The Sunday Giveway: 2 Tickets to “Hear The People Sing” in DC!

Ok, Nation’s Capital . . . this giveaway is for you.

As a thank you for putting up with all the politicking that’s been going on these past two years, we’re giving away two tickets to see Les Miserables at The National Theater in Washington, DC!

If you haven’t heard of Les Miz, well . . . then what the $@#& are you doing reading this blog?  🙂

Actually this Les Miz is a bit different than the one I grew up on.  It’s the 25th anniversary production, and it features new staging and new scenery (inspired by Victor Hugo paintings).

I’m intrigued.  I’d pay for it.

And one of you doesn’t have to.

Here’s how to win two tickets to see Les Miserables in DC.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that Les Miz is still playing in London.  As is that other 80’s mega-musical . . .  The Phantom of the Opera.  Both are going strong.

But which one will go stronger?

Tell me, in the comments below, which show, Les Miz or Phantom, will run longer in London?  And why?

Good luck!


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  • I feel pretty strongly that Les Miz shall outlast Phantom in London.

    I could make fun of ALW, or I could tell how Les Miz happens to be my fav musical.

    But the real reason? Brits have a love/hate relationship with the French.

  • Aaron James Darr says:

    The Phantom of the Opera will run longer than Les Miserables because when most people think of Broadway or musical theater in general, the first show that usually comes to their minds is The Phantom of the Opera. It’s safely secured its place in history. Not only on Broadway as being the longest running musical ever, but it’s also resonated in Londons West End, making it a force to be reckoned with worldwide.I like to think the people of the United Kingdom have a sense of pride when they hear or witness an Andrew Lloyd Webber score.

  • Allie says:

    Phantom will run longer because ALW has all the money that essentially runs the theater industry in London and he will continue to spend it to make sure that his beloved masterpiece runs forever. Also, Phantom is a more easily accessible story for foreigners and is probably easier to follow if you don’t speak English, whereas Les Mis can be more confusing of a story overall.

  • Len Cuthbert says:

    Les Miz will be propelled even further because of the musical movie being released on Christmas Day 2013. It will rise to be number one once again!

  • Erin S. says:

    I seem to meet more Les Miz fans than Phantom fans, so I would predict Les Miz to run longer. My husband is not that into musicals, but he loves Les Miz.

  • Tom says:

    Though I much prefer Les Miz, Phantom is the juggernaut, and ALW will never let it die.

    And, if the London audiences are anything like the NY audiences, Asian tourists don’t care what language it’s in….they want the mask.

  • John P. says:

    Phantom is timeless and has my vote.

  • Sophie says:

    I feel like there’s a “Love Never Dies” joke in here somewhere.

    Phantom will outlive us all.

  • I say Les Mis. It has everything–romance, action, comedy, history, suspense, and prostitutes.

    Phantom is just a love story with a (excuse my French (pun intended)) half-assed falling chandelier.

  • Robert says:

    Phantom of the opera, the Brits will support their national pride and never let a french musical last longer.

  • Elliot says:

    Les Miserables will run longer in London. Beyond the certain level of spectacle that draws fans into both shows, Les Mis is simply a much better written show. Plus, it has the movie coming out which should bring in even more audience members.

  • Ken, it looks like you’ve found the Broadway folk’s version of the recent US election–a people divided have strong thoughts on this topic!

  • David Kanter says:

    Les Miz. I’m pretty sure the London production is the only one that still has the turntable, while there are imitation Phantoms all over the place.

  • Brian Weiner says:

    I really believe that Les Mis will outlast Phantom. The universal stories of parenthood, loyalty, trust, love, and war are more accessible than those of love and acceptance in Phantom. Also, the release of the Les Mis movie will be a greater box office smash than Phantom, so the music will become household standards if they’re not already!

  • Sarah P. says:

    Phantom, because clearly ALW has made some sort of pact with the devil to keep his shows running forever, and Cameron Mackintosh has not, or else Les Miz would still be on Broadway… 🙂

  • Darrell Mullins says:

    This is a tough call-both shows have such passion-but my vote would have to be Les Mis–the strength of the human spirit to fight adversity is something so easy to relate to.

  • Joe G says:

    Les Miz because there will always be one day more.

    • Vijay says:

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  • Paul Argentini says:

    Phantom will run longer. Brits understand English and will plain totally enjoy the whole show. Les Miz is French so who wants to go to a musical to spend most of the time translating?

  • If the theatre industry in the United States is any indication, Phantom will outrun Les Miz. Also, the West End latched onto Love Never Dies without hurting the run of the sequel’s source (and everyone knows how a sequel can poison the waters).

  • Ruth Post says:

    Les Mix . . . one day more . . . ‘nough said.

  • Tzahalla says:

    I believe Les Miz will run longer simply because it’s Les Miz.

  • Alan L. says:

    This question reminds me of the Presidential vote in that you had to choose which one gives the most hope for the future. Here you have Everlasting Love represented by the Phantom on one side, and Eternal Faith represented by Les Miz on the other. If the question had been posed years ago about which musical would run longest in NY then the answer would be Phantom… America is, whether good or bad, more in love with itself. London theater draws a large audience from across Europe, and Europeans have a stronger faith in mankind then we here in the States. So my humble vote (using the crystal ball from the Wizard of Oz) goes to Les Miserables!

