Introducing . . . The Associate Producer’s Perspective!

Last Thursday, I announced that Hunter Chancellor won our very first Associate Producer Scholarship on my upcoming production of The Scottish Play Macbeth.  (Alan says we can say it wherever and whenever we want to.)

Today is Hunter’s very first day on the gig, and as I thought about what his first job should be, I thought . . . well, people should hear your perspective!

So, starting today, and continuing through opening, Hunter will be blogging daily, just like me . . . with a focus on his experience on and around Macbeth.  His blog will be similar to my “100 Days to Godspell” Blog that I started prior to our first Godspell performance (BTW, that blog is now available in a cool and multi-media interactive iBook – click here to get it!).  I actually can’t wait to read it.  It’s going to give me a different vantage point myself.  When doing anything in life, it’s always important to make sure you see it through someone else’s eyes as well.  The Associate Producer’s Perspective is going to give me, and you, that chance.

Hunter’s first blog is already up.  Click here to read it.  And then make sure you subscribe so you can get the daily updates right smack in your inbox every night . . . guaranteeing you won’t miss a day of what’s going on as Hunter and I and the rest of the team put together this production of Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth!!!   Take that O’ Gods of the Theater!  Come and get us!


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– Macbeth starts performances in 13 days.  Get tix.

  • Shane says:

    Ok… so I know it’s not really the key point of this post, but I’m still hung up on your choice of graphic. Surely this post is really about adding a second point and a two-point perspective graphic (while still cryptic) would have made more sense?

  • This is so awesome, Ken. I love Hunter’s blog! I am reminded of my favorite quote, from a seminar at least 20 years ago in LA, when all anyone talked about was the death of theatre. Then the final panelist, that great man of the theatre Garson Kanin, spoke. He said “Y’know, when I first went to New York in the 1930’s, all I heard was ‘This is the worst year we’ve ever had! 1940’s, same thing – worst year we’ve ever had! 1950’s? Same thing.” Then he looked at us with a twinkle in his eye and said “Let’s face it kids. The theatre’s been dying for thousands of years!” In other words, live theatre will never die, and Hunter’s passion proves it. Blessings on you for encouraging it.

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