The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Edwin Drood on Broadway!


You’re not only going to find out whodunit, you’re going to vote on whodunit . . . that is, if you win this Sunday’s Giveaway.  That’s right, one of you is going to see The Mystery of Edwin Drood on Broadway!

This is the first ever revival of this Rupert Holmes penned musical which won the Tony Triple Crown of Best Musical, Best Book and Best Score.  And since Rupert Holmes wrote book, music and lyrics, you can bet his mantle is chock full o’ trophies

The city has been abuzzin’ since Drood opened on Broadway, and with the limited number of musical revivals on the docket this year, everyone is already talking Tonys for Drood.

You’ll have to tell us what you think . . . if you win.

How do you win?

Ok, let’s play the “Choose Your Own” game.

Pick another musical  and give me a description of some alternate endings in the comments below, and you could win.

Need an example?


1)  Daddy Warbucks adopts her.
2) The Russian Government claims that Annie is a Russian child and prevents the adoption by the American Daddy Warbucks.
3)  Annie is given her own orphanage based reality TV show and since she doesn’t need money, she tells Warbucks to stuff it.

Got the idea?  Have fun!  And goooooood luck!


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  • Beauty and the Beast:
    Belle turns into a beast.
    The witch comes back and asks for forgiveness.
    The Beast is a wizard of oz-esque robot.
    Belle was dreaming.
    Belle’s father set up the entire story.

  • Stephanie says:


    1. Claude goes to war and dies.
    2. Sheila, Berger, and Claude flee to Canada to avoid the draft and are never heard from again.
    3. The war and draft are all a drug-fueled hallucination and it’s actually 1999.

  • Marshalle says:

    Alternate ending to Newsies:
    1. Jack Kelly decides to take Pulitzer’s offer.
    2. Jack makes a ton of money, bribes all of Pulitzer’s closest advisers, then overthrows Pulitzer.
    3. Jack betters the conditions in the newsboys’ lodging house, increases the newsboys’ wages, and has an enormously successful business by writing about the day-to-day activities of celebrities in addition to “real news”. The American public eats it up, and everyone rejoices.

  • Madison D. says:

    25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:
    -Olive wins the Bee over Barfee
    -Logainne’s dads become so enraged that everyone at the Bee has to evacuate and nobody wins
    -Marcy Park wrote the entire story (in 6 different languages) for an advanced English class
    -Panch proposes to Rona Lisa Peretti…and she accepts

  • Eden says:


    1. Sally & Phyllis run off together leaving Ben & Buddy drunk and confused in the parking lot of the theatre.

    2. Buddy pushes Sally down the stairs, claiming that it was to end her suffering, confesses to Carlotta who tells him that it’s a great idea for a film and takes him back to LA with her.

    3. Hattie comes out for a quiet reprisal of Broadway Baby. She suffers a stroke midway through. Everyone has already left, so no one knows. The theatre is torn down the next day with Hattie still inside.

    There are no happy endings in FOLLIES!

  • Morgan M says:

    American Idiot:

    1) Johnny overdoses.

    2) Johnny goes home after having grown up from his experience in the city.

    3) Heather loses the baby and Will meets Johnny in the city where they start a band and become famous.

    4) Tunny dies in the war and everyone claims its a rip off of “Hair”

  • Nick V says:

    Sweeney Todd:
    The beggar woman recognizes Sweeney in the opening number.
    They sue Judge Turpin for wrongful imprisonment.
    They use settlement money to buy old apartment back from Mrs. Lovett.
    Sweeney Todd reopens barbershop and invents personal safety razor 50 years before Gillette.

  • Michael Hallinan says:

    Rock of Ages

    1) Drew & Sherrie fall in love, drop their drams of stardom

    2)Simon Cowell shows up and tells them they’ll never get beyond sixth place on American Idol.

    3) The baby llama chews up the Bourbon!!

    4) It’s all a Budweiser commercial

    5) Stacee Jaxx flees to South America where he establishes a musical theme park, lures Sherrie back under false pretenses, and then they find out that Sherrie’s baby is really Stacee’s child. (Wait, that sounds familiar….)

  • Zoe says:

    1. Normal ending
    2. Enjolras and Eponine survive the barricade and escape together, becoming instrumental in the French Revolution of 1848, which led to the fall of the king.
    3. Shortly after their marriage, Marius falls ill having not been able to fully recover from the barricade. He dies, and Cosette is left pregnant to fend for herself, ending up much as her mother did.
    4. Javert doesn’t die from his fall and is swept away with the current, landing in the sewers that lie under the Paris opera house. Ashamed of his actions and the physical damage cause by the fall, he lives in the basement of the Opera House, occasionally playing pranks on people just for kicks.