  • This is a hard question! I agree that Phantom is “THE” show when you think of Broadway musicals, but Les Mis had their 25th Anniversary in London and France is a short trip away. I’m going to say Les Mis just because I am bias. It is my favorite musical of all time and I hope it runs forever.

  • Kendra says:

    Les Miserables will outlast Phantom. First, without a Broadway production of Les Miserables, people go to London to see Les Miz since it only appears sporadically in the U.S. Second, classism is still an issue in the UK (the only reason I can think of for the long-running success of Blood Brothers) and Les Miz weaves in love while speaking to the down-trodden and questions that arise about social mobility.

  • Robert says:

    What a choice. My vote is for Les Miz. Didn’t it recently have two companies running simultaneously on the West End? Look at the story. It is such an inspiring story that speaks to the heart. Who hasn’t shed a tear as Fantine is singing to Valjean at the end: Come with me, where chains will never bind you. Or as Eponine dies in the arms of the man she loved but he never realized it until she is dieing? Yet despite all the death, there is hope and inspiration at the end: To love another person is to see the face of God. This is the story for all generations as the good, Valjean, help the biased, Javert, see the truth. Plus, the movie version, can’t wait to see Samantha Banks, will keep the musical alive. I love Phantom, but with the failure of Love Never Dies, I believe Phantom will not out run Les Mis. The main plus of Phantom is it has much better and brighter sets and costumes. Although a great story of love and overcoming prejudice, it just doesn’t touch the heart like Les Miz. To be honest, I cried after hearing the score of Les Miz for the first time!

  • Sue says:

    Les Miz will outrun Phantom in London because Les Miz is the only musical that ever brought my husband to tears. The British are very stoic, and will only release their emotions under cover of darkness in a theater. So they need Lis Miz, and will need it for a very long time. (And if you believe that logic, I have an idea for a musical to sell you!)

  • John David says:


    Obviously, Les Mis will run longer than Phantom.
    Phantom always ends too soon leaving people, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.”
    While Les Mis always lasts, “One Day More.”
    Keep smiling!

    John David

  • virginia vanderbilt says:

    Phantom sits securely in #1 both in London and America. Les Miserables comes and goes. We love Les Miserables but not on a steady run like Phantom. So Phantom of the Opera will remain on top #1

  • Charles says:

    Phantom because it is much more well-known outside the Western countries. Les Miserable, however, is gaining strength and popularity especially with the new movie coming out. It may one day out go further than Phantom, but that will depend on each production’s licensing and marketing efforts!

  • Michael Orzechowski says:

    This is a tricky one. However it all comes down to one thing: promotion (call it obvious). Les Miz and Phantom can both bring it in their own ways but we have to note that, come Christmas, a whole new audience will be walking into the theatre: the movie goers! And will they be seeing Phantom? Probably not. Les Miz has a driving tactic and its timing is impeccable.

    That doesn’t leave out the old school folks though! Those who loved Les Miz from the start will have a refresher with the new scenery and staging. Any change that big is worth the time to a true theatre fan; especially when it comes in the form of a classic!

    Being down here in Maryland, this is a show that comes off as a must see!

  • Elizabeth Munro Jeffrey says:

    While I believe Phantom has a longer lasting following, I believe the holiday advertising for the new make of Les Mis will carry over to the tour as well. I believe it will bring the memory of this favorite to the front light and the marketing will easily play off of itself. Why go to see the movie when you can see it live? To me, both will be amazing but dont underestimate the power of marketing. Either way, my ears and eyes will love it.

  • Andrew Beall says:

    Les Miz will outlast Phantom for 2 reasons:

    1) Overall, it’s a more epic and timeless show.
    2) Cameron Macintosh will see to it, as it has been running a year longer than Phantom and more of his baby; he discovered it. In fact, I was just over in London at the beginning of this month (happily stuck for 5 days thanks to H. Sandy) and saw Les Miz in the town it was born. Best theatrical experience of my life (but I’m into epics, so big surprise there). Before returning to NY, I made my way to the Cameron Macintosh offices on 1 Bedford Square and popped in, talked to the receptionist for 20 minutes, saw where board meetings were held, principal auditions took place, and in general, where the magic happened. What flag did he have in the lobby? Les Miz or Phantom? Les Miz. And I have the picture to prove it! 🙂

  • Brian M says:

    this could be a tough one. Two very good shows. nmy vote goes for Les Miz. I think that because it is the struggle of the everyman it will have a longer appeal especially in difficult times. Also, there are many more characters with interesting story lines. For these reasons I belive that Les Miz will have a braoder appeal and much more staying power. On a personal note I have seen seven different productions of Les Miz but only two of Phantom. Even just listening to the cast recording of Les Miz, the finale almost always brings me to tears.

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    I think Phantom will last longer, just as it has on Broadway. Les Mis is a phenomenal show that everyone loves, but the story of Phantom is so much more personal and timeless. Actors like Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess have shown that Phantom can even take on a more modern feel to the show, while Les Mis is still the 1800’s.

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