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And . . .

I always think of this…

Which is more powerful?

“Mommy-Mommy, I’m gonna see Cinderella!”


“Mommy-Mommy, I’m gonna BE Cinderella!”


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  • Adman says:

    Personally, I prefer the value of paying 3-6 dollars for sheet music from music notes etc. now if I could get the same quality of music in exchange for watching an ad like on Hulu I’d gladly accept a print an ad over exposing my pc to the viruses and malicious spyware that always seems to accompany a click on any torrent type site. The Internet is great for public domain. This piracy problem is really in the hands of the creators though. Like the TV networks, anyone who stands to lose significant monies from their material being pirated, should protect their materials in the same way. Go out and look for it and when you do, demand it be removed. All US sites that link to foreign hosted material will remove the link if asked.

  • brenda chapman says:

    I teach high school students. They TRULY do not understand that this is stealing. They will ARGUE with you about it — not because it’s something they want to do, so should be allowed to (That’s a common argument on a multitude of issues, btw.) But they do not understand 1) that anything so easy to access could possibly truly be wrong, 2) that stealing on-line is still stealing and/or 3) if they can’t/won’t be caught, it STILL matters.

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