5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar!

It has been three years since I first started my Get Your Show Off The Ground seminars, and they just get more fun each and every time I have one.

And this past Saturday’s seminar was no exception.  We had a full house of folks with passion-fueled ideas, and together, we came up with a whole host of takeaways for them to insure that at this time next year, their show would be a heck of a lot of further off the ground.

As I’ve done in the past, I collected five sound bytes from the session to share with all of you.  So, without further to-dos, here they are:

  1. Your show’s biggest marketing tool is your title.
  2. Vanity projects are only called vanity projects when they fail.  When they succeed, they’re just called successes (read more about this subject in this blog I wrote in my first year of blogging!)
  3. As hard as it is for you to ask for money, it’s even harder for someone, especially someone that you know, to say no.  (This one is going in an upcoming e-book of mine about raising money – keep your eye on the blog for release date.)
  4. It’s ok to fantasize about a superstar performing in your show, or writing your show, etc., as long as you’ll be ok if the fantasy doesn’t come true.
  5. It’s hard to raise money when you don’t have something specific to raise money for (e.g. a production, a workshop, legal fees to secure rights, etc.).                         And a bonus takeaway (I told you this was a good session):
  6. When everyone else is going left, go right.

We have another seminar coming up on January 19th (perfect timing for those holiday gifts and New Year’s resolutions!  Make this the year you make your show happen!).  Click here to register today.

Oh, as many of you know from this blog, I’m a bit concerned about the lack of up-and-coming “show runners” in our biz.  So, in order to encourage more of the younger set to sign up, I’m saving a couple of slots for under 25ers.  If you’re under 25, you save $100.  These slots are super limited so email my assistant to take advantage of this “Producer of Tomorrow” savings.

See you at the seminar!  (To see a list of our other GYSOTG dates and other seminars, click here.)


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