  • Travis says:

    Next to Normal

    A) Diana overcomes her illness and everyone lives happily ever after
    B) Gabe is actually real and falls in love with Henry
    C) Dan kills Diana and Natalie
    D) Diana stays with Dan and they become crazy hoarders overcome with collective grief.

  • Tom G. says:

    Alternate to The Music Man
    1) Harold Hill leaves Marion and tours the country with Marcellus Washburn and his solid gold backup dancers teaching Shipoopi to young teenagers.

    2) Mayor Shin replaces the pool table with slot machines made by Tommy Djilas and it becomes Iowa’s first casino. Tommy and Zaneeta get married.

    3) The Widow Paroo teaches Winthrop to speak clearly, and opens the River City Speech Therapy and Piano lesson shoppe.

  • Kyle Abraham says:

    Company – Bobby gets married.

  • Aaron Settle says:


    1) Fagen rescues Oliver from Bill Sikes and Oliver, Fagen and Dodger embark on a Robin Hood-ish life of crime preying on the rich to aid the poor (and themselves)

    2) Fagen saves Nancy by betraying Bill and Nancy takes Oliver to America where they start a new life

    3) Oliver manages to escape and accidentally kills Bill, but comes back when Fagen is accused of killing both Bill and Nancy.

  • Kathy H says:


    1. Sandy comes out to Danny that she is gay and leaves with Rizzo
    2. Rizzo finds out that she is pregnant but that the baby is Danny’s
    3. Danny loses the race and Sandy hooks up with Kenickie in disgust

  • Ralph Scarpato says:

    “Superstar”. Jesus tells Pilate he was only kidding and hooks up with Mary Magdalene.

  • Noah says:

    The Drowsy Chaperone:

    1. The airplane lands on an island in the middle of the ocean and Aldolpho immediately begins to repopulate.
    2. Mimi the French girl is real and she and Robert elope.
    3. The Chaperone gets alcohol poisoning and they hold the wedding in chapel in the hospital.

  • Rebecca L. says:


    A. Hope rules happily for a little while, but the water eventually dries up again and everyone is doomed.
    B. Little Sally grows up to be a genius water-researching scientist and saves the whole town (and the whole world)
    C. Though water remains plentiful, everyone dies of a freak typhoon that, ironically, restores the planet’s natural resources.
    D. Officer Lockstock’s wife wakes him up, in their apartment in Queens. “Honey, you’re narrating in your sleep again!”

  • Larry Segall says:

    Gypsy:Gypsy reconciles with momma and baby sister and is off traveling on the circuit
    Gypsy stays estranged from mom andreconnects with baby sister.

  • Calvin says:

    IN CATS, just as Grizabella begins “Memory” a giant foot comes down and kills her. The cats scatter, just as the Baker and his Wife run on and we continue with the second act of INTO THE WOODS!
    At last, a musical by both Sondheim AND Lloyd Webber!

  • Marina Barry says:

    King of Hearts
    1. All the patients in the asylum run for government office and are elected.
    2. Johnny opens the most sought after French restaurant and staffs it with the patients, then goes on to franchaise it in the States.
    3. Don Scardino re-directs the production assuring his acension into the directorial world.

  • Bert F. says:

    A Chorus Line

    1) The front row is cast and the back row is sent packing.
    2) Paul’s story is so incredibly moving, Zach falls in love with him.
    3) Zach decides to hold callbacks.

  • Jackie says:

    Next to Normal
    – Diana completes therapy only to realize Dan has died, Gabe is alive, and Natalie never was
    – Dan chooses to take Natalie and leave, leaving Diana alone in the house with the “memory” of Gabe.
    – Gabe was never dead, but a child from another man.

    Or, an alternate ending to any show that arguably closed too soon:
    -The show stays open and takes over Phantom as longest running show on Broadway.

  • KENI FINE says:


    The Last Supper turns into a scene from “Mobbed” where everyone flash dances for Pilate’s “Royal Wedding.”

    Jesus is “saved” from crucifixion, gets an “I’m Jesus!” tattoo, and opens a kosher wine bar.

    Recent revival wins the TONY & runs for 10 years.

  • Amanda M says:

    In the Heights:

    You pick who wins the lottery ticket.

