Who won the ticket to my reading of Somewhere in Time?

Thanks for all the likes and entries to this week’s giveaway!

And now, it’s “time.”  One of you likers is going back, back, in time . . . to 1912, to be exact.

You ready?

Congratulations to . . . Paul Holly!

You won the ticket to my reading of Somewhere in Time!

Email me to set up your seat!

So this past week, we gave away a ticket to a show that’s going to end up on Broadway.

This coming week, we give away tickets to a show that is about to open on Broadway.

Tune in tomorrow to find out which show!


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–  Broadway Investing 101  Seminar coming up on 12/8.  Register today.

–  See Schooled, the final installment of the DTE Reading Series.  Click here to RSVP.

  • brian estwick says:

    …one GREAT, essential and everlasting thing about theater is that, come rain or shine, floods, feast or famine, our desire to see real, live people telling or acting out stories will never, ever die – be it during the so-called apocalypse or in paradise…as both a longtime writer and director and life-long lover of theater and all things performance this reality constantly energizes me…even in a dark theater the sun is always shining…BAE

  • ? Salut et merci concernant le certain poste ive vraiment

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