The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Forever Dusty!

Dusty Springfield is the latest pop star to make it to a New York Theatrical stage in what some people would call a jukebox musical.

But not me!

Forever Dusty isn’t a jukebox musical . . . which I’ve always defined as a musical with a made-up plot and pre-existing music as its score.   Forever Dusty is a bio-musical . . . as it uses Dusty’s tunes to tell her own story.  Good Vibrations?  Jukebox musical.  Jersey Boys?  Bio-musical (which is why it was so much more effective).

Regardless of what you call it . . . we’re gonna let one of you see it . . . for free!

Here’s how you can win two tickets to the Off-Broadway production of Forever Dusty:

Whose story would you like to see told in a bio-musical?  Me?  I’ve always wanted a Carpenters tuner.  What about you?  The Beatles?  The Who?  The guy who sang “Rock Me Amadeus?”

Comment with your answer below and you’ll be auto entered to win.

Good luck!



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  • Morgan M says:

    Fleetwood Mac! Not only is the music fantastic and popular, their history is ripe with drama. So many lineup changes, romances, break ups, passionate onstage performances. And their music reflects a lot of that drama so its practically already written.

  • Randi says:

    The Beatles!

  • I think that the life and times of Frank Sinatra would make a helluva a bio musical. Start with the early days in Hoboken. Show his Mother and how she had to work and more or less knew every politician in Hoboken. How he got his start singing in saloons and then moved up to play nite clubs and then become the legend he is today. All of his loves, his friend, his political connections, his mob connection. Yeah, I think people would line up to buy tix. I know I would!

  • Sue says:

    Cat Stevens. Controversial, for sure. And an interesting journey….

  • Sarah P. says:

    I like the Fleetwood Mac suggestion, but I’d also be interested in maybe a musical about the rise of glam rock, particularly Bowie, a la the movie “Velvet Goldmine” (which in itself would already make a great musical, cept for this they could maybe use the real songs of Bowie, t. Rex, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, etc)…the music is already so inherently theatrical and Bowie alone has a pretty fascinating life story, especially his marriage to Angie Bowie around that time. The Ziggy Stardust songs and costumes are made for Broadway!

  • Ashley says:

    The Doors!

  • Donald says:

    Although he was not a musician, It would be fascinating to see a musical biography of Walt Disney’s life. Obviously, Disney Theatricals is the only organization who could pull this together but they would have great source material to work with. The multimedia possibilities are endless. They would have access to an amazing songbook and could incorporate new numbers. Phillip Glass’s new opera “The Perfect American” covers some of this territory in a fictional way.

  • I would love to see Dr. John’s story. That show would have a pretty select audience, but I know at least two tickets would sell to me and my dad.

  • Linda says:

    The Beatles are my favorite band, bu I wouldn’t say The Beatles because Movies and musicals about them never seem to do that well. I would The Kinks. The brother rivalry would make for an interesting musical.

  • Tom G. says:

    Harry Chapin. A major following for an artist who wrote songs to long for airplay on AM radio. Started World Hunger year as an apology to his wife for infidelities.

  • David Merrick Jr says:

    Always thought a Neil Diamond juker would work…except when I did the research, I found that he wrote a handful of gems and a lot of clunkers (albeit popular ones). Song Sung Blue or Heartlight, anyone?

  • Kyle Abraham says:

    Simon & Garfunkel

  • Michael Hallinan says:

    I’d love to see a biomusical of Guns n Roses. Just imagine all of the crazy riffing (and rifting) for that matter between Axl & Slash.

  • brian says:

    Bruce springsteen

  • Heather says:

    Counting Crows – that would be awesome.

  • Bert F says:

    Sonny and Cher – you have love to hate to acceptance to loss. A compelling character journey whether fictional or not.

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    I vote Bruce Springsteen!

  • Arthur Raphael says:

    ARETHA FRANKLIN – Are you kidding me? What music and story that would have! Cmon now. Make it happen someone. 😉 Now send me to Dusty!

  • Leslie R says:

    I second your Carpenters suggestion- always loved their music!
    How about a fictional musical, about the fictional life, of a fictional music group?
    There are SO many to choose from- The Partridge Family, The Monkees………
    Milli Vanilli(?)

