Fun on a Friday: One Grain More

I may be a little late to the dinner table on this one, since the video below was published in July of this year, but with all the Les Miz hoopla these days I couldn’t resist sharing (thanks to Larry for the tip).

Enjoy this vid and  your weekend.


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  • Beth McKenzie Castaneda says:

    Thoroughly entertained by the spoof musical number on gluten and dairy free diets that are all the rage now. Felt the taste of baking soda dissolve on the tip of my tongue when the musical actors tasted that no doubt gritty flour substitute. Fine piece of musical comedy work, please bring us more of such hilarity.

    And, how does one milk an oat? The girl who added liquor from a flask to oat milk was memorable. Thanks!

    Beth McKenzie Castaneda

  • Billy-Christopher Maupin says:

    See also: This.

    Les Mis Octet…as a duet (two rather talented [not to mention hysterical] high school students)

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