The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Big Knife On Broadway

Attention Sunday Giveaway Shoppers!

This week’s Giveaway is for a big Broadway revival of Clifford Odets’s classic drama The Big Knife, brought to you by the city’s leading Producer of big Broadway revivals of classic dramas, Roundabout Theatre.

The Big Knife is about Hollywood.  It’s about studio bosses and struggling starlets, and big time Actors.  In the last thirty years there have been a lot of dramas about this same subject . . . what’s amazing about The Big Knife is that it debuted theatrically in 1949!

TBK introduced a lot of folks to the underbelly of H-town and thrilled audiences by opening the doors to a world they’ve never seen before (read this blog to see why that’s so important).

And now it’s back on Broadway.

And one of you is going for free!

How do you win?

Hollywood is an easy target for dramatization because it’s got such eccentric characters, big dollars, sex, drugs and Tom Cruise.  And some say, TBK was based on true-to-life experiences.

What ripped-from-the-headlines story from Tinseltown would you use to put into a fictional play today?  The breakup of Brad and Jen?  The OJ trial?  What ever happened to Urkle?

Give me your ideas below . . . and bonus points if you title the play . . . and you’re entered to win!


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  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    72 Days: The Kim Kardashian Story
    It would be horrible, but unfortunately a some-what too accurate over the current state Hollywood is in…

  • Billy Recce says:

    Long Island Love:The Amy Fischer and Joe Buttafuoco story. Frank Wildhorn’s next companion piece to Bonnie and Clyde

  • An Unfinished Love Story: The supposed affair between Marlin Brando & Wally Cox

  • Kaylie Stansfield says:

    Lindsay: Lohan Behold
    Doesn’t matter what the synopsis is; she dies in the end.

  • Brian Cullen says:

    Out Of Line – How director Richard Attenborough took the greatest stage musical ever: A Chorus Line and created the worst film musical ever: A Chorus Line. It is sort of a prequel to Every Little Step. Nathan Lane would be a wonderful Attenborough, Kristen Chenowith could play Audrey Landers. The marketing could have a promotion where you get a ticket to the show if you bring a copy of the ACL DVD/blue ray to the box office. The opening night party could have a ceremony where all the DVDs are burned.

  • Jakob W says:


    The story of Nicollette Sheridan as she tries to scrap together her ‘glamorous’ life on Desperate Housewives. The play would be a mix between the court trials of Ms. Sheridan against Marc Cherry and her final episodes as the seductress of Wisteria Lane.

  • KL says:

    The self destruction of Whitney.
    “Houston, we have a problem”

  • Morgan M says:

    Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. The affair that ended two marriages and a happily ever after knowing they were married for 20 years.

  • AmyKB says:

    Falcon’s Journey

    a musical about the Balloon Boy hoax in 2009.

  • Laurie Bloom says:

    Title: SMASH! The rise and fall of a TV show filled with so much potential that it could have been a…well…a “Smash!”

  • John P. says:

    “Conrad,” the humorous musical about how a large entertainment complex pressured a financialy vulnerable doctor to make sure their star would be ready for a massive series of concerts.

  • Chris says:

    Phoenix Descending – The life and hard times of River Phoenix.

  • Bert F says:

    Hiding Under a Rock: the Rock Hudson Story – his career and the Hollywood relations machinery trying to keep his sexuality from the public.

  • Claire says:

    Nightmare in Neverland (the Michael Jackson story)

  • gjc says:

    Maid Up: The Musical

    An bodybuilder/actor with a weird accent is a big success at everything he touches. He then sets his sights on political power and lands a role in the Governor’s mansion. He marries a Kennedy but his child is born of his own housemaid. Scandalous and Schwarzenegger are now Hollywood synonyms. A man so egotistical he wants the lead role in this musical … and knowing him, he’ll learn to sing and win the part!

  • Nick says:

    Eighty Eight Cents–two titanic personalities clash over a new screen adaptation of a classic musical: its protective, cantankerous librettist, and the picture’s champion and would-be star–an aging, perfectionist diva.

  • A. Scott Falk says:

    “The Other Big Knife”: the story of Shia LeBoeuf bringing a hunting knife to “Orphans” rehearsals.

  • Dan says:

    “The Boat”: a who’ll-do-it musical account of Natalie Wood’s last night.

  • Sue says:

    “Tinseltown Breakups”, the Hollywood reality show now at a theater near you. Bring in *stars* for a week at a time to tell their side of the story. Rotating cast would include Brad and Jen, Tom and Nicole, Ashton and Demi and so on — but never together of course. Tickets could be sold by subscription!