  • Vana says:

    Barry White! Would love to see who the Maestro got hsi start

  • Claire says:

    U2. I think they have a great story to tell.

  • She Cohen says:

    Michael Jackson!! The Cirque MJ show could have been so much better. It could be done right on Broadway.

  • Justin Bieber. Just kidding. Howabout Walt Disney? So many of his pieces are perfect for broadway, as evidenced by the successes that Mary Poppins, the Lion King, and Newsies have been.

  • Rex Garrett says:

    Probly already suggested but the Rolling Stones have a large enough catalog if music an few good stories to tell. A little sex doesn’t hurt.

  • David says:

    Harry Chapin

  • Victoria Locke says:

    I would love to see a Broadway adaptation of Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids. Her amazing music and the story of life with Robert Mapplethorpe would make for a great show!

  • Margie says:

    The Allman Brothers Band

  • Everyone has great such great suggestions – but I choose Sly and the Family Stone – great music, alot of drama, and alot of crazy (of the good and bad variety).

  • Nancy Paris says:

    David Bowie has had a fabulous life and is a true innovator and an artist. In 1974 he was one of the first rock stars to use Broadway theatrical set and lighting designers (Jules Fisher & Mark Ravitz) for his Diamond Dogs tour.








  • Amy Morse says:

    Cyndi Lauper! Great music, great hair, great sense of humor …

  • Amanda Bohan says:

    Definitely Ella Fitzgerald! She had a rough life growing up — abuse, homelessness, etc. — but managed to rise above and become one of the greatest voices ever heard.

  • Brian says:

    How about Lesley Gore? It’s My Party is a perfect opening number. California Nights could close the first act. You Don’t Own Me is the 11 o’clock number as she comes out. Her contribution to Fame would be perfect for the curtain call and obligatory last number sing-along.

  • Jen Sandler says:

    Bon Jovi!

  • Caitlin says:

    How about Kurt Cobain?

  • tony perry says:

    I love the Fleetwood Mac and Aretha Franklin ideas. but for real: Kurt Cobain. I think a story that interesting and restless and tragic would by its very nature be theatrical!

  • Lisa Peterson says:

    I think it would be awesome to have a musical based on Barbara Streisand’s life and music…but if I can’t have Babs, I’d like to have Linda Ronstadt or Cher,both with interesting twists and turns in their lives and lots of great music to choose from.

  • Dani says:

    Carole King

  • auntieFSR says:

    Neil Sedaka. The man is a musical genius.

  • Samantha O says:

    David Bowie.

  • Samantha O says:

    Secretly though, I want to say Britney Spears

  • sherry says:

    Simon and Garfunkel. Start with the early years of their friendship, their hit music, their break-up, their Mothers, getting back together, sort of…

  • Diane says:


  • Donna says:

    The Carpenters. Fabulous music, tragic story.

  • Dottie says:

    I agree! A Carpenters bio-musical would be incredible.

  • Alan B. says:

    Jackie Wilson–his music is mesmerizing and so is his tragic life story.

  • Dave says:

    How bout The Everly Brothers? Massive success in the early 60s, served in the marines, got their own TV show, really serious drug addiction so bad they couldn’t even function as adults never mind perform, hated each other so much they wouldn’t speak for almost ten years even though they kept performing together, finally broke up, spoke again after father’s funeral, reconnected then reunited to perform and record again later in the 80s.

  • Dave says:

    Or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – tons of drama there.

  • Paula says:

    For one I say The Beach Boys. Look at all the hits that would be integrated into the show. Look at Mama
    Mia and the Abba hits.

    Second, the life of Rosemary Clooney, who was never, from what I recall, honored by the music industry for her hits. She also had a tumultuous life.

  • It surely would be an appropriate tribute to an amazing body of music, a fabulous performer and a pioneer in the pop music industry if someone would seek out the truth while wading through all the nonsense surrounding Michael Jackson’s much maligned life.