    Any of the following could happen:
    • Usnavi goes back to DR
    • Vanessa stays in Washington Heights
    • Nina might not go back out west to school or might transfer to a local community college
    • Benny might get into a physical fight with Kevin
    • Camila might divorce Kevin
    • Nina or Vanessa might get lost in the blackout

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    Spring Awakening Alternate Endings
    1. Melchior commits suicide
    2. Melchior marries Ghost Wendla
    3. Moritz arises as a headless zombie and eats his father

  • Ken Offricht says:


    Romeo and Juliet ending.
    Roger commits suicide after thinking Mimi was dead. She wakes up to find him dead, and takes her own life.

    Dallas ending.
    Angel is alive, blames the whole show on a dream.

    The Dick Cheney ending.
    Mark “shoots” Roger in the face when his camera accidentally discharges its film.

    The A Chorus Line ending.
    Gold lame and mirrors as the non-rent-paying bastards are evicted.

  • A. Scott Falk says:

    1. Anatoly throws the game so that Florence can be reunited with her father. But it wasn’t even her real father after all.
    2. The Russians invite Florence to move to Moscow to be a kept woman for Anatoly, while Freddie says he will take Florence back. Instead, she matches off into the sunset in a feminist triumph.
    3. Michael Bennett lives and gets to realize his genius vision for the show.

    What? Ending 1 was the Broadway production, version 2 was Des McAnuff’s national tour, and version 3 is what should have happened with the London premiere? Yeah, this show really has always had alternate versions.

  • Marilyn says:

    Tony doesn’t die. Marries Maria. The Sharks and the Jets form two political parties and have a vote to see who gets to be the Leader of the Pack! Hah! Musical then by Ellie Greenwich! And the beat goes on!

  • Sabrina L says:

    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying:

    – Rosemary doesn’t marry Finch
    – Finch falls for Hedy La Rue
    – Biggley gets sent to Venezuela instead of Bratt
    – the Treasure Hunt ends up the top television program and makes World Wide Wickets a huge success

  • Katherine Goldblum says:


    1) Guy doesn’t actually have enough money to buy the piano.

    2) Guy decides to stay in Dublin, and Girl decides to go to New York.

    3) Guy goes to buy the piano, and finds that Billy has closed to shop and gone on tour.

  • Sarah P. says:


    -Mimi dies, Roger loses it and kills everyone else
    -Mimi comes back to life, decides she’s actually in love with Mark, Mark and Mimi run off together
    -Benny, inspired by Angel, comes out as transgendered and changes his name to Bonnie 🙂

  • Brian says:

    1) Coalhouse lives and he and Sarah raise their child to become the first movie star of Tateh’s movies.
    2) Evelyn Nesbitt and Houdini continue their act (and of course, Houdini lives) at Coney Island, Fire Island, and even Seaside Heights (for the real “Jersey Shore” experience).
    3) Younger brother becomes inspired by his “dynamite” talents (pun intended) and becomes the subject of a new musical “Dy-No-Mite! An explosive musical!”

  • John P. says:

    Phantom of the Opera – Christine marries the Phantom and they live happily ever after.

  • tony p. says:

    Ragtime (with apologies to Quentin Tarantino)
    1. Mother, angry at the loss of her brother to revolutionaries, goes on a killing spree as she hunts down Emma Goldman.
    2. Coalhouse takes on the city Django style to rescue Sara from New Rochelle.
    3. Tatah basically creates an industry around motion pictures, and his daughter grows up to run a cinema in Paris, where she lures a Nazi leader, and then shoots him.
    4. The play ends with the birth of Ragtime music, at which point the audience realizes the various story lines have not been running in chronological order.

  • David McKibbin says:

    The Producers

    1. Leo and Max write a new musical with the help of their fellow Sing Sing inmates, causing them to be pardoned by the governor after it transfers to a Broadway House
    2. Leo and Max are executed for their crimes, a la Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
    3. Leo gets raped in the prison shower while Max escapes.
    4. Leo, Max, and Ulla escape to Rio in one piece, and they all have a threesome.

  • Sue says:

    A Chorus Line

    1) Diana becomes a high school drama teacher and the story shifts to the next generation, in a Glee-like production featuring teenagers.

    2) Zach and Cassie get married and decide to move to L.A. to start careers in the film industry.

    3) Paul gets a knee replacement and while he is recuperating, he writes a brilliant musical with lead roles for all. He becomes a Broadway producer, opens road shows, international companies, and spawns a TV show, which means that many, many people are happily employed forever after. The end.



    1) During the second act ALL the assassins from Sondheim’s ASSASSINS storm Independence Hall and hold the delgates hostage until SPIDERMAN saves them with not a single shot fired.

    2) While singing HE PLAYS THE VIOLIN, Martha Jefferson is confronted by a very pregnant Sally Hemmings. The new finale scene is Thomas Jefferson, Martha Jefferson and Sally Hemmings on the Maury Povich Show waiting as Maury is about to tear open the envelope with the babies DNA test results.

