Who won the tickets to Collision?

Before we get to the big fat winner of the tix, let’s see what you all thought of the question at hand.

I asked you . . .

Are you in favor of the Sippy Cup policy that is in effect at most Broadway theaters nowadays?

We had almost 100 people take our poll, and the survey said?



Suprised?  I’m not.  Theater purists don’t want it.  Tourists do.  (Tom Schumacher had some thoughts on this as well at Monday’s TEDx!)

Enough of the party lines, let’s give the tickets to Collision away to . . . Telba Cavero!

Telba, you win!  Email me to get your tix…and when you go, you can’t bring a drink to your seat, since you voted Nay. 🙂


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  • How did I miss the sippy cup question? I’v been attending broadway shows for over..well lets just say a few decades(give or take) and my fellow theater folk and I LOVE the sippy cup. Wine and theater together? DIVINE!

  • Mattchow says:

    I also missed the sippy cup question. I don’t mind sippy cups with wine, but the soft drinks with ice in them are ridiculous. You might as well give the audience maracas. Every time someone tips that cup upside down to take a drink you hear the ice rattling around in that hard plastic cup. And face it, the “souvenir” sippy cups aren’t really about being quiet or avoiding spills, it’s about making an extra $8 on an already overpriced drink. Theater owners are willing to trample on any theater traditions if it adds a few more bucks to their pockets.

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