  • Daniel K. says:

    Ever since I rediscovered him through a video on YouTube ( ), I’ve been fascinated by the music, career and life of Klaus Nomi. Nomi was a truly talented performance artist who was on the New York scene during he late 70s thru early 80s. He was such a theatrical personae that I’m surprised that his life hasn’t already been presented in a bio-musical.

  • Nanda Douglas says:

    The brilliant Stephen Sondheim!

  • Alexa says:

    Janis Joplin, titled: Piece Of My Heart

  • Kerry Zukus says:

    Otis Redding. No one created more great music and had more of a lasting influence from such a short career that ended with his tragic death at age 26. The drama! Such a fascinating life story and such a treasure trove of incredible songs.

  • Tim Realbuto says:

    I’m dying to see Forever Dusty! I was so excited when I saw it was your ticket giveaway this week.

    Anyway, I know its common, but I have to say The Beatles. I’ve seen countless revues, films that use their music and cover bands. I’d like to actually see their story and hear their groundbreaking, important music at the same time.

  • Diana Lipkus says:

    I would like to see a Broadway musical relating the life of Bob Dylan. He was so “instrumental” in creating the electrified sound of the 60s and 70s on into rock music. It would be nice to see the discussion of his childhood upbringing and culture that made him who he was. The discussion of his inclusion of people of other races in his music is also a great cultural interest. And then there are always the lyrics….The lyrics of Bob Dylan that have been controversial and people Have so often attempted to glean their meaning. This is great subject matter to explore in a Broadway musical.

  • tony says:

    “Rainy Days and Mondays” – Karen & Richard Carpenter Now & Forever

  • Ging says:

    Someone should do a biopic musical of Tina Turner and of course, you have to include Ike.

  • Ed says:

    What about Streisand the Musical. She has more than enough songs to fill the bio musical and just enough love and sex to make it appealing. It would run for ever.

  • Evie says:

    Marni Nixon – she’s the voice behind so many beautiful songs and so few people knew who she was. I know personally I wish I knew more about her life.

  • Douglas Braverman says:

    Tiny Tim

  • Amanda says:

    I think Selena would make for a wonderful bio-musical. It already worked for a great movie (starring Jennifer Lopez) and it could really be a great show filled with excellent supporting players, a young star, and amazing song-and-dance numbers.

  • Sabrina L says:

    What about Beyonce, on her family life, rise to Destiny’s Child version 1 (the quartet), Destiny’s Child version 2 (the trio), and rise to stardom as a solo performer?

  • Todd says:

    One word = Manilow

  • Shannon D. says:

    Farrokh Bulsara… a.k.a Freddie Mercury and Queen!!!!
    Makes TOTAL sense because he was influential to EVERYONE!!!!
    Men, Women, Straight, Gay, etc.!!!
    Just think of all those ticket sales!!! 🙂

  • Lynn says:

    This is hard. It should have universal appeal and catching music.
    but you’ll never please everyone across various generations.

    I would say a solid musical about Elvis, his life, family music and his decline.
    I know there is something coming about Patsy Cline. but that would be amazing.
    Dolly Parton wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    I’m all about The Carpenters.

  • Ok I love this game!
    A resounding YES to the Carpenters.
    DUH to Fleetwood Mac.
    And I’d love Leonard Cohen.
    And although it would unfortunately be way too short (as was her life), Amy Winehouse.
    Obviously Stevie Wonder would be amazing!
    Mamas & Papas.
    How about (Bathhouse) Bette Midler?!
    (I’m available to play the lead in that one)

  • Billy Recce says:

    Randy Newman. His music is honest, theatrical and earnest. Definitely my favorite non theatre composer/performer.

  • judy gentile says:

    so many to choose from, but I’ll be different and go with Dolly Parton

  • Karl says:

    Barry Manilow, by building on his repertoire and popularity!

  • Candace P says:

    How about Bette Midler AND Barry Manilow? 2 popular entertainers, each with an amazing story and colorful personality.

  • Susan says:

    Jim Morrison, the title is already there, The Lizard King.

  • How about Scott Joplin? Pulitzer-Prize-winning American pianist and composer considered the father of ragtime, which has influenced African-American music ever since.

