Because everyone deserves an Agency . . .

. . . we’re opening one.

I’ve been marketing stuff of my own for a long time.  And I’m not just talking about my shows.  I had my first business at age 7, when I opened “Kenneth’s Kandy Shop” in my Dad’s doctor’s office (yep, I figured out a way to sell candy to cardiologist patients).

And when I started Producing shows, it was only natural that I started doing the marketing myself . . . and in the process I came up with stuff like Virgins Get In Free, the All Teen Invited Dress, and more fun attention grabbing and ticket selling stuff.

What I didn’t expect was that after awhile, some folks flattered me by asking me to do the marketing for their shows.  I said no for awhile, mostly because I didn’t feel I had the right team in place to handle shows they way I wanted them handled.  But then, once I found some of my own personal marketing super heroes (Jamie Lynn Ballard, Steven Tartick, Jennifer Ashley Tepper to name a few), I started saying yes to a very select group of shows (and some non-shows, actually) that I thought we could help.

It’s been something we’ve been doing on the sly, really.  And we’ve been really lucky to work on some great projects, both on and off Broadway as well as some on the silver screen and even a real estate company.  It has been great fun and successful.  And frankly, I wasn’t ever planning on officially hanging a shingle.

And then I remembered something:  my mission statement.

My mission is to amplify the conversation about theater.  Everything I do is to try and get more people talking about theater, increasing the volume of the conversation, which gets more people to go, which helps our industry and our art not only survive but thrive.  That’s what the board game is about, the app is about, and yep, this blog is about.

And that’s what marketing is about.

So, I figured if we hung a shingle, we might be able to help others amplify whatever their company was adding to that conversation.  Maybe some Broadway shows.  Maybe some Off-Broadway shows.  And maybe some companies that never even thought about having a marketing agency, because they didn’t think they could afford one.

But we believe everyone deserves an agency.

So I’m proud to introduce The Marketing and Advertising division of DTE.  DTE Agency.

Look, I’ll be honest.  We don’t have the biggest conference room in town.  But I do guarantee you some big ideas.

You know, the kind of ideas that no one has ever done before, like this one.  The kind that get your company to stand out, like this one.  The kind of ideas that sell tickets.

And isn’t that what you want from a marketing company?

So if you need some assistance, whether that’s a full fledged ad campaign, a simple adwords account, some website optimization, or just a consultation to get your house in order, get in touch.

You can find our contact info on our Agency’s brand new website,

Contact us today for a free proposal on how we can help you build your brand.  It’s what we love to do.  Because when more people go to the theater, any theater, we all win.


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  • Kevin Lambert says:

    Awesome. Congrats to the whole team.

  • Glauber Barceló says:

    Awesome Ken. Keep the good work !!! Happy New Year 🙂 !!!

  • Congrats Ken! I’m excited to see where you go with this!

  • I think it’s great that you keep pushing the boundaries of what you do to get theatre out there to everyone. Nothing profound…simply a thank you.

  • Congratulations! May this be as successful as all your other ventures and help thousands of theatre-makers in the process!

  • Rich says:

    Congratulations and Bon Voyage! This is exciting news and I know you will become Theater clients’ go-to agency for big ideas and big results!

  • Mark Graham says:

    It’s about time…your blog and operandi has always been MARKETING…

    My first thought was how brilliant and inspired to call your new agency-OPEN… but DTEAgency will do.

    Where’s your research component… that’s what needed to drive and refine NYC Theatre marketing and advertising…and differentiate you from the pack.
    Don’t be surprised if your asked to work outside B’way
    I know a coupla non-profits and regionals that could use your savvy.

  • diane uniman says:

    Congratulations! This is fantastic news! Exciting directions for you!

  • Zanne says:

    … to Ken & the Davenport team for keeping theatre alive & well & living. Many, many Happy (present & future) New Years!

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