool giveaway tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


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  • Mary Jane Schaefer says:

    I had wanted to see “Seminar” while Alan Rickman was still in the cast. He and Michael Caine are my two favorite actors! But I couldn’t get into NYC in time. Fast forward. A friend of mine from Theatre Artists Workshop is Justin Long’s mother. So a bunch of us went with her and her husband to see Justin in the show. He was great. And so was Jeff Goldblum! Magnificent. I wouldn’t want to second-guess how Rickman’s performance must have been different. I’m just saying Jeff Goldblum was so good in “Seimnar,” I was really glad to have seen his work in this show. Meanwhile, Alan, honey, if you’re reading this, have I got a script for you! Playwright/Groupie

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