    3) “1776” is pretty much the same except at the matinees, The Courier runs in to tell the delegates “The British have WON!” A nice surprise ending for the audience!

  • Tess Nielsen says:

    Alternate Ending to “Into the Woods”
    1) The Baker falls madly in love with Rapunzel, and Little Red and the Narrator skip away to create their fairy tale ending.
    2) The Wife and Jack start a May-September romance, forging an alliance that is strong enough to overcome the evil giant.
    3) Meanwhile the Witch (who remains a wicked witch) attempts to put a spell on the Baker to break up his affair with Rapunzel. It fails miserably.
    4) The Baker is visited by a little old man, who explains that following one’s lusty desires is indeed morally and socially proper in this day and age.
    5) The wife, learning she is pregnant by Jack, has the child, and Cinderella, Jack & his wife, start a blended family on the edge of the deep, dark woods. Wicked Witch becomes the ditsy grandmother to all!

    The End!

  • David Topchik says:

    My Fair Lady.

    Karparthy discovers that Eliza never learned to speak properly and that Higgins and had her lip-syncing all her dialogue to a recording roll of Marni Nixon. A disgraced Higgins moves to India with Colonel Pickering. Eliza and Freddy move to Paris, where she becomes a fashion model to support him. They marry and have a baby who grows up to be Hubert de Givenchy.

  • Ian says:

    Legally Blonde the Musical:

    (1) Elle realizes that a husband in modeling earns more than a struggling lawyer and ends up running back into the arms of Warner.

    (2) After Elle proposes to Emmett at graduation, she learns that Emmett’s parents are traditionalists and that they require Emmett to propose to Elle. But to Elle, it doesn’t matter because that means she gets a blinged-out wedding band.

    (3) The secret is out: Vivienne is actually Elle’s half-sister who conspired with Elle to get back at Warner. Take that, rich boy!

  • Barbara says:


    1) Glinda leaves Oz with Fiyero and Elphaba. Glinda joins and finds her true prince charming.
    2) The flying monkeys become a Las Vegas opening act for Glinda and are treated quite well.
    3) Elphaba finds out that the elixir has given her the fountain of youth and she and Fiyero enjoy true love forever-literally.

  • Brian says:

    A Chorus Line
    – the successful auditioners immediately are told another investor is needed and the show will open after Funny Girl, Rebecca and Diner are financed.
    – Cassie is replaced with Bethany Frankel
    – the show opens then closes after 1 performance and re-opens off-broadway at new world stages

  • gjc says:

    Phantom of the Opera
    1. Raoul & Christine together as marrieds in NYC.
    2. Christine tries to cook a meal and is hideously disfigured when the kitchen catches fire.
    3. Raoul returns her to the Phantom.

  • Daniel says:

    Bat Boy

    Dr. Parker is exposed before he is able to ruin everyone’s lives.

    Shelley and Edgar escape the mob and live happily ever after in a cave in southern Ohio

    Edgar is in fact “healed” at the revival and Rick shoots and kills Dr. Parker, leaving Edgar, Shelley and Meredith to their “Three Bedroom House”.

  • Liz Wollman says:


    The Indians reclaim the territory. The end.

  • Rick Stutzel says:

    Alternate ending: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
    1. Erroneous remembers his third child, who is Pseudolus.
    2. Miles leaves the army and takes over the House of Marcus Lycus with his new lover, Hero.
    3. Philia is pregnant; but is the father Hero, Miles, Senex or Marcus Lycus? Of course not, it’s Pseudolus!

  • Tim Realbuto says:

    This is too awesome! I’m absolutely dying to see Drood!

    Into the Woods

    1) The Witch discovers that being a beautiful person inside is what matters the most. So, she accepts the fact that she no longer has powers, shops at Kohls for some age appropriate clothing on a budget (because she does have to rebuild her house after all), goes to extensive therapy to try to come to terms with her mommy issues, and finally becomes a philanthropist and highly respected member of the neighborhood.

    2) The entire cast escapes the giant and lives. A beautiful happy ending in which nodody dies… except for Little Red Riding Hood, from extreme diabetic shock and clogged arteries.

    3) Snow White and Sleeping beauty finally have enough and push the princes into the orchestra pit and sing the finale as a duet (they will cut any characrer who begins to join in). However, they allowed The Three Little Pigs to sing back up. Those poor guys have suffered enough during the process of the show (cut or not cut, cut or not cut. They’re probably bipolar by now).