  • Nancy Paris says:

    “Roman Polanski: Outrageous”- His pregnant wife Sharon Tate is murdered by members of the Manson family. A few years later he is charged in the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl at the home of Jack Nicholson.

  • Tracey Chiriboga says:

    I say do a psychological and emotional thriller about Aileen Wuornos based on the movie Monster but have it from her perspective on the personal life issues that drive her to madness. Maybe with an Andrew Lippa score??

  • Tim Realbuto says:

    ‘Closet Blonde’
    The untold story of JFK and Mariyln Monroe.

  • Randi says:

    I don’t think I’d really be interested in a play based on Hollywood tabloid fodder, but I’d LOVE to see a play in the same vein as ‘Lost in La Mancha’, about Terry Gilliam’s difficulty in bringing ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ to the screen. How great could that be!

  • Ilya K. says:

    Maybe a musicalization of Joaquin Phoenix’s “I’m Still Here”? That was an odd one.

  • Caitlin C says:

    Live Fast, Die Young: The James Dean Story

  • Rosie says:

    The Loretta Young and Clark Gable Affair: “Love Child, Never Meant to Be”

  • Liz Wollman says:

    A musical about the Penn State scandal: “The Towering Paterno.”

  • Alexa says:

    Cruising on Broken Dreams – Book of Mormon about Scientology, set at an Improv Festival in Kansas City. Two young missionaries are dropped with a headshot of Tom Cruise to try to conquer the Midwest by trading Dianetics for promises of fame.


    Off The Bus – Set in a teen homeless shelter in Hollywood, a “Rent” in LA…throw in a few street performers on the Santa Monica Promenade, some petty thieves and upgrade the Heroin addictions to Meth.

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    “The Greatest Star” – Barbra Streisand does things her way – and comes out on top.

  • Samantha says:

    A play about the marriage and divorce of Heidi Klum and Seal incorporating Seal’s music.

  • Bruce says:

    A musical about Hollywood sex scandals. I’m thinking of something like Assassins. It could be called Scandalous! Short scenes like Eddie Fisher divorcing Debbie Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor. Another could be about Ingrid Bergman getting pregnant by Roberto Rossellini. There are so many. Maybe something about Mae West. Now who would write the score?

  • Wayne Paul says:

    Sam Kinison: Last Days
    because he was crazy funny, dreamed of playing fatty Arbuckle & I knew him

  • JOHN P says:

    What better than a New York based Tinseltown story to play out on Broadway… … The life and Marriages of Woody Allen Could be simply titled “Stepfather”

  • A play about what goes on behind the scenes at the Oscars. The lobbying, promoting and rigging by the studios, glamorous actresses working out what to wear, after parties where stars go wild and major Hollywood deals are made. I’m going to write it! Thanks Ken! I’ll call it “I’d like to thank” (working title).

  • Erin says:

    I’d like to see a show about the early days of Walt Disney. His early work and losing the rights to his first character Oswald to the creation of Mickey Mouse and the falling out with his partner Ub Iwerks. Possible title: “The Rabbit and the Mouse”



  • Brian says:

    TMZ: The story behind the stories

  • Susan C says:

    “Going for The Gold” The Anna Nicole Smith Story

  • EllenFD says:

    LINDSAY LOHAN: THE OPERA — A tragi-opera on wheels.

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!! The Mark Hamill Story

  • Kristen McG says:

    I would love to see an Elvis Presley musical – chronicling his rise to fame, the romance and drama, and eventually his tragic demise. and call it either All Shook Up or Return to Sender.

  • I think a drama about Natalie Wood’s life simply named “Natalia” (her real name) would be very interesting. Even if it focuses on her last 48 hours on that boat. A 4 person play…her, Wagner, Walken, and the captain. It’d be very gripping to do the official version in the first act and then the Wagner is a murderer version in the second act.

  • Molly Blau says:

    “David Duchovny, Why Won’t You Love Me?”
    A musical tale of one girl’s woeful quest to find the love of a man who, apparently, loved everyone else. Based on the actual original song by Bree Sharp.

  • Reynaldo says:

    The Pope’s Retirement Home. Starring Pope Benedict of course

  • Sophie says:

    The story of Whitney Houston…

  • Ging says:

    A play about the rise and fall of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Mr. Universe to the Governor’s office to his divorce from Maria Shriver; it’ll chronicle his illicit affair with the family maid and the fathering of a love child. We’ll call it ” Sperminator “.

