Why I ate at Chipotle today.

This blog is an unintentional Part II to yesterday’s Jay & Jimmy write-up.  You’ll see the connection, just bear with me . . .

Today I ate at Chipotle.

And, one of the curses of being a marketer, is that I don’t do anything anymore without asking myself . . . how did I get to this cash register?

It’s one of the simplest things that all of us can do to hone our marketing skills . . . constantly analyze why you buy the things you buy, why you sign up for the things you sign up for, why you recommend the things you recommend.  Where did you first learn about XXX movie?   Or why do you purchase YYY shampoo?  Or, in the case of today’s blog, what made me crave a burrito?

Here are the two simple reasons that had me chowing on Chipotle:

  1. I saw my friend eating a burrito.
  2. I could see, smell, and practically taste my friend’s burrito.

#1 is simple Social Proof.  We feel more comfortable doing something that other people are doing.  And the more important those people are in our lives, the more strongly we’ll be driven to participate in the same experience.  Get the bible on Social Proof here if you want to learn more about this super influencing motivator.

#2 has to do with my senses.  They were literally overwhelmed with as much of the experience of enjoying Chipotle without actually consuming it.  Upon sight and smell, my mouth was watering more than Michael Riedel’s when first he heard the news about Rebecca.

And here’s the connection to yesterday’s blog . . . see, Chipotle’s “content”, their actual product, did the marketing for them, with no advertising required.

And that’s, once again, proof positive that we need to find new and creative ways for our customers to “taste” our actual experience, so that they’ll line up for the whole meal.


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  • Mark Briner says:

    I still maintain the biggest flub most shows make is blowing their Tony exposure and not picking the moment of the show that is going to wow their audience on the verge of deciding what to see. That is your one best free 3 minute commercial. For example, I have no desire to see Once based on their chosen selection, but many people I know who have seen it describe very elaborate cool staging things they did that one would never know about that sound very intriguing. I would also expand Broadway commercials (and again, be careful to put your best foot forward) at least into the east coast local markets within driving distance–Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston….you have to show people what they’re missing and, exactly as you analogized, stimulate their senses.

  • Sue says:

    Ken, how did you know I saw that XXX movie?!? (LOL)

    There are more than two reasons why you ate a CHIPOTLE burrito. You ate a branded burrito. One that is subject to mucho quality control, so you knew exactly what you were getting, no surprises. And the price is reasonable. You could have chosen from dozens of burrito places in New York. Why did you pick CHIPOTLE?

  • You might also want to link to The Experience Economy.
    Love Cialdini.

  • Walt Frasier says:

    I like to think myself immune to marketing, political pandering and other manipulating factors in our everyday world. But that is impossible. They are very clever.

    This is why we use the internet in dozens of ways to make our experience interactive long before and after the 90 minutes of actual live show. As a result I have a following at the theater that continue to follow even the silliest of my FB posts and tweets.

    Although the best part of your article is using XXX for random movie title.

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