  • Also more recent tragic stars could be Michael Jackson (seems more tailored for a movie but could be magic on stage) or Whitney Houston…for obvious reasons.

  • Thom says:

    The Legendary Tina Turner!

  • chicava says:

    Nina Simone

  • Melissa N says:

    I’d love to see a bio-musical about The Mamas and the Papas. So much great music and drama!

  • Andrew Beck says:

    Mavis Staples! From gospel singing with the Staple Singers through the civil rights movement to Mavis’s giving up singing after her father’s death to her sister’s insistence that she return to the stage all the way through her triumphant album with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy–could make a great show.

  • JEB says:

    The One And Only Mr.Michael Bennett! No Explanation Needed 🙂 ! J

  • Joseph Heaton says:

    Liberace!!! 🙂

  • Robb J says:

    I am probably the only one but I want a Phish Bio-Musical. After all Trey is mere weeks away from officially being a Broadway composer.

    Tho I guess the show would vary greatly in running time from night to night depending on if they do a full on Type II jam for some numbers, and they might need to stock more munchies at the concession stand.

    Of course it would have to end with the fact that they have a broadway show . . . Close with Golgi Aparatus . . . “I see You with a ticket stub in your hand”

    I submit this as my worst entry ever in your weekly contests

  • Jax says:

    I’d really love to see a Bono musical, not necessarily featuring the music of U2. Would love to see a stage adaptation of his rise to super stardom and super humanitarian.

  • Karen Campbell says:

    Love The Carpenters idea…but going a completely different direction …. THE BAND. Dylan/Big Pink/Rambles/Last Waltz Interesting to see the audience that show would bring to Broadway.

  • Ronald Kustina says:

    There is no question Neil Sedeka should be the next Kennedy honoree. His parents put him through Juliard at 13 hoping to have a classical pianist but instead he is a writer of over 800 pop songs . He writes and performs in Italian and yiddish is is still world renouned selling out in England and Australia. He even has just wrote a childrens book with music. When the British invasion took place in the sixties he had to reinvent himself and wrote songs that others like Karen Carpenter and Captain and Tenille made famous.. American idol winner Clay Aiken used his song to win the competition. With it all he has been married over 50 years to his wife. A broadway show would be a blockbuster about his career.

  • Kevin says:

    Babe Ruth. I think Menken and Ashman were working on one but it was never produced.

  • If you have to pick just one from all the post-1950 singers or groups then my vote goes to a musical based on the rise, fall, and ultimate demise of SONNY & CHER. From their first meeting in ’62 into the ’90’s… unfortunately I believe I remember reading somewhere that there already is a musical in the pipeline based on Cher’s life… (:

  • Dave says:

    Rod Stewart

  • Cathie A. says:

    For a commercial success, you’d go with a larger than life icon – Whitney, Michael, Cher, Bette,Neil Diamond,Bernadette, James Taylor, Simon Carly…that would hit the B’way ticket buyer demographics.

  • Cindy Harrington says:

    Phil Spector…A crazy, mad, genius!

  • How about Michael Jackson? His biography is truly fascinating and fantastic. His bio-musical would make an astonishing musical journey. His creativity and gigantic talent and how he emerged from the Jackson Five, growing up in his family, his friends, his struggles, his metamorphoses, his tragic passing at such a young age.

  • Ed from CT says:

    I agree about Bowie.
    But I can’t believe these weren’t mentioned:
    The Ramones
    The Sex Pistols
    Plenty of off-stage drama and antics with both bands (as well as Bowie, of course)!

  • Marina Barry says:

    The TINA TURNER STORY! What a voice and what a dramatic life she’s had —- Ike is a footnote to what she is!

  • ECP says:

    Marc Blitzstein: A Work in Progress. Bridged theater and opera; scored experimental films; The Cradle Will Rock and The Threepenny Opera on his resume; Bernstein, Hellmann, Weill, Welles, Kanin, Kazan among his circle. Lived and worked through some amazing eras before a brutal death.

  • Evelyn says:

    Peter, Paul & Mary

  • Billy-Christopher Maupin says:

    Dolly Parton!

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