  • Ethan says:

    A musical about Lindsay Lohan’s tragic downfall

  • John Dallal says:

    Too Much,Too Soon

    Freddie Prinze-at the top,at 20,with ‘Chico and
    The Man’. At 22 dead by his own hand-apparently
    too much,too soon,for him.

  • Megan Petersen says:

    Hep: Audrey Hepburn, the Musical
    It would open with her as a young girl working as a ballerina and spy for the anti-Nazi movement. There would be a dramatic, climactic number when she finds out she was dubbed-over in My Fair Lady. Overall, it would be an emotional, educational tribute. A woman who holds the triple crown for acting deserves a musical!

  • Ellen Orchid says:


    How about a musical about the astonishing talent, beauty, and greatness of the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only a fine, Oscar-winning actress, she became an AIDS activist, raising money and compassion for this cause. She overcame her own heartaches and losses. One-of-a-kind heroism.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    Whose wife is she anyway: The Elizabeth Taylor Story

  • Jamie says:

    Has this article been optioned yet?

    If not, than a musical about the making of “The Canyons” (starring a desperate Lindsay Lohan for $100 per day and written by Bret Easton Ellis) would practically write itself.

  • Susan says:

    The Church of Ron, a musical about Scientology. Two of the characters are based on Cruise and Travolta. They are secret lovers. Comedy ensues as they try to keep their secret.

  • Tom L says:

    Oprah and Gayle: a tale of unrequited love.

  • scott says:

    Curves: Angelina and Her Men
    Based on the story of Angelina Jolie and the many men who she has shaped and been shaped by
    Lots of dramatic potential here-jon voight, her brother, billy bob thornton, brad pitt, fans (and detractors) all over the world, etc.)
    could be kind of like the “high art” version of bombshell that smash chose not to do…

  • Eugene says:

    “The morning cerial” – great loves of George Clooney

  • Isaac B says:

    Tiger woods and his fall grace. You’d have his whole romance with Elin, the thanksgiving debacle…so much to work with.

    “Tiger rising”

  • Andrew Beck says:

    “Husbands” an “Assassins” style musical set in a nebulous after life that resembles Graumann’s theater with each of the characters being one of Liz Taylor’s husbands. And include perhaps a few of Liz’s lovers/boyfriends. Of course, Liz would be a star making role. And maybe there’d be a sort of guide/narrator named Rock or Roddy, and maybe a character named Debbie would have a single song in which she appears with a suitcase and two children. (Another Stroller in Another Hall?)

  • Paula says:

    Someone needs to tell the love story/relationship of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. Another Hollywood
    love story would be Humphrey Bogart and Lauren
    Bacall. Perhaps, either one could be titled True Love.
    There is a song with that title.

  • Amy says:

    “Never Grow Up” A musical based on the life and times of Hollywood child stars….success stories and tragedies. (With a positive Act One finale with the cast of “Blossom” and an 11:00 tear jerker with the cast of “Different Strokes”.)

  • Elizabeth says:

    The man who brings us the juiciest celeb gossip..
    The Other Hilton: Perez’s story

  • ECP says:

    Just finished reading Edward Ball’s “The Inventor and the Tycoon.” Eadweard Muybridge, who changed the spelling of his name several times and reinvented himself through several career fits-and-starts, was a photographic-artist with a vision. Tycoon Leland Stanford, his friend and patron, had a bankroll. An odd couple who shared a fascination for horses. Personal obsessions. The new West. The Gilded Age of high society. A crime of passion. And on a winter night in a parlor in 1880 San Francisco, Muybridge took images he had captured and brought them to life as moving pictures, fathering in a sense Tinseltown and laying foundation for our world of visual media.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you: PICTURE THIS.

  • kim armenti says:

    Tiger Woods Sex Scandal

  • Cheryl Dzubak says:

    The trials and tribulations of Miss Lindsay Lohan (or how to fail as a talented actress.)

  • Emily V says:

    It would be great to write a story where the headline is the setup, and the focus lands on the journalist. What is it like to build celebrity, to reveal/create someone else’s identity as a person who basically unknown, and barely seen?
    “Choosing the Headline”

  • Colleen V. says:

    “Going for Gold: Nancy vs. Tonya”

    When Nancy Kerrigan got attacked by a hitman hired by Tonya Harding circa 1994 Olympics

  • Shannon D. says:

    “Oops I Did It Again”
    (The ONGOING Life and Times of Britney Spears)

  • Rob Cote says:

    The Governator: Arnold Schwarzenegger story

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