  • Mickey says:


    The guy actually gets the girl

    ’nuff said



    The Von Trapp family all get caught by the Nazis and get sent to Auschwitz, where they get rescued by Oscar Schindler and all end up in the closing sequence putting stones on Schindler’s grave in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar Winning movie SCHINDLER’S LIST. (It’s a long long long version onstage, not at all unbearable, unlike GIANT, which could have easily ended five times, and no one would have been any the wiser, or cared…..and would have brought the show down well before 11pm and union overtime for the crew…. )

  • Demi says:

    The Addams Family

    Wednesday actually kills Lucas with the bow and arrow when she is blindfolded. His parents call the police and everyone is taken “down town.” Then Gomez smooth talks and tricks the police and city of New York and becomes Mayor and everybody lives unhappily ever after!

  • Jen Sandler says:

    Catch Me If You Can
    1) Frank goes to jail & then redeems himself
    2) He gets himself a new identity & goes to medical school & becomes a real doctor & is never caught
    3) The whole thing is just a dream that Frank had & he is really in school still with a loving family

  • Bonnie says:


    In her own little corner, Cinderella being a talented and resourceful young woman, has created a cleaning device far more versatile than the Roomba robot. When her fairy godmother arrives to help her, she asks that instead of providing a coach and footman to attend the ball, could she instead offer a factory, a marketing manager,and some cash. Cinderella becomes a very successful CEO of a cleaning appliance company because she offers fair wages, good working conditions and makes quality products that consumers love.

  • Peter Saxe says:

    1) Bobby sings “Being Alive” and grabs Peter and gives him a huge kiss.
    2) Joanne rolls her eyes and bellows “I knew it all along”
    3) Rest of the company rolls their eyes at Joanne.
    4) The curtain falls

    “A Little Night Music”
    1) Frederick doesn’t miss, killing himself playing Russian roulette
    2) Carl-Magnus exclaims “victory is mine!” but Desiree rejects his advances.
    3) Charlotte commits suicide with insufficient poison.
    4) Madam Armfelt has Carl-Magnus arrested for being boring
    5) Charlotte wakes up and she and Desiree sing reprise of “Send In The Clowns”
    5)Charlotte and Desiree reveal that they planned it all from the start. Big kiss, Madam Armfelt dies. The curtain falls

    “Into The Woods”
    1) Everybody feeds Jack to the Giant
    2) The Giant leaves the Kingdom
    3) Everybody else lives.
    4) The curtain falls

  • Queerbec says:

    At the end of “West Side Story,” Maria says “what the hell” and shoots Chino. Chino, as it turns out, was secretly some our-of-control dude who ran around Hell’s Kitchen in a cape with an umbrella, thus Maria saves the world and Broadway from yet another disaster. After a brief stay in prison, Maria changes her name, gets married and moves to Washington Heights where many years later she buys and misplaces a winning lottery ticket.

  • Wendy Wallach says:

    Spring awakening…. The last scene takes place in the glee club room of the local high school where the kids are rehearsing for sectionals as Coach Sylvester and The Cheerios try to plan devious ways to bring an end to glee club!

  • Elliot says:

    Grey Gardens
    1. Little Edie almost leaves, but decides not to.
    2. They invent a time machine, go back to the past, make a huge winning bet on the World Series and live happily ever after.
    3. Cats devour Little Edie and Big Edie in their sleep.

  • Brian P says:

    A Chorus Line:

    1. Sheila shares her prescriptions with the others until she’s the last one standing.

    2. Zach is inspired with a new concept and casts all of the females.

    3. Zach’s assistant rushes in to announce that a mystery investor withdrew and the production is being suspended for a second time

  • Carol says:


    1) In no time at all, Pippin, Catherine, and Theo time travel to our times.

    2) Theo goes off to a psychic career counselor who helps him find his corner of the sky

    3) Catherine goes off to a yoga–meditation treat and learns to find inner peace and realizes that while she’s an ordinary kind of woman on the outside, she’s a divine diva within.

    4) Pippin strives to become an extraordinary songwriter until he gets tired of it. Then he and Catherine announce they will build a new wellness-yoga spa on their estate. They sing about the inner magic they will help others create.

  • Mike says:

    Jesus Christ Superstar
    1.Judas Iscariot takes the twenty pieces of silver and betrays the Romans and tells Jesus of their plans.
    2.Because of this, in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus and Mary Magdalene duck out early and go on to live a happy life.
    3. Judas never tries to commit suicide so the name Judas no longer has the meaning of a betrayer.
    4.Christianity never exists, leaving billions without Easter, Christmas, Good Friday, or lent.

