Who won the tickets to The Other Josh Cohen?

How wonderful to read about all those awesome Off-Broadway experiences you all had!  And there were quite a few shows mentioned in those comments that deserve a revival or two, don’t you think?  (Click here to see what Off-Broadway shows people loved.)

Which one of you is going to have another awesome Off-Broadway experience at The Other Josh Cohen?

Congratulations, Paul Argentini . . . you won!

Email me to get the tix.

And I hope the rest of you check out Cohen at some point during its short run . . . especially with Off-Broadway as beaten up as it has been by that devil lady known as Sandy.  I guarantee you’ll love it.

Exciting and educational giveaway tomorrow.  See you then.


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– Get Your Show Off The Ground!  Workshop coming up on 11/17.  Only 3 spots left.  Register today.


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