The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Ticket to the Private Invited Dress Rehearsal of Macbeth

There are exactly 7 days until the very first performance of my Broadway production of Macbeth.

Wait, scratch that.

There are exactly 7 days until the very first paid performance of my Broadway production of Macbeth.  

But there are only 6 days until the invited dress rehearsal.

It’s pretty standard that before the start of every Broadway run (and every run anywhere, actually), the company performs a private dress rehearsal in front of a small audience of friends and family.

We’re having one for Macbeth.  But ours is going to be even smaller, and more private.  Invitations are only reserved for a select group of Producers, Investors, and a few more.

And, of course . . . one of you.

Yep, I’m giving away 1 ticket to the invited dress rehearsal!

Wait, scratch that.

I’m not giving away 1 ticket to the invited dress rehearsal.

My Associate Producer, Hunter Chancellor, is!

That’s right, this week’s Sunday Giveaway is brought to you by my Associate Producer and his Perspective.  Click here to read about the giveaway and enter to win.

And I’ll see you there.  Good luck!

Click here to visit The Associate Producers Perspective and enter to win.


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– Read The Associate Producer’s Perspective!  Click here!

– Macbeth starts performances in 7 days.  Get tix.

  • I’m so looking forward to Alan Cummings in the Scottish play. I remember the first time I saw him was in that film with Minnie Driver (“Circle Of Friends” I think is the title). I thought he was absolutely revolting — I remember thinking, “Where did this guy get the nerve to think he should be in movies — he is so creepy.”

    A few years later I saw him in something else and thought, holy crap, is that that creepy guy? What happened to him? How come he’s now so adorable?

    Like that SNL skit — “Master thespian! Acting!” Exhibit A.

    I don’t want you to post this — just thought you’d find it funny — I also love him on Good Wife — if you didn’t know, you’d think he was American born. He’s having an interesting life.

  • Michael M says:

    Okay – This was a(n) hysterical post! Maybe more so for me because I, too, was raised in MA before relocating to NYC!

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