Who won Cabaret on Blu-ray?

Over 120 movie ideas/contest entries this week.  So as much as we all like to bemoan the movie-to-musical trend, it’s obvious we don’t mind it so much, as long as its a movie that deserves, for whatever reason, to be musicalized.

A Summer Place, The Princess Bride, Spaceballs, and Mrs. Doubtfire were just a few of your suggestions.  Read them all here.

But this week’s randomly chosen winner is Andrew Joy (who chose The Private Eyes, btw).

Email me Andrew, and we’ll get you your brand spankin’ new Cabaret Blu-ray.

And for the rest of you who suggested an idea for a musical from a movie, there’s still a way for you to win.  How?

Go out and make a musical based on your idea. It could be financially rewarding, yes, but there’s also nothing more fulfilling that making an idea of yours happen.  Trust me.


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