  • EllenFD says:

    A better ending to ANNIE (sorry):

    Honey Boo Boo plays the lead in the musical now set in the Ozarks. Instead of yearning to see the sights in “NYC,” Mammy Warblocks sings about the joys of “Dollywood.” Annie meets Dolly Parton, is so taken with her that even though her real parents are actually alive, she decides to lives with Dolly. The ending takes place in a giant tub of mayonnaise in a showstopping finale number, “Mayor Nayz.”

  • Michael Orzechowski says:

    Les Miserables:

    Disney ending- fan time never died an come back to take Cosette. Marries Valjean. Nobody dies.

    Red Sox ending- in the last minute, after years of war and revolution, the barricade idea actually works and the troops are defeated.

    Campy Ending- nobody dies. Javert gets squirt with a flower and there is a big cancan line at the end.

    Jonestown ending – I don’t even need to say it.

    …..Kool aid.

  • TheObsessed says:

    1) We get a peek at a world where the failed assassins (Hinkly, Byck, etc.) succeeded in killing their presidents
    2) All the assassins gather around a small boy and give him Lee’s gun, depicting how they intend to continue influencing the coming generations
    3) The Proprietor begins packing up his “game” (perhaps whistling one of “Another National Anthem”) and as he turns we see a name on his brief case (either something symbolic like “Justice,” “Chaos,” or “Terror”,or the name of some terrorist or conspiracy theory figure).

  • Sweeney Todd:

    1) Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney marry and adopt Toby
    2) Mrs. Lovett becomes a celebrity chef with her own show on the food network
    3) Sweeney is found not guilty by a jury of his peers because the razor didn’t fit his hand

  • Lynn Manuell says:

    Pippin – deposed Charlemange becomes a ruler with a conscious and rules all subject must take time to start living.

  • Douglas Braverman says:


    1. BRIGADOON disappears into the mists, but because of pollution, the mists are now toxic, and it never returns again.
    2. BRIGADOON returns to its usual location… only to find itself in the middle of a brand new shopping mall.
    3. The male lead returns to join Fiona, and disappears with Brigadoon into the mists. However, because he has his Ipod with him, he is able to show the other residents of Brigadoon what is going on in the modern world. They quickly become bored living in a 17th century Scottish town, and everybody wants OUT!

  • Frank Galgano says:

    1 – Robert decides to open his heart and let someone “hold him too close.”
    2 – Robert dumps all his girlfriends and runs off with Peter.
    3 – Robert and Joanne elope, move to London and open a meat-pie shop.
    4 – Audience chooses who Robert ends up with, and that character has to perform the ENTIRE Tick Tock Ballet.
    5 – Robert hangs himself before singing the final “Alive” in Being Alive.

  • Frank Galgano says:


    1 – Daisy and Violet vow to never leave one another (phewf!) and belt even higher.
    2 – The twins elect to be surgically separated in an experimental procedure.
    3 – On their 30th Bday, D & V carry out a suicide pact they made years earlier.
    4 – D & V move to NYC and open a massage parlor in Chinatown.
    5 – D & V perform one last show…killing each and everyone in the audience using their siamese-twin superpowers.

  • Preston G. says:

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:

    Big Daddy dies, but before he does he tells Brick that Skipper never died; rather, his family had him sent away after learning the truth about his desires.

    Brick leaves a tearless Maggie to run the plantation and help Big Mama now that Big Daddy is gone.

    Brick finds Skipper, but the lights fade to black as they approach each other, leaving the audience to wonder…again!

  • Frank Galgano says:

    TITANIC – end of act one cliffhanger:

    1 – the ship strikes an iceberg
    2 – the kitchen runs out of caviar
    3 – the ship is boarded by aliens
    4 – the cast refuses to sing ANOTHER reprise of Ship of Dreams
    5 – they pass Noah’s Arc and discover they’re the last humans left on earth
    6 – the 3rd class launches a mutiny against the 1st and 2nd classes

  • Thom says:

    Baby June does not ditch her mother, but continues to perform and goes on to become a huge international star. Her sister Louise founds the Stagehand Union Local 1.

  • The 39 Steps

    Everything goes as usual until the curtain call, when the audience discovers that there was secretly a cast of 50 robots playing the majority of the roles.

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    This is too much fun 🙂

    Next to Normal: “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” takes place as the family is flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Natalie quite literally disappears, and Gabe makes his transition to Superboy, cape and all. Diana clinches it by deciding that her son looks horrible in spandex, and although she can’t find Nat to tell her this, she thinks Invisible Girl is way cooler than Superboy.

    Phantom of the Opera: As Raoul and Christine exit Erik’s lair, they run into Meg. Meg has been going crazy looking for those two, and pulls Christine aside. She asks if the brunette knows, and when Christine let’s out a confused ‘no,’ she continues. “Raoul’s illness,” Meg explains, before telling her how Raoul is terminally suicidal. “No!” Christine cries, shaking her head. “There’s no way!” But before she can say anymore, Meg pulls out the gun that she stole from the set of ‘Love Never Dies.’

    “You know what the pathetic thing is?” she asks cryptically. “After you die, you won’t remember any of this little fantasy you made up.”

    Wicked: The Wizard is really Elphaba’s father. Together they scheme to make her appear like a martyr, as well as take down the Ozian Elite. To do this, Elphaba befriends Galinda Upland. Her plan is going perfectly, until the two girls have a duet together. Realizing how perfectly their voices blend together, Elphaba can’t help but spare Glinda’s life and fall in love with her.

  • wes rusch says:


    Berger lives at the very end

    I luv Hair
    I saw the final performance in central park
    the broadway cast and then the new broadway cast
    when they sent the broadway cast to London
    I have also seen it San Jose, Los Angeles
    and the East Bay (San Francisco)
    and I plan to see it in San Francisco
    this month

    I luv Musicals

    I am going to NY on Janaury 15 and plan to wee a weeks worth of shows

    Wes Rusch
    San Francisco

  • Joe G says:

    Avenue Q… gets gentrified.

  • Erin says:


    1. Tulsa and June break up, and Tulsa comes to Louise looking for a second break. She gets him a job in burlesque, and he becomes the original “Magic Mike.”

    2. “Rose’s Turn” wasn’t performed to an empty house. Mr. Goldstone was actually listening and decides Rose was the family’s star all along.

    3. Rose and Louise move in together and have their own newspaper column, criticizing the fashion of the burlesque and theater scene. They become their generation’s Joan and Melissa Rivers. Later in life, Rose gets her own one-woman show and experiences a career resurgence.

  • Solange De Santis says:

    South Pacific

    Realizing she is way out of her depth, Nellie goes back to Kansas and marries a farmer.

    Emile realizes he would have gotten bored with her and settles down with a gorgeous Polynesian woman who is
    Good to his kids.

    A bitter Liat protests U.S. military bases.

  • Brooke says:

    WICKED (alt endings along with lessons learned)

    1)Normal Ending. Lesson Learned: No one mourns the wicked.

    2)Boq goes batshit and kills everyone for being manipulated and taken advantage of. Lesson Learned: Bullying is bad!!!

    3)Elphaba actually joins forces with the wizard and they create even more insane creatures that turn into government spies and instead of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ they ACTUALLY set up the sequel to “The Hunger Games: The Musical” Lesson Learned: Movies = Musicals and Sequels = $$

  • Fatima says:

    Bring it On the Musical

    1. Jackson wins
    2. Eva falls off from a stunt
    3. LaCienega gets her own talk show
    4. Campbell and Danielle get a movie deal; But the producers can only choose one of the girls

  • David says:


    1. Jesus is resurrected. A happy ending 🙂

    2. Jesus is born. Everyone loves babies.

  • Courtney says:


    1. Roxie and Velma both get off the murder charges and start a vaudeville career.
    2. Velma is convicted of murder and hanged, Roxie gets off, but doesn’t know what to do with herself, goes back to Amos, and becomes an alcoholic.
    3. Billy Flynn loses a trial, all his shady deals come to light, and he ends up in jail.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    1) Sally Bowles, exhausted after a cabaret performance, wanders into a synagogue on the way home, and touched by the services, converts to Judaism.
    2) The MC turns her in to the Nazis.
    2) Clifford comes to visit Sally but she’s not there. He meets and falls in love with Frau Schneider, the sweet Jewish landlady, who reminds him of his mother. They bond as they eat the pineapple that the grocer had given Frau Schneider as a gift.
    3) The MC gets the attention of a Hollywood producer who was visiting the cabaret. The MC is invited to Hollywood where he meets Charlie Chaplin and plans to star in his latest film. On the day before filming starts, he is arrested for collaborating with the Nazis.

  • Anthony says:


    – Guy and Girl get married but the music does not go well. They do have a wonderful life together, however.

