Overheard at Angus Vol. XIV: Shows are like kids.

I’m at the Broadway League conference for the first half of this week (watch the next couple day’s blogs for some takeaways from this year’s speakers and panelists).  In addition to lots of learning and networking, there’s always room for a ribbing of our beloved biz (or two or three) . . . and here’s what I overheard just a few short hours ago (republished with permission and a royalty of one free drink):

Producer #1:  Shows really are like kids, you know?

Producer #2:  What do you mean?

Producer #1:  The only reason to produce one . . . is because you really, really, really, want one.

Producer #2:  Right.  They are expensive.  They take up years of your life.

Producer #1:  And only one out of five pay you back.

Jackie Mason, look out.  I just offered these guys a contract to play the Catskills next month.  (Thankfully for all of us, they turned it down.)  Stay tuned for more (smarter) suggestions from the conference tomorrow!


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