Who won the tickets to My Name is Asher Lev?

According to the comments in this week’s giveaway, most of you don’t think a show at a Non Profit Theatre has any kind of effect on an audience’s perception of that production . . . and I’d have to agree.  On reviewers though, I’d say there is a slight vig for NP productions, which is one of the many reasons commercial producers like to have developing shows under a NP’s mast head for the early stages of a show’s life.

Asher Lev is one of those productions . . . and, drumroll please . . . Robert Haynes-Peterson, come on down!  You won the tickets to the Off-Broadway production of My Name is Asher Lev!

Email me set up your tickets!

And stay tuned for a “timely” insidery giveaway tomorrow.


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