    – Guy and Girl get married and become a great musical sensation

    – Guy and Girl become a famous music duo, but go back with former significant others

    – Guy and Girl go back to former significant others and then need lots of therapy to get over each other

  • tamra says:

    Altar Boyz:

    instead of a happy ending where they confess their betrayals and get decide to stay together as a band

    Matthew goes onto his solo deal and sells more albums than he dreamed possible and gets several Grammy Awards solidifying his decision never to return to the group then causes a wardrobe malfunction during a uper bow performance that causes the beginning solo career of fellow bandmate Luke to fall apart

    Mark decides to move from being on stage to producing behind the scenes

    Luke attempts solo career but is sidelined by Traitor Matthew

    Juan does in fact become the next enrique iglasies

    Abe never really gives up hope but eventually starts a family and has a broadway career

    (basically this is sort of the *NSYNC ending, with a few dramatic license twists… i do prefer the actual ending better of course!)

  • Ed Ertle says:

    The Most Unhappy Fella:

    Tony arrives at the train station while Joe is still waiting to board. Believing he is there to take his pregnant bride with him, he pulls the “pistola” and shoots him dead. Rosabella arrives shortly after with Cleo in tow. He realizes his mistake, and shoots himself, singing a reprise of “How Beautiful the Days.” Rosabella and Cleo walk off, hand in hand, vowing to raise the child together.

    • Ed from CT says:


      The horse, Nugget, stops Alan’s attack by kicking him and Alan stumbles back, falling on the pick he was holding to blind the horse and it cuts his eye- thus blinding Alan!

  • Chris says:


    1) Eliza marries Freddy. Higgins never finds his slippers.
    2) Eliza takes up with Pickering. Higgins never finds his slippers.
    3) Eliza moves to Hungary and becomes Queen. Higgins never finds his slippers.
    4) Mrs. Higgins converts the family manse into a convalescent home, where Eliza takes up nursing and feels useful for the first time in her life. Higgins never finds his slippers.
    5) Higgins finds his slippers.

  • ECP says:

    And they lived happily ever after…not.
    A lucrative deal for a cable series collapses when Fairy Godmother is charged with animal cruelty and endangerment while filming the pilot. Cinderella and her fella launch a fabulously popular line of luxe shoes for royalty. But then the Prince reveals a serious foot fetish, which leads to a speedy and amicable divorce, at least initially. When the Prince intros his own line of lower-priced footwear, and accessories, lawsuits follow.

  • Anna says:

    1) The Hatter succeeds in gaining control of Wonderland, kills off Alice, Jack, and the Queen but keeps Alice’s daughter as her apprentice.
    2) Alice finds her apartment super in Wonderland and learns she is trapped in HIS drug-induced dream.
    3) Jack decides Alice isn’t worth it, takes his boy band to the surface where they wow the world. No one hears from Alice for years, until another musician emerges who writes sad love songs about the days before Jack left her.

  • Shannon D. says:


    1. Huey actually does get on the train to go “up North” to NYC and he and Felicia actually find Coney Island!

    2. Delray opens a hugely successful blues club in NYC and Gator still bartends, but you can’t shut him up now… and he is weekly Friday night entertainment.

    3. Bid Daddy (Bobby) becomes insanely famous after being discovered at Delray’s club, and he and Felica split a headlining tour.

  • Robb J. says:


    A: as written
    B: Bob Barker comes in and everyone gets Spayed or neutered

  • Rob Cote says:


    1. Jesus appears to Thomas for a song “Doubting Thomas”

    2. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to his followers and they go forth singing.

    3. Leads right into the sequel, “Acts of the Apostles”

  • Theo says:

    The Phantom of the Opera
    a. Christine wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes she dreamed the whole musical.
    b. Christine chooses Raoul but gets cold feet and she and the Phantom run off in the night to elope.
    c. The Phantom signs up for OK Cupid and finds love in a beautiful woman with big, blue eyes (who ails from poor vision).
    d. When Meg Giry enters and finds the Phantom’s half-mask lying next to the music box,she tries it on and is quickly possessed by his lingering spirit.
    e. Instead of Raoul being in possession of the monkey music box at the end, an old and weather Christine boards a large ship one day and tosses it overboard late at night.
    f. When the mob comes for him, the Phantom does not flee. Instead he uses his charm and vocal abilities to cast a spell over them and then, while they slumber for a hundred years, he seizes control of the theater and produces a number of successful plays.

  • Cara says:

    Beauty and the Beast:

    1. In an effort to impress Belle, Gaston goes out into the woods to find Maurice instead of her. He ends up as the Beasts prisoner in place of Belle and/or her father. And *poof* the play is a sweet story of two men falling in love.

    2. The Prince lets the old begger in and gives her warm clothes and a hot meal. She reveals herself as the beautiful enchantress and they live happily ever after. The play is 20 minutes long with a 15 minute intermission.

    3. Belle gets arrested for